Restaurant Dos and Don’ts: What Is Good Service to You?

Had a great dining experience a few weeks ago at lunch, but the restroom was utterly disgusting or the trash was piled high at the back of the restaurant?  Do you tip despite receiving bad service?  Please note: A poor tip isn’t always a reflection of the server.  Some factors may include the ambiance of the establishment, restrooms, or the timeliness of the food. Also, rodents, unprofessional staff, room temperature food or constantly hovering could result in “bad service.”

I’m not a fan of public restrooms, however I try not to let this factor deter me from my dining experience.  All diners have expectations wherever they may dine, but what is most important to you?  I expect for my server to be prompt, welcoming, help with food suggestions, and most importantly to do it right the first time!  Waiting 5-10 minutes to refill my Pepsi or bring me extra mayo for my burger is too long which will in turn reflect in the server’s tip.  My biggest pet peeve of them all is having to remind my server!  Sometimes I may feel inclined to remind my server again, however asking twice is too much if you ask me.

Do you appreciate the suggested gratuity given when the check arrives?  Do you find it helpful?  I personally appreciate the suggested tip which helps expedite my departure.  Awesome service will be rewarded if my dining needs are met no matter the price point of the restaurant.  In most cases, diners are only providing gratuity based on the wait staff.  Next time you’re out dining, be sure to look for these characteristics: being prompt, being visible, being exceptional, and being friendly.  Needless to say, the tip is given at the discretion of the diner!


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