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Jessica Davis is one of the main characters of Netflix 's " 13 Reasons Why ". She is portrayed by Alisha Boe. In the first season , she was shown to have been paired up to be friends with Hannah by the school counselor. She becomes good friends with Hannah and then Alex, unfortunately, their friendship ends over a misunderstanding. A few months later, Hannah commits suicide, before her death she recorded thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Jessica receives the tapes, being the second reason. On the tapes, Hannah also revealed that Justin's friend raped a girl while she was unconscious, it is revealed to Jessica that the girl is her and Justin's friend is Bryce Walker.

He also wears a gold septum ring. His sense of style is very similar to Clay's, and he is often seen wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some sort of jacket.

In the second season, Alex is recovering from an unsuccessful suicide attempt. He moves with a crutch, and his natural auburn hair has grown back.

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He also has a scar on his head after the surgery and isn't wearing his septum ring. He also has a tattoo of the head of an alien just below his elbow which is seen in " The Second Polaroid ". A few weeks after Hannah Baker's suicide, Alex attempts suicide because he feels guilty and his new friends have only made him miserable. In the second season, it is revealed that he was a witness to Hannah's rape which played a major role in intensifying his guilt.

He takes his father's gun, who is an officer, and tries to put a bullet through his brain. The bullet ricochets and bounces through his head, to the ceiling and dents the wall. He is taken to the hospital, announced with a "gunshot wound to the head". We are not aware of who is in the ambulance being treated, but it is later revealed to be him.

There are a few signs that point to Alex wanting to die. Alex wants to attempt suicide for a second time in the third season, after the murder of Bryce Walker.

Apr 03,   me finding out that justin and alex from 13 reasons why are actually dating in real life Watch! 13 Reasons Why stars Katherine . If you've been watching the Netflix adaptation of 13 Reasons Why, you'll know that the show is tackling some big issues with some very talented actors. Over the course of hunkering down on our brand new obsession, it has come to our attention that two of the main cast are together IRL and it . 13 Reasons Why season 4 fans were thrilled to see Alex Standall come out as gay and have a happy ending with boyfriend Charlie.

He asks Tyler Down for a gun and writes a confession note. In the fourth season, he's completely over his suicidal tendencies, as he tells Winston that he regrets the decision hugely. He also tells his friends that he's happy to be alive. Jessica is Alex's best friend and ex-girlfriend. Throughout the series, they had a tight and deep bond. They also had an on-and-off relationship throughout the first three seasons of the series, but they eventually decided to remain best friends.

In the first season, Alex and Jessica became friends when Hannah and Jessica decided that he could be in their group, after making him take a test and getting a "good enough" from Hannah.

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Monet's became their "office" and they would go there when they had anything to talk about, for example, Alex's problems in Math, Jess's Dad being deployed again, and the photo of Hannah that was sent around. The motto of their friendship becomes " F. Forever ". Jess perceives Alex as weird most of the time, especially when he reveals he is going through the drinks section on Monet's menu.

Alex tells Jess he is "a searcher", she tells him that him calling himself "a searcher" is also weird. They also go to Jess's house together and play 'Never Have I Ever', where Alex says that he's never kissed his best friend and Hannah, Alex and Jess end up kissing each other.

However, Alex and Jess found out that they were attracted to each other. Unfortunately, this group didn't stay so stuck together for long. On the tapes, Hannah says Alex stopped coming first, finding some other friends and trading up and then, a little later, Jess. However, when Clay confronts Jess in Present Day, she says that Hannah was the first one to stop coming. On the tapes, Hannah says that they all went their separate ways, but, in a flashback, during lunch in school one day she sees Alex and Jess laughing and holding hands realizing that they are spending time together without her.

In Present Day, Clay sees Alex and Jess talking it seems that they are disagreeing with each other or having an argument. In a flashback Hannah is working at The Crestmont on a Wednesday, which Jess wasn't expecting while taking to Hannah, Jess is joined by Alex in the second season, while Jessica is under oath on the witness stand, Jessica saw Hannah working from afar and told Alex that she will go and get a ticket and he will wait a while and then come and get a ticket after she is gone, but he didn't and joined Jessica instead of coming after, " Hannah realizes that they are on a date.

Jessica and Alex on their first date, in " The Drunk Slut ". Hannah charges Alex after allowing Jessica in for free. In the middle of the movie, Alex went out for popcorn and has an argument with Hannah.

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To save face, he tells Jessica that Hannah is jealous and they should 'lay low'. Later, we learn that Jessica and Alex are fighting although we don't know what it's about.

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We later understand that it's about Alex breaking up with Jessica because she refused to have sex with him. A few weeks later, Alex contributes to a listthat labels girls as having the best or worst body parts. Jessica is listed as having the worst ass by Alex and Hannah is listed as having the best by him. Jessica and Hannah meet at Monet's one last time. Hannah is unaware of her suspicions. Jessica confronts Hannah about the list that was made, with Alex's contributions.

Jessica thought it meant that Alex and Hannah had got together and that she was the reason for their break up and the contribution being made. Alex reveals to Clay in Present Day that the contribution was supposed to make Jessica mad but not at Hannah, he felt a lot of guilt about breaking up a friendship that he didn't mean to.

Hannah tried to tell the truth but Jessica was so convinced that she saw it as lying and manipulation. The list destroyed both Jessica and Hannah's relationship and Jessica and Alex's relationship. Jess refuses to speak to Alex although, he keeps trying. He tells her at the Winter Formal that he loves her after she tells him not to say it.

He tells Clay that he will hang out around Jessica and piss her off until she loves him back again. After Hannah's suicide, they are seen hanging out again.

Even though they were still having disagreements, It's shown that Alex still loves her, and Jessica still cares for him a lot. After he gets beaten up by Monty, Jess is shown to be really upset. She also defends him to Justin, saying, that Alex might be a pain in the ass at times, but he's a decent person who has never lied to her.

Jul 11,   ?? Monty & Winston & Alex & Charlie Relationship XXL Version (Gay Kiss Scenes 13 Reasons Why) - Duration: Alex and Charlie - The Night We Met (13 Reasons Why) Jun 05,   Given all the hot button issues that 13 Reasons Why broached each season, Alex's sexuality was a topic that sat on the back-burner for most of the show Author: Gretchen Smail. Jul 09, The three become fast friends, but as quickly as it began, it's ruined when Alex and Jessica begin dating and distancing themselves from Hannah, 13 Reasons Why Timeline of Events. A Key 13 Reasons Why Timeline To Understand Season 3 A Key 13 Reasons Why .

The night Justin becomes homeless, he goes to Alex's house to take shelter. A drunk Jess calls Justin. Realizing Jess is at Bryce's house, Alex and Justin go to pick her up. Jess and Justin end up fighting.

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Alex tells Justin to tell her the truth, which he does. The next day, Alex tells the group at Monet's that Jess now knows she was raped. By the beginning of the second season, Alex and Jessica have reconciled their once damaged friendship and have supported each other over the five months they were away. They start dating, but Jessica breaks up with him not too long after.

Their relationship is a bit rocky afterward, but eventually, they confirm that they're still best friends.

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Alex and Hannah kissing in a flashback in " The Drunk Slut ". Alex and Hannah were friends for a while before he started dating Jessica, which caused the trio consisting of Hannah, Jessica, and Alex to drift apart because of Alex and Jessica wanting to hang out on their own.

This left Hannah to feel outcasted and left out. As a result, Hannah and Alex went from being best friends to distant acquaintances, even after he and Jessica broke up. After he and Jessica broke up, he contibuted to a list that labelled girls body parts as best or worst. He labelled Jessica as having the worst ass and Hannah as having the best ass-this, later on, was a thing that contributed to Hannah being sexually harrassed. Jessica assumed that Alex broke up with her because of Hannah making him, so she confronted Hannah and ultimately slapped her across her face.

Their friendship then ended and Hannah felt more alone. Hannah believed that she lost Jessica because of Alex, so Alex was Hannah's third reason as to why she killed herself. Alex and Monty play games before they hear Hannah in pain in " Bryce and Chloe ". In the second season, it was revealed that on the night of Hannah's rape, Alex was playing games with Montythey started to hear a girl moaning.

Monty went to check through the window and told Alex that it was just Bryce having sex with "some chick" in his hottub, Alex believed him and told him that it "Must be a desperate slut at this hour". As Alex didn't check himself, he was unaware that what he was actually hearing was Hannah grunting in pain because she was being raped by Bryce in Bryce's hot tub. Alex was completely distraught and saddened by Hannah's death and felt and still feels immense guilt and regret for what he did to her.

He also feels guilty for not being able to do anything to stop Bryce raping Hannah, although he wasn't aware. He goes as far as attempting to kill himself due to his part in her suicide and knowing that he could have stopped her rape if he knew. He's also the first one among the group after Hannah's death to own up to his mistakes.

He attended Hannah's funeral with Jess [13] and took part in burying Hannah's tapes. Alex and Clay are friendly acquaintances who occasionally talk to each other but don't classify themselves as full-out friends. Alex often tries to defend Clay whenever Justin, Montgomery, and Bryce tease him and try to pressure him into doing things.

Alex and Charlie dance at prom - 4x09 (13 Reasons Why)

Although he tries to defend Clay, Alex is almost always overruled by the other guys. At the end of the third season, Clay stops Alex and checks on him after he heard Alex asked Tyler for a gun. Alex and Tyler in " Two Girls Kissing ". Tyler is Alex's friend. At first, they didn't talk to each other that often, but when they do, it's usually Alex defending Tyler against people making fun of him. In return, we see that Tyler, while planning a school shooting, takes Alex off of his "hit list" at the very end of Season 1 as a result of Alex's kindness.

In the second season, Alex and Tyler talk more to each other and Tyler gets along well with Alex's dad. After Alex shoots himself in the head, Tyler visits Alex in the hospital and takes pictures, which Alex later asks him to show. Alex invites him to his birthday party, but Tyler gets sent away by Zach and Jessica.

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In the third season, it is shown that they're still friends. Alex protects Tyler from Monty and even threatens to hurt him if he ever talks to Tyler again, and it is shown in Tyler's goodbye video that Alex is the only person he says goodbye to, besides his parents. Tyler also helped Ani to cover Alex up, saying, that he would do anything for Alex.

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Justin and Alex shake hands in " The Box of Polaroids ". Even though Alex never sees Justin as a real friend, Justin thinks Alex is a good guy and liked him until the tapes came out. He pretends to be Justin's friend but is actually miserable and wants out. When Clay asks him why he pretends to be friends with Justin, Alex tells Clay that it's easier that way.

Alex is often manipulated by Justin and his friends for the rest of the first season until Justin came up with the idea to kill Clay and to adjust everything like suicide because of unhappy love. Justin tries to threaten Alex, reminding that whatever happens to them, it will happen to Alex, too.

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Alex asks if he kills himself, will they die, too. However, when Justin asks Alex to let him spend the night in his house, Alex lets him stay, after which they go to Bryce, for Jessica, and Alex pushes Justin to tell Jessica the truth about what happened at her party. In Season 2, Alex isn't happy with Justin because it seems like Jessica isn't over him yet.

When he goes to Clay's house, he finds Justin laying on the bed, choking on his puke after shooting heroin. Alex uses all his strength to turn him over so he doesn't die. After Justin reports to the police about the rape, they shake hands without saying anything. In the third season, things become tense between them again after Jessica leaves Alex for Justin. Zach and Alex in " Two Girls Kissing ". Their relation seems deepens in season 2.

Zach looks after Alex and gives him occasional rides to and from the school after Alex's attempted suicide. At one point, Alex gets a boner when making physical contact with Zach after it not hasn't been working since his suicide attempt. Alex is the first person Zach confided in that he to his belief killed Bryce. Zach tells Alex that they should be the kind of friends who tell each other anything. In the fourth season, Alex kisses Zach after Zach saves his life though he is rejected.

Alex later brings up the kiss to the surprise of his boyfriend Charlie St.

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Georgestating how safe he had felt at that moment. Because she wouldn't have sex with me.

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And who knows? If she had a friend, maybe It's not okay. You want it to be okay because then you get off the hook, but you're losing your shit.

You want to think whatever you did couldn't be why Hannah killed herself. But the truth is that I did, I killed Hannah Baker! And Justin killed Hannah Baker. And Jessica. And you. We all killed Hannah Baker.

It's hiding behind one! We all know the story. Miles has been pretty busy over the past few years. There have also been rumors swirling that he's dating his Parenthood co-star Mae Whitman.

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This has never been confirmed, but it sure looks like the two are definitely BFFs. A post shared by miles heizer younggoth on Jun 28, at am PDT. Though there were rumors that Katherine was dating her co-star Dylan, she appears to be completely single. Aside from reprising her role as Hannah Baker in the second season of 13 Reasons Why as a ghostKatherine's been working on several other projects that might not leave her with enough time for dating.

In October 18, she was cast as the teenage version of Tony Stark's daughter in Avengers: Endgame, but the scene ended up confusing test audiences so unfortunately it was cut from the final film version.

You might not catch Katherine on a date, but you can soon go see her in her new film Knives Out. No, Dylan, who plays Clay Jensen, isn't dating Katherine. He's actually in a relationship with a singer name Lydia Night.

Lydia is the lead vocalist and guitarist of a punk rock band called The Regrettes. Dylan and Lydia have been dating since Before dating Lydia, Dylan was linked to actress Kerris Dorsey, who he dated for four years. Though Christian, who plays Tony, has never confirmed he has a girlfriend, he's dropped tons of clues that pretty much confirm he's dating model Kassidy Ramirez.

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Just a few weeks ago, he posted the cutest picture of Kassidy holding a dog and captioned the photo "My happy place. It seems Christian is enamored with his bae because there are actually several pictures of Kassidy on his feed. Before dating Kassidy, Christian was linked to an actress named Shazi Raja. InShazi uploaded a "Happy Birthday" post to Instagram, in which she called Christian "baby," pretty much confirming that the two were together.

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It seems like Alisha Boe, aka Jessica Davis, is currently single, though she did play Shawn Mendes' love interest in his music video for "Lost in Japan" back in October It seems like Alisha probably doesn't have time to date right now because her career is just taking off. She's actually the first actress of Somali origin to hold a leading role in an American movie since supermodel Iman. Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin Foley, might be currently single, but you probably recognize his super famous ex-boyfriend Sam Smith.

The two started dating in September and Sam confirmed the relationship during an appearance on Ellen.

Season 3 of '13 reasons why fashion, alex standall are dating this time he started dating in. As to max still buzzing with alex and ninth reasons why actor also at her. Sign up with ryan tommy dorfman they went up to reason with him right? He shot to allow states still pretend they were verbally attacked.

Unfortunately, the two split just several months later in June For now, Brandon keeps himself busy by working and hanging out with his adorable dog. You can still find photos of the cute couple on his Instagram feed. Recently, he hasn't posted any photos but, to be fair, Justin's not that active on Insta. Almost time to get back to it from our relaxing Christmas in Tennessee.

There's been no word of a break up and since pics are still up on both of their pages, we'll assume that this relationship is still going strong. InJustin announced that Annika and him would be producing a movie together with the working title, Odiumso hopefully that's still in the works, too.

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