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After that I asked her to leave, she tried for two years to get me back but I moved hours away. She even showed up at my house onceI let her stay out of pity and then kicked her out the next day. She was a high class escort and stripper a couple months later less than 1Year from her first time where I was sure I'd met my wife. I still miss her sometimes but glad I dodged that insane bullet. My soon to be ex just moved 6 hours away for school, and she has formulated a "criteria" for me to follow, one video chat a day, must always reply texts, etc. She also says "I love you" WAY too much, although we have been together 1. It's exhausting for me and feels like a chore rather than a fun relationship.

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Most parents of teens tell me they are not ready for their baby to date! As your child was growing up, you were required to develop skills around a variety of topics: bedtime routines, getting your child to eat more than five foods, going to pre-school, taking the bus to school, making friends, birthday parties, sleepovers, traveling by plane, and your teen driving. Perhaps you have not faced all of these challenges, but no doubt you have faced several. The challenges might have felt hard at the time, but in hindsight, I suspect these challenges suddenly pale in comparison to your feelings about The Dating Project. Your child can form friendships, start and maintain some form of conversation, has interests, and can ask others about their interests. These friendship skills are the baseline of dating. Dating is a more intense form of friendship.

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