Transformation Tuesday

Hey Foodies!  Today’s blog post featuring my sister from another mister Amina, for Fat Girl N’ Motion’s Transformation Tuesday.  We have been sisters for many years and I’m proud to show her off to the world today.  I have watched Amina over the past few months being truly dedicated to shedding pounds the old-fashion way – diet and exercise.  It was my pleasure to sit with Amina to find out how and why she took this arduous journey to losing weight.

T-Mac: When did your weight become an issue?

Amina:  I honestly had not noticed my weight being an “issue.”  My weight has always fluctuated since elementary school.  Even the weight gain in between the births of my 3 children didn’t bother me.  I was clearly in denial for a very long time thereafter, because my weight rose progressively higher without awareness.  I have spent years and years of just buying new clothes not realizing I was going up in sizes, because I was still confident in my beauty.  I am not one to visit the doctors regularly but recently was told I was “morbidly obese” after weighing shy of 300lbs.  That news or “title” rather I didn’t want, which made me more conscious about my health and considered a lifestyle change.

T-Mac:  What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight?

Amina: I didn’t want to be a diabetic, have high blood pressure, and/or develop any other health risks that run in my family and from not being at a healthy average weight.  I just figured it was something I needed to do and necessary at the moment, but I made the decision from an ad I saw on Facebook for a “6 week weight loss challenge.”  I had some friends who were successful at this program so I gave it a try and went to the orientation.  I was excited to know it was a truly a game changer and was true to its word.  You join and if you lose the required 20lbs you will get your full refund.  I love to challenge myself so I committed to this challenge and became successful at it.  It was not easy, but it works if you follow the plan.  Once I saw the weight was coming off, I continued with the program rolling over into more challenges.

T-Mac:  How much did you lose so far?  How long did it take?

Amina:  I have lost 82lbs so far and it took me 24 weeks.

T-Mac:  What is the biggest struggle: exercise, food, or temptation?

Amina: My biggest struggle is water intake. I am not a fan and have never really been a drinker of liquids.  I know this may sound funny but I can eat a whole meal or anything and not drink a thing to wash it down.  I understand now the importance of adding liquids to your body and especially the benefits behind H20.  It helps with flushing toxins, fat reduction, and overall hydration for organs.  I definitely see the difference it made in improving my skin, naturally healing my headaches I used to have, increasing my energy, improving my memory, and overall saving money form buying countless soda/juices.  My other struggle is exercise.  I dislike exercising so much that you literally have to drag me to exercise but once I get going, I’m great!  It’s just getting the momentum to get up and to do it, but I know it has to be done to see results.

T-Mac: What makes this time different?

Amina: I was never one to count calories, fat grams, sugar, or read nutritional labels, step on scales, etc., because when it came to something I craved, I ate it.  I started to notice my clothes didn’t fit at times so I knew it was time for me to do something to lose a few pounds.  I’ve tried all kinds of weight loss plans, diets, exercise videos, cleansers, metabolism boosters, appetite suppressants, food regimens, and all other weight loss schemes.  These were all short term options which made me feel like I failed because the weight came right back, so I started researching a lot around weight loss, gain, and proper nutrition.  THIS TIME I SET GOALS!  First, I completed the 6 week challenge (4 challenges over 24 weeks).  I know what my body needs and am great at meal prepping properly every week now which FOOD is a big part of any weight loss success.  I now have a gym membership in addition to my homemade gym, recruited accountability partners, keep daily food intake logs, count my calories, monitor my water intake, and log my exercise in an attempt to maintain this weight loss.  I never wanted to be that big again.


T-Mac:  In your stressful moments – what meal snack, beverage do you enjoy to help ease your mind?

Amina:  Stressful moments can cause one to eat out of control which I know all too well.  I used to eat for comfort during my stressful and depressed moods for the most part, but I am now aware of the bad eating habits I once had and have learned to pay attention to control them.  I love everything about food – all cuisines and it doesn’t help that I can cook and bake.  I now try healthier options I’ve found either from a recipe replicating it into my own or a simple store bought item.  My favorite go to snack is a cup of Greek yogurt with a little granola, honey, and maybe a little berries to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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Wow!  I am truly amazed at your drive to reach your goal.  One thing I noticed is that you never gave up.  I never doubted for one second that Amina was overweight, as I too, have seen her change throughout the years.  What one sees that other may not, however her focus kept her going and the pounds kept shedding.  I mean the before and after pictures above says it all!!!!  Talk about TRANSFORMATION!  If you’re interested in losing weight, in need of a personal trainer, or need the motivation to just go . . . check out the information below!

Remember – If you’re not moving . . . you’re losing! STAY FIT!

Personal Trainer

Facebook: Fitness Optimist Transformation Center (FOTC)
IG: f_o_t_c 


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