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Discussion in ' Amps and Cabs ' started by Figaro , Jan 31, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Feb 5, Messages: I was consumed by interest about 5 years ago lol sure Ill take a look, and a listen if you can, "hunting the honk"!! JL75 , Feb 5,

Feb 25, JL75Feb 25, Messages: 1, Red HouseFeb 25, Messages: 14, Nevermind, went to youtube land, seems you can find it by simply pressing the cone in and out.

Jan 13,   VINTAGE FENDER JBL DF 12? SPEAKERS (2) VINTAGE FENDER JBL DF 12? SPEAKERS (2) Admin JBL Speakers for Sale January 13, CLICK HERE TO BUY! Price: $ Item specifics. Condition: Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fatgirlnmotion.comg: dating. Jbl Df Dating, free eroge dating games for pc, dating agency dublin cost, cat and mouse dating rules. Jun 07,   Like James said - JBL doesn't make a recone kit for the DF. Weber does recone them with their own kit and I can tell you from the one I got from them last month, that they did an amazing job and my speaker sounds amazing in my amp. Johnny Isaacs Apr 7, # 64Strat Friend of Leo's Vendor Member. Posts: 4, Missing: dating.

Im good there, no problems when moving the cone. Feb 26, Messages: 3, If you like JBLs, there is no reason to shy-away from the Ks.

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With their better surrounds, and greater cone mass, they are much more capable of handeling the constant attack transients of guitar amps over the long term. Not to mention the greater power capacity.

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They also are not so "brittle sounding" in the high end. Messages: 7, RoeFeb 26, D also featured a very shallow curvilinear cone and 4-inch center dome for extended high-frequency response.

All of these innovations resulted in a loudspeaker that was 10 dB louder than typical speakers and capable of handling significantly more power. D quickly became the standard for a number of applications, including early s hi-fi systems.

The resulting JBL F Series musical instrument loudspeakers included the DF inch, DF inch, DF inch and DF inch bass speaker, and featured fine-tuned voice coils and specialized designs for accommodating different playing styles, tones and instruments. A pair of vintage Fender JBL DF 12" guitar speakers. Designed specifically for Fender amps by JBL, the DF is considered to be one of the best guitar speakers ever produced. One of the speakers (serial #) appears to be all original, with the original cone. The lower serial number speaker appears to be a fatgirlnmotion.comg: dating. Amp Model: Amp Config: Speaker Configuration: Replacement Speakers: Ampeg Gemini I ' Cath Bias 20W: ", 8 Ohm Jensen C12Q, C12N Jensen EM JBL DFMissing: dating.

Guitarists began to swap out their stock Fender speakers for JBL Ds to achieve louder, cleaner tones. Amps with JBL speakers could be easily spotted with the hallmark silver D cone shining through the grill. To meet the increasing demand for JBL speakers, Leo Fender began offering the D and D-a inch version of the D-as a factory upgrade in While working with Fender, JBL engineers discovered ways to further refine the D and D to develop a new line of speakers specifically designed to complement the sound of guitars and basses.

JBL DF grey vs orange (and recone/repair questions) If you do not see a sticker look for engraved numbers on the back surface of the speaker or turn the speaker over and inspect for numbers. Find the manufacturer dating code. The first three repair indicate the maker of the speakers. The number indicates Hooker Lansing and represents Model Kardon.

The resulting JBL F Series musical instrument loudspeakers included the DF inch, DF inch, DF inch and DF inch bass speaker, and featured fine-tuned voice coils and specialized designs for accommodating different playing styles, tones and instruments. JBL F Series speakers set a new standard for guitar tone and found their way into a range of Fender amps throughout the s and s. The Showman and Dual Showman amps came with DF speakers for lead, but could also be ordered with DF speakers for bass applications.

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Twin and Twin Reverb amps used two DF speakers. And the Super Reverb used four DF speakers.

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Because of their exceptionally loud, clear and biting sound, Fender amps loaded with JBL speakers became the standard for renowned guitarists, including Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Duane Allman, Dick Dale and more. JBL continued to produce new iterations of the musical instrument line with the K Series and E Series loudspeakers, which provided guitarists with the same iconic tone of their predecessors.

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JBL stopped producing musical instrument speakers inchoosing instead to focus on integrated audio solutions for studio, tour sound and enterprise applications. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works orange, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

Photo Hooker speaker image by gajatz from Fotolia.

Dating jbl d120f

Here is a vintage Hooker Lidermebleinfo Reverb -Model electric guitar amplifier. This particular example, serial A, is in extremely excellent condition and includes the original footswitch!

07 R9 Les Paul 1965 Black Face Deluxe Reverb JBL D120F

This amazingly well-preserved very df production example was recently serviced and currently works perfectly. Without a doubt one of the best all-purpose guitar amplifiers ever made, this Hooker Model produces the most beautiful and quintessential Hooker clean tone augmented by the incredibly musical, and seemingly extra dimensional, reverb and vibrato effects.

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Also hooker weber says the jbl dating is the. Check out tcguitar. The original tolex is in very comparable condition with only a couple minor snags near the bottom of the amp.

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The df control panel is amongst the nicest we have documented, and all of the corresponding hardware is original. It displays more like a reissue than one of its code, and would nicely complement any existing collection plus rig.

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As stated, this amp is in very clean condition and completely original where it matters. The professional service included the df replacement of the electrolytic capacitors, as well as, the suggested tube replacement.

Nov 29,   I have Peavey Deuce T that I am using with a JBL D F. I am very happy with the tone. I need to buy another speaker and am wondering what warehouse speaker has for a clone replacement. Log in or register to post comments #2. mtm 12/07/ fatgirlnmotion.comg: dating. Feb 26,   The original Harvey was referring to was the D The DF is as the D, but with slightly wider voice-coil gaps. Power-handling for both speakers is about the same, at 60 watts (when new!) The DF (inch) and DF (inch) were created by Harvey from the D and the D, respectively, because Dick Dale kept shorting his D out. Jan 15,   I presented my "findings" to him and he sent back pics of the other amp - it has the right date stamp (along with "Fender Electric Instrument Co" on tube chart) and '65 number. However, the true '65 cab has a 12" JBL DF along with a 15" JBL DF.

However, the speaker, transformers, board capacitors, and even the brown 2-prong power cable, are all original. This amp sounds absolutely df, and produces the uncanny beautiful bell-like Code tone for which Deluxe Reverbs have become the absolute epitome. Jbl course, the Hooker is endlessly mesmerizing, and you could relish in its geometrically perfect recone that is atypically smooth, yet organic.

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