TLBRT Hospitality’s Holiday Dinner & Ugly Sweater Party

Are you still reminiscing on the holiday season?  Tree decorating, gift exchanges, and ugly sweaters . . . remember?  Let’s reminisce back to December when TLBRT Hospitality gave an awesome dinner and party among friends and family. 

The night began with a brief introduction from the host/chef herself; the lovely Dominique.  With much advance notice of the menu, I was eager to try every dish that came to the table.  For those who had dietary restrictions were giving alternatives to enjoy as well.  All of Chef Dominique’s guests feasted on the following:
Course 1
Curry Corn Cakes 

Course 2

Firecracker Shrimp 

Course 3
Seasonal Salad

Course 4

Jerk Turkey
Whole Roasted Fish 
Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes
Yuca con Mojo

Garlic Green Beans 
Three Cheese Baked Mac n Cheese

Course 5
Pineapple Upsidedown Cake with Seasonal Ice Cream
Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Seasonal Ice Cream


Featured Cocktails
Pomma Momma (rum punch)

Creme de la Cremas (aka Coquito or Cremas with a twist)

Slowly enjoying each bite from courses 1 – 3, I was attempting to make room for the remaining items I have yet to try.  The curry cakes were light and fluffy with just the right amount of curry.  The firecracker shrimp surely packed a punch and cooked to perfection!  The seasonal salad was super refreshing before the heartier dishes came to the table.

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After much chatter we all enjoyed the first 3 courses, but was super excited for course 4!  When the doors opened we all smiled with joy!  Piping hot, seasoned perfectly, juicy, succulent and magnificent to name a few; is how I can described each entree course above.  I never try to show how greedy I can really be “hence the name Fat Girl N’ Motion,” (lol) but I was ready to go in on this as if I was sitting at the table with MY friends and family.  I started off with very small portions and once I tasted everything I piled my plate high for round 2 to make sure my palate was satisfied!  

Everything was amazing!  The whole roasted fish was meaty and light, velvety mac & cheese, robust flavors on the jerk turkey, crunchy garlicky green beans, savory sweet potatoes and I hope you know I especially loved yuca con mojo!  And to wash it down I slowly sipped on the crisps flavors of Chardonnay from a Virginia winery.  I was stuffed and here comes the dessert . . . the Pineapple Upsidedown cake & seasonal ice cream was creamy, delightful and a great addition to my palate.  Not wanting to move from my spot at the table because of the hearty meal we all feasted on, it was time to get up and party the night away.  But before we do, let’s express our appreciation and gratitude to the chef.  Her mom & dad gave an awesome speech of how proud they were of their baby girl.  Hell I should have stood up and thanked her for an awesome dinner party and terrific menu . . . JOB WELL DONE!!!

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Now let’s dance the night away.  Dancing, snapping, and drinking the divine featured cocktails of the night, it’s safe to say we had blast!  The feast turned party was a success.  The DJ kept me on my toes all night and that was surely a good thing because I need to work this food off . . . lol.  I must say there were a lot of ugly sweaters in the building.  Who’s the lucky winner?  Congratulations to the winner of the Ugly Christmas Sweater competition.  This jive turkey didn’t make the cut, but perhaps I will next holiday season.  TLBRT Hospitality Ugly Sweater & Dinner Party was a great way to end 2017 especially exposing my palate to dishes I typically don’t partake in.  She has opened my eyes and belly to new robust and fantastic flavors.  I’m sure no one does it like her so I know to keep her mind when I’m inclined to eat “exotic” in the future.
Happy Eating!
TLBRT Hospitality
IG: @tlbrthospitality 

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