Restaurants Dos and Don’ts: PETS!

Greetings to all my PET PARENTS! I love you. I really really really do . . . however, do you absolutely have to bring your “baby” with you when you want food? Not grab and go food, but sit down and get comfortable food? My question to you is why? And why to all restaurants near and far!
This blog post come to mind when my girlfriend and I went to dinner at Matchbox (my fav) and spotted a very large dog with its owner. Don’t get me wrong readers; T-Mac is a pet lover, but not enough to bring with me for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Have you ever thought about your neighbor being allergic, scared, or just don’t want to be bothered with YOUR dog? The dog is hungry like you, antsy like you, and possibly friendly like you. Not to mention the dog will sniff you, lick you, or jump on you. Your neighbor shouldn’t have to be subjected to that atmosphere as a paid diner. Perhaps that’s why he or she got away from their dog to begin with (lol).

Not only do I place blame on the dog owner, but to the owners and managers of the establishment as well. Why? Because I have yet to come across a “Pet-Friendly” environment sign of any sort at any restaurant. And by “pet-friendly” I mean, outside ONLY! If a sign is visible, that will allow other diners to CHOOSE if they want to dine at your establishment or not. How hard is it to create a sign? Perhaps when the diner is requesting outside seating, the host/hostess can alert the diner that others may bring their pets or this is a pet friendly restaurant.

pet friendly signOne of my buddies took me to a restaurant in Austin, TX and he insisted that the food was amazing! Ok, dude! Now I believed him with my whole heart until I walked in and saw a dog walking around. YIKES!!!!! Pissed to pisstivity, angry, ready to go, yet I’m still hungry and it’s about 2ish in the morning on a very “good” night if you know what I mean. So, I put my little fears to the side and ate the food. Trying to keep my composure while we are sharing stories, sobering up, and trying to stay awake; the food was quite tasty. Another time I was grocery shopping and while in the produce section a customer walked in with her dog in the shopping cart. First, I laughed to myself like “is she crazy,” but proceeded to tell someone who worked there to escort her out. Why, because she didn’t have a “service dog.” A dog who has no service to you besides companionship should not be allowed in public establishments. I speak of service dogs because I’ve even witness a neighbor of mine in the past bring her dog to the gym. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. But guess who did? T-Mac! Bad enough I must worry about human sweat and grown people not cleaning up behind themselves but I should be around a dog that can leave their germs, ticks, fleas, etc. behind. Things that make you go hmmmm . . . 

I have stories for days about pets being in places where they shouldn’t belong, although their owner believes they do. That pet might be your kid, but it’s not our kid! You often wonder why family, friends, colleagues, or the like don’t eat from your house, or any meal you prepare (potlucks) because of the nastiness you display or the interactions with your pet child/children. From grocery stores to restaurants, pet owners should know and respect boundaries of others. I’m just saying . . .



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