The Culinary Boutique – Bites By Renny

Yoooo what’s good foodies?  November was a busy month for your favorite food blogger.  On Saturday, November 18th, T-Mac aka Fat Girl N’ Motion attended The Culinary Boutique – Bites by Renny in Silver Spring, Maryland.  I stepped out of my comfort zone for this tasting.  Nigerian food + T-Mac = I’ll pass.  However, trying new foods and cuisines is something this foodie is not afraid to do.  After the virtual introduction between Chef Renny and I, I shared with her that attending Bites by Renny is a culinary experience that is totally new to me.  What do I mean?  Caribbean cuisines are not a cuisine of my choice.  Don’t get me wrong there are some Caribbean dishes that are very good, but I don’t crave it enough for me to say I can eat “that” today or at all for that matter.

On that note, let’s take a journey with Bites by Renny.  This food tasting event is about feasting, fellowship and fun!  The Culinary Boutique was very good and tasty to my surprise.  I was open to trying everything and did, but had a few favorites of the night.   The menu included:

Bites By Renny Appetizers:
Moneybags: Chicken & Beef
Assorted Puff Puffs*
Sweet Potato Curry Shots
Plantain – Shrimp Skewers
Plantain Fish Cakes & Potato Fish Cakes

Sizzling Platter:
Jollof Rice
Contemporary Efo
Renny’s Jerk Chicken
Sweet & Spicy Pork Ribs

Broiled Yaji – Spiced Goat

I think Chef Renny was concerned that I didn’t like any of her food by the presentation of my plate.  Tsk, tsk, Renny . . . that was just a “tasting.”  After eating “small samples,” for my first plate, I was able to assess what I liked the most and went IN for round 2!  My 2nd plate consisted of the items italicized above.  Let me tell you her Puff Puffs were AWESOMESAUCE!  Kinda sad that was the highlight of my night.  They were light and soft and not sweet at all!  My type of dessert!  Fried dough . . . come on now, who doesn’t enjoy that?  After much excitement, I planted myself in the nearest chair by the Puff Puffs so I can grab one after another until I got full. Hahahaha . . .

The fellowship and fun continued.  The DJ had everyone 2 stepping or singing with adult spirits to keep the mood afloat.  Chef Renny and her awesome staff kept us all entertained especially with fun interactive activities and demonstrations from Chef Leshe.  Not to mention if you purchased a VIP ticket, you were pampered with love, conversation, and some treats to take home.


Enjoyed the food and made some new connections.  I hope that everyone present enjoyed The Culinary Boutique just as I did.  Chef Renny shared with me that this experience will be different from previous years.  I thought she did an outstanding job and looking forward to more in the future!

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The Culinary Boutique – Bites by Renny
IG: @bitesbyrenny

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