Summertime Shootout with E!

From boney to buff, I am pleased to sit with my best friend/brother from another mother of over 20 years to discuss the life of a personal trainer.  We all have fitness goals, but what steps are you making to move in that direction? Clients are looking for a trainer that’s a good fit for them, however E is justified in looking for clients with whom he feels comfortable training.  Of course, E didn’t get this way overnight.  Hard work, dedication, and discipline shows results; however, we need that additional push to get it done!  Can E do that for you?  Let’s read and see!

“I’m a “you are stronger than you think” type of trainer who will push you to your limits and enjoy watching you accomplish something you didn’t think you could do. I’m open and honest with my clients about what they need to do to accomplish their goals. I’m encouraging, motivating, tough; and I do it with a smile on my face.” ~ Enoch

T-Mac: Tell me why you decided to become a personal trainer?

              Enoch: I have a passion for fitness and really wanted to encourage others, of all abilities, to attain his/her fitness goals.

T-Mac:  What do you do to stay current on fitness trends?

              Enoch: I’m lucky to have a great circle of friends that are master trainers, current/ex-professional athletes and even current Olympic coaches.  I probably get on their nerves, but I always pick their brains about different philosophies and fitness trends.  I feel like I have an infinite amount of knowledge at my disposal.

T-Mac:  Do you specialize in any training styles?

              Enoch: I specialize in boxing.  Under the tutelage of the Bahamas Olympic boxing coach Floyd Seymour, I gained the most respect for these workouts.  It was the most intense type of training I had ever experienced and the results that I got were for me, next level.  The benefits include improving a client’s ability to harness and control explosive power, increasing overall strength and endurance, and sharpening hand eye coordination, reaction time and speed.  Many personal training clients are both intrigued and intimidated with the possibility of incorporating boxing into their training sessions. Developing a mutual understanding with clients that boxing sessions are focused on fitness needs and custom tailored to their fitness levels relieves a lot of the intimidation factors that may go into the stereotypical thought of a boxing session. With the combination of different types of core exercises, compound total body movements and agility drills, the session becomes very dynamic, fun and different from any previous personal training experience the client may have had.

T-Mac: Give me three (3) essential exercises you suggest for all clients.


The Push Up
The push up is the most basic of upper-body pushing exercises developing the muscles of the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

The Squat
Lower body exercises are often neglected in favor of working the “beach muscles” of the upper body. This is a mistake as the legs provide the foundation for nearly all of life’s functional movements from picking up a bag of groceries to sprinting out of the way of a speeding car.  The most important of the lower body exercises is the squat, which primarily emphasizes the quadriceps but will also work the glutes and hamstrings when done with a full range of motion. 

The Body Row
Many would consider the pull up the most basic of upper body pulling exercises. However, in my experience it is rare that someone new to fitness training can do even a single proper pull up. For beginners the body row is the initial exercise for developing the upper body pulling muscles of the back, shoulders and biceps. 


T-Mac: What is your go to “cheat meal?”

              Enoch: I try to eat a cheat meal that is still well-balanced and higher in both calories and carbohydrates than your normal meal.  A pasta dish with a protein source is usually my go to.  While you can indulge in a small, sugary treat from time to time, I recommend trying to avoid sugar-laden, nutrient-poor foods that can quickly ruin a week’s worth of progress.

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Remember – if you’re moving you’re losing!  STAY FIT!  

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