N’ Motion Feature: SmoQ 🔥

In June I traveled to Cincinnati, OH for my best friend’s gender reveal celebration and while visiting, she said “BFF I have to take you to this BBQ spot I think you would like . . . it’s FYE!” Okkkkk Co-Co!  So on the last night the Flossy Posse (lol) decided to reminisce on our college days, create more memories, and enjoy southern eats in Cincy!  Be prepared to salivate over today’s N’ Motion Feature: SmoQ!

Who doesn’t love BBQ?  I mean authentic BBQ!  As soon as you entered the restaurant your mouth watered instantly from the aroma breezing through. After being seated and taking beverage orders, cornbread came to the table. What a tease!  Hot cornbread with the butter melting was just a starter, but the appetizers were just as enticing. I opted to not order an appetizer, however Jamil’s Memphis BBQ Nachos were awesome! I needed guacamole to accompany the nachos, but it wasn’t my meal to make such a request. I’m a Mexican at heart, so this was right up my alley with the right amount of BBQ sauce to give it its “SmoQ” flare.

As a first time visitor of any restaurant, I always seek suggestions from my server before ordering.  FROM THE smoQ’er I ordered the Pick 2 Meats with fried chicken, fried ribs . . . that’s right ladies and gentlemen . . . FRIED RIBS!  I was shocked myself and asked for an explanation of the FRIED RIB. This is a #1 seller and let me add it’s FINGER LICKN GOOD!!!  It reminded me a fried pork chop but elevated. The fried ribs came with a molasses and black pepper glaze for dipping sauce, and although it was a sweet addition to the saltiness of the rib, I can do without it. My sides included 4 cheese mac & cheese and collard greens with ham. Now, I’m not going to lie to my readers today.  It wasn’t grandma’s mac & cheese and greens, however, it was restaurant quality and worth ordering again.

Pick 2 Meats

Pick 2 Meats: Fried Chicken, Fried Ribs, 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens with Ham

Drooling yet?  Grab your napkin as the Flossy Posse share their dining treats at SmoQ!


JaMita – The lady with the case of “The Hungries!”

“As a girl from South Memphis, TN., I tend to only like “Memphis BBQ.” Recently I visited Cincinnati, Ohio with 2 of my close friends and my twin sister. On our final night there we visited a place called SmoQ. It was AMAZING! When they placed the cornbread on the table I knew I was in for a treat. The brisket paired with the pulled pork along side the mac & cheese and collard greens made me feel like I was at home. If you are ever in the Cincinnati area please make sure you stop by SmoQ.”



“Hey y’all its Courtnei from Nashville, TN!!! I’m a southern girl and love BBQ!!! I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and was in search of some good BBQ. I tried a couple of places and was very disappointed, but was introduced to SmoQ and I fell in love.  I love SmoQ so much that when my sister/friends came to town I had to take them and they fell in love too! Fried ribs were finger licking good and the beef brisket was mouthwatering.  I normally do not eat brisket, but the sides tasted like they came from granny’s house! Lastly, the Arnold Palmer was perfect!!! So, if you’re ever in the Nati, make sure you check out SmoQ — you won’t be disappointed!!!”





“I’m from Memphis,” that’s what I tell people when they suggest we eat BBQ.  My fellow Memphians are very particular about BBQ, although that changed when I visited Cincinnati, OH with my girls and twin sister.  We at SmoQ and babyyyyyyyyy it was so good; felt like I was in Memphis!  I ordered the pick two meat with barbeque brisket, rib tips, mac & cheese, and greens.  If you are ever in Cincinnati, visit SmoQ and tell them “Memphis” sent you.



These eyes don’t lie. If you’re ever in the Queen City and in the mood for BBQ, SmoQ is the place for you!

Girl Gang

If you have crazy friends you have everything! #FlossyPosse 😍💖

275 Pictoria Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45246

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