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The age of majority in Texas is A year-old is not entirely powerless, however, and these minors enjoy many of the rights that we usually associate with adulthood, such as the right to engage in sexual activity and hold a job. By Texas law, year-olds can petition the court for emancipation to remove their minority status. This means they become adults in the eyes of the law. Applicants must show that they are capable of supporting themselves and managing their own affairs, for example, by having a full-time job. She can live where she wants, sign legal documents and make decisions about education and marriage without parental consent. However, exceptions apply to certain types of treatment.

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Without any background on either part in question I'd say YES. In "most" cases, that is a bit of a difference. I was 17, and my husband 22 when we married, 18, and 23 when we had our first child. I have been faithfully with him since I was 15 years old. Now at 22 we have a life many spend their whole life trying to obtain

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