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You are always watching what you say or how you act because your partner tends to get on your case or has been critical of you in the past. You just never feel completely relaxed around them, even after dating for a good amount of months. After a certain amount of time together, it is normal to start thinking about what the future might be like as a couple. He loves to go out every night and sleep late. He wants to be together seven nights a week, while you love time with your girlfriends.

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Find someone who treats you like you need to be treated and makes you happy. Someone who makes you feel good about yourself, and whom the people you trust encourage you to be with. This article was originally published at eHarmony.

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Love March 12, They're not the one. They exhaust you. Someone who goes out of their way to make their voice heard in a negative mannerwill make you devalue yourself, and the effort you put into a relationship.

Anyone who judges you solely on your appearance just wants you to be the mantelpiece of their living room, and the centre of discussion among their peers. Have you ever been in a relationship, where you seem to lose every argument? He or she just refuses to back down on their agenda, almost always making you feel like you have to submit to them.

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They will fight to the bitter end to confirm to you, who holds all the power in your relationship. This shows a lack of respect; not only to you, but to the qualities you bring in a relationship.

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Having known people who were stuck in an abusive relationship up to 10 years, this scenario made me feel sick to my stomach. Not the right foundation to build a relationship on.

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How must it feel to know that your partner nitpicks your every move? The way you eat, sleep, dress, talk and walk is judged and commented on. In its negative ct, this is the perfect recipe for ensuring that you never believe in yourself again.

The strongest relationships are built on the foundations of trust, honesty and respect; both for yourself and for others. It's how you set boundaries, compromise, and learn to communicate - provided it's healthy fighting, of course. But Dr.

Conversely, if you never fight, that could also be a sign that something is off. Brown writes that it may point to lack of trust. How do you feel when you're together? Or are you finding more and more often that you're un happy?

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If that's the case, Dr. Laughter and your ability to do it with your partner is totally under-appreciated.

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No matter how bad things get, I can always laugh with my SO. Exactly how unavailable do you consider yourself?

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Are you fully off the market, or do you only have one foot out the door? So, how many of these signs resonated with you? If a lot of them did, it might be an indication that your partner isn't exactly the right fit.

They may be seeing some toxic behaviors and red flags you've become love-blind to, and it can help you learn how to tell if you're dating the wrong person. No New Friends - While we're on the topic of friends, if you hate their entire clique, it might be a sign that you're not really a match. The people we surround ourselves with reflect different parts of our own personalities, so in those early . 7 Signs You're In A Relationship With The Wrong Person, According To . If someone is too clingy and you're starting to get annoyed each time your phone vibrates, it's time to consider if you're dating the wrong person here. The right person will respect your time, back off and give you the space you need. They Try To Change You.

However, if you related to only one or two of these signs, Dr. Wish says there may still be hope for the relationship.

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