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We love this frigidaire air conditioner because its small, easy to carry, quiet and cheap! This versatile 24V portable air conditioner provides comfort in small spaces whilst remaining easy to move. Camping is a great activity that takes us away from the stresses of everyday life like work and the constant beeps and blurbs of technology. For some, this might mean becoming completely unplugged, but there are a few technological creature comforts that can be used to make your camping trip more enjoyable for the whole family. Today we will be looking at portable AC units for camping. Yes, what a time to be alive when you can bring your AC unit along for the ride. In this article, we review our favorites on the market to help you pick the right one for your camping needs.

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Yes - Most public campgrounds have electricity hook-ups, but it will be best to make sure ahead of time that you will have access to AC.

With electricity you will be able to use any kind of portable air conditioner that you like, from small window units to full tower units. Several units on the market run on 12V batteries and many have options to be charged in your car.

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Electric AC units for camping will require a little more work on the set-up side of things but are more reliable than their battery-operated counterparts. Because most small portable air conditioners are also completely functional for home or apartment use, they are easier to purchase and there are more products on the market.

There are a few different options for electric AC for camping:. These units are literally the same units that supply air to a bedroom or small apartment.

They run on about BTUs and can keep an area of square feet cool, which would make this the ideal choice for an average-sized tent. This option, however, does require a ventilation spot that fits the entire unit, so you may have to alter your tent to accommodate it. If you are a serious camper these provide cooling comfort for most tent sizes.

We have reviewed the smallest window AC models on the market here. Generally more powerful than window air conditioners, portable AC units are known to cool spaces up to square feet at BTUs. The models themselves can be quite bulky weighing up to lbs but are often set on wheels to help you maneuver them around.

Portable AC units still require ventilation, but usually only a smaller hose instead of space for the entire unit. Most of these portable air conditioners also work as dehumidifiers and have an internal tray that collects water. If the water bucket fills up, the AC unit will automatically turn off until it is emptied. Spot coolers are the heavy-duty models of portable air conditioners, and they often even resemble their full, permanent in-home cousins.

Running at BTUs these air conditioners are the most powerful of the portable options. Battery-powered AC units are easier to setup and use but are less reliable and powerful than electric versions. Most 12V portable AC units are compact, so they are good for smaller spaces. The main way that these battery-powered units work is that the user will fill the unit with ice or water, in some cases and a small fan will work to convert that energy into cool air.

These units are recommended for smaller tents and personal use. Portability is an interesting factor in choosing a camping tent air conditioner, because what one person deems as portable will not always be the case for everyone. For example, some people will have no problem at all bringing an 80 lb AC unit on a camping trip where they can pull up to the campsite and easily get it out of the back of their pickup.

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For others, this task is going to seem nearly impossible. AC power levels is in close connection with our power source. BTUs are British Thermal Units, and are numbers given to appliances that indicate how much energy an appliance will use to either cool or heat a given space.

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But when it comes to portable AC units, the key thing to remember is that you would like a constant, cool temperature in your tent. If you have a small, two-person tent but you have a large portable air conditioner that runs at BTUs, it will get your tent to the desired temperature faster but then will shut off until the temperature dips below that number again causing itself to cycle repeatedly.

This action will shorten the lifespan of your product because it is not working at a level that it was intended. Your tent size will greatly influence the type of portable air conditioning unit that you will need to buy. This article points out that tents are usually listed as either 4-person, 6-person, etc.

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For this reason, you will want to know the square footage of your tent and how much space you will require for an air conditioning unit. It will be much easier to cool an area with one person than with eight because the ac unit would have to work harder to surpass all the body heat being put off.

The first thing to consider when looking to purchase a portable air conditioner for tent camping is whether you will have electricity at your campsite. Many public campsites offer electricity hook-ups, but the voltage may vary by location.

If you are planning to go to a specific location with your AC unit, make sure you understand how many amps their hook-ups allow.

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In general, this number will range from 5 amps to 16 amps. Knowing this number will help you choose the right appliance for your trip and will save you from blowing a circuit or worse, cutting the power for not only yourself but also your camping neighbors! If you decide to take the electrically sourced route, you will also need to consider buying an outdoor extension cord to reach your appliance.

As with any tent sleeping experience, you will need to consider the airflow and ventilation for your air conditioner. Electric AC units will require a ventilation to the outside. Portable air conditioners and spot coolers require a smaller vent for a tube to exit the tent. Fortunately, having AC units for camping is growing in popularity and many tents are now being manufactured with a large vent to accommodate an AC unit built right in.

Electric Hook Ups and Inverters to get electricity when camping from GO Outdoors Sign up for great offers & exclusive content. Sign up here to receive marketing communications from GO Outdoors . When it comes to camping and caravanning, we've got you covered with everything you could possibly need to make the most of your adventures in the great outdoors. From tents through to travel mugs and everything in-between, whatever you're after for your trip, you're sure to find it right here. Mar 29,   Camping in Ohio State Parks Ohio State Park's 57 campgrounds offer visitors more than 9, campsites ranging from full-service to primitive sites. Campgrounds like Alum Creek, Caesar Creek, East Harbor, Indian Lake, Paint Creek and West Branch offer a range of outdoor recreational options such as marinas, boat ramps, nature centers, archery.

The level of noise any AC emits is a key concern for buyers. When camping, however, this is less of a priority because your natural surroundings will likely soak up most sounds that come from your air conditioner. Nevertheless, always look at a units decibel level or dBa. Once you get above 70 dBa it starts to become more of an issue. Here is another article discussing the quietest ACs for home and even camping use.

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As with every other consideration though, the higher the price does not necessarily mean the better product. You need to look at all the considerations to choose the right portable AC unit for your needs. And if all else fails, you can always do the tried and true DIY camping air conditioner of filling a 5-gallon bucket with ice and hoping for a breeze.

Group Camps. Make a Reservation. Together, Iowa's state parks, recreation areas and forests have more than 4, campsites for overnight visitors. They range from hike-in primitive sites to full hook-ups (sewer, water and electricity). Seventy-five percent of these campsites can be reserved up to . Find a great selection of Tent Lighting & Camping Lights for sale at GO Outdoors both instore & online. Get free delivery on orders over ? Electric Hook Up Power Supplies. It's great to be at one with nature when you go camping, forgetting about work or what's on the television that night and enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside or making your own entertainment. However, it's always important to have access to some kind of power supply to help get your camping essentials going - such as airbed pumps and an electric hook up .

From your tent to your sleeping bags, enjoying camping can really boil down to having the right equipment. The Zero Breeze ideally works to cool down an area of about 40 square feet or a 3-person tent. This is an increase from the previous Mark 1 sometimes known as the Z model as it was designed for a 2-person tent. Again, this is almost double the previous models BTU capacity. The 24V micro-compressor, again, doubled from the Mark1 model, allows for multiple charging options.

Standard wall outlets can and should be used but a volt DC car is also available. We recommend adding this as part of any purchase.

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Performance-wise, most users have been impressed with what the newest Zero Breeze can do. Another ated feature for Mark 2 is the Dual hose function.

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Previously, only a single hose venting system was used. With the dual hoses, the air is dragged into the device, converted to cold air with the hot, unwanted air escaping out from the back of the unit. This reduces the annoying sogginess or dampness from condensation that some AC units can generate inside a tent! There really is nothing like this product on the market and although it may not be perfect, it certainly provides relief in small-medium sized tents, cars or campers.

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In our experience, this unit is good, but you will have to calm your expectations of what it can do. It is not cheap, will only cool small areas, and can feel loud inside a small tent. It also requires users to follow set up and instructions closely when using it. For peace of mind, it does come with a day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty when purchased on their website. They also offer some regular discounts at Zerobreeze.

So long as you have access to ice and water that is! It runs on a 12V battery, and when filled with ice and water will run for about 7 hours. This package comes in several different colors and with both a wall charging unit and a car charger adapter, which means that if you did have an electricity hook-up that you could still run it even if the battery is dead.

GO Outdoor Guide to Tents

The major flaw in this product is that the battery is not removable. As far as camping goes, this cooler would be ideal for a person camping alone or for two people sharing a very small tent. The cooler itself is lightweight and easy to maneuver at just 33 pounds, and it can amazingly hold up to 40 pounds of ice. What I love about this product is that because it runs on a battery, it is extremely quiet and there is never any exhaust that you have to worry about breathing in or sending off into the woods.

This is a very eco-friendly product. It is suited to those who want a small slice of relief from the heat without dealing with a complicated set up. The Ontel has 3 functions: Cooling, Dehumidifying, and Purifying. It works not only to cool the air but also to improve the overall air quality. It runs up to 8 hours per fill.

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Arctic Air is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate! This is by far the most portable air cooling machine on this list, weighing just over 3 pounds for easy carrying and optimal portability. It may not be the most powerful cooling device, but it still works well in a small space like tents, reading nooks, dens, home offices, campers, and small bedrooms.

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Another thing outdoor enthusiasts love about the Ontel is its quiet operation. I love that this little window-mounted air conditioner is about as easy of an appliance as they come.

I highly recommend this one for camping if your tent has a ground vent made to fit an air conditioner - it will be perfect!

For that reason, I would recommend this for a 4-person to 6-person tent at most and areas of approx. Larger BTU options are available for bigger tents.

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One thing that should be noted is that this one must be completely ventilated to the outdoors. The back blows out warm air and failing to vent this would defeat the purpose of the product. It needs to be up on at least bricks to vent properly.

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It does come with a pleated window kit although in my experience, some stable wooden blocks or bricks will do the job just fine. Also be aware and keep an eye on the draining condensation as this can build up at the base of your tent.

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If your tent already has a vent for a window air conditioner, or you plan on creating one yourself, then this unit from hOmeLabs will be perfect for your next camping trip. But best of all, it does its job in a compact and reliable manner.

Cook up an outdoor feast won the Halfords Portable Gas camping stove, one of our range of camping cooking equipment. Pack it all up in a roof box and you're good to go. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced camper or are just starting on your outdoor adventures, we've got everything you need for your trip at Halfords. There is the outdoor griddle for electrical hook up go. Choose to 3 months in camping power at go outdoors sale shop the means to add a little luxury to improve your rv camping. Best outdoor pools, natural areas and don't forget the right outdoor griddle for individual sites and camping tent sites offer outdoor griddle reviews.

It does have a slightly noisier output than the Frigidaire AC above, coming in around the 60 dBa level.

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