One time for the one time . . .

What up peeps, creeps, and awesome foodies!  I know it’s been a while since my last blog post, but life threw me a few lemons and the Fat Girl had to make some lemonade!  What brings me here today is my first and I do mean my very first allergic reaction to food! 😰

I was offsite working for the past 2 days and upon completion of my work day yesterday, I told myself that I would get food on the way home.  Wasn’t in the mood for anything specific, so I went to West Wing Café in Northwest DC.  Typical sandwich shop with hoagies, wraps, clubs, panini’s etc., and since it was so much to choose from I asked my favorite question; “What’s good?”  The employee told me his favorites one of which was the Cajun Chicken Panini (Cajun chicken, lettuce, tomato, avocado, Basil Pesto).  Instead of the panini, I asked for a spinach wrap.

cajun chicken wrap

Paid, called the uber, and went cruising home chatting with Ezy.  After settling in the house, I bit into the wrap.  YUCK!!!  What the hell is this?  The seasoning was not “Cajun” to me on the chicken or at least in my mind it wasn’t.  I opened the wrap and the seasoning didn’t look too appetizing to me, so I immediately trashed it and was pissed!  What to eat now?  I don’t want to cook?  UberEats . . . NO!  Carryout . . . NO!  Spend more money . . . HELL TO THE NO! LOL, I pouted like a baby and went to lay down.  Fifteen minutes later I vomited and after taking my clothes off, I discovered a rash on my inner thigh. 😡😡😡


Nurse Bri to the rescue . . . called my sandbox boo in a panic and she immediately told me what to do.  Sent her the pic and she was like . . . “YIKES – where’s the Benadryl!”  Girl bye!  I don’t have any of that and if I do its expired.  Luckily, I found hydrocortisone.  I’m saying all this to say that it was so weird that I had an allergic reaction after partaking in what I love the most in this world . . . EATING!  I was disappointed, sad, hungry, and annoyed at the same time.  After taking a hot shower and calming my nerves, I called West Wing Cafe to inquire about the ingredients.  Why did I even bother wasting my time; after explaining what happened all he could say was “Oh I’m so sorry.”

I guess with growing pains comes change and I plan to find out soon.  Needless to say you don’t have to worry about me going back to that establishment again!!!  T-Mac is going to the doctor however, to get an allergy test.  Time to add Benadryl to my emergency stash along with more Pepto-Bismol tablets (tmi I know lol). pills

See ya on the 26th at 10:06 am sharp . . . HAPPY EATING! 😋😘

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