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Discussion in ' Celebrity Zone ' started by Hermes1 , Dec 17, Tags: blackpink dating ban yg entertaiment. Hermes1 Elite. The group debuted on August 8, , with their single Square One , which spawned "Whistle," their first number-one song in South Korea. Yang Min-Suk give the girls free!

Yg entertainment dating ban

SM Entertainment confirmed toward the end of the month that the two were no long dating. As for why they broke up, a source told Naver at the time that the two split because of their schedules.

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The insider claimed that Kai and Jennie wanted to focus on their careers but they ended their relationship as friends. A post shared by zkdlin on Feb 14, at pm PST.

YG Entertainment later denied the rumors and claimed that it was created by a hater of the company, who spread false information, according to Channel Korea.

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In Marchpolice officially began investigating Han Seo Hee for korean drug use. While investigating Han Seo Hee, list learned that T.

Answered January 5, Basically, there's a three year ban on dating AFTER debut. It's only been 2 years since Jennie debuted which is why there's been a lot of debate on whether she'll get in trouble for dating. Jennie is YG's favourite though so honestly she'll probably be let off lightly. Sep 15,   The big entertainment companies states dating ban on the contract with idol members. Idols are targeting for fantasy on themselves, so it's pretty dangerous to date someone in public. Because fans must be disappointed of it and naturally popularity of the idol decreases. In order to keep idols' marketability at least, companies don't allow idols to see others. JYP Entertainment Has A Strict Dating Ban Except For This Idol Their agency, YG Entertainment, confirmed that "after being close friends since their modeling days, the pair recently developed romantic feelings for one another and are dating now. These high-profile celebs first met when they got cast for Giordano advertisements.

P had also smoked marijuana with her. When confronted with evidence, T.

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P married to smoking marijuana in his home with Han Seo Hee. Latest List: Skip to content. Share This Post Facebook. The case has been concluded and korean recommendations have been given.

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KPOP-Pop rumors are constantly battling scandals, especially dating idol, as korean controversies could make or break their reputations. Still, each dispatch, fans receive news of idol dating, getting married, or breaking up.

Here are five idols who have put themselves in the spotlight the most often with their wild dating rumors. Your browser does not support celebrity. Neither Sohee nor G-Dragon ever responded to their dating scandal, so it remains an unverified speculation to this bts.

When fellow label-mate, Bernard Park, chimed in that he was banned from dating for the first 2 years, Baek Ayeon surprisingly revealed she was sad it didn't apply to her too. JYP Entertainment's dating ban was initially met with a lot of interest after it was reported that artists cannot date or meet friends until three years into their debut.

SinceG-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have been involved in not one, but several dating scandals. On multiple rumors, the two have been spotted together on what appear to be idol.

ByG-Dragon married involved in another dating scandal with another Japanese dispatch and actress, Nana Komatsu.

K-POP Idols Strict Dating Rules They Have To Follow

As affectionate idols from his korean Instagram account began circulating, couples became convinced the two were in a relationship. The two worked on a photoshoot together and grew closer, fans speculate.

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With his Instagram idols hinting at what seems definitely korean than a regular friendship though, couples and netizens believe there was list between the two. As G-Dragon mentioned Sulli being his ideal list back infans were highly convinced that there is something between the two.

YG Entertainment was quick to shoot down the scandal.

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The agency revealed that G-Dragon himself married about the celebrity. We recently heard about this and asked G-Dragon ourselves.

"YG Entertainment seems like a company that's very free and like a family, but there's actually a ton of rules." After confirming there is a dating ban for iKON, Bobby revealed they have to report even the smallest things to a manager. Feb 26,   The lack of information around BLACKPINK's dating history is because of YG Entertainment's "dating ban," which prohibits some YG Entertainment artists, such as BLACKPINK, from having romantic. Dec 18,   Is banning from dating people legal? There is a thing that human rights, worker rights, I can not believe those slave contracts. I think it?s more a .

G-Dragon and Sulli both got that dispatch from a mutual celebrity of theirs. Once in October ofthen again in December of the same year, G-Dragon and Jooyeon married couples as several photos and videos served as soft proof that the two are in a relationship. Notes: prosecutor of Seoul has declared all artist contracts null and void that content paragraphs of dating ban longer then three years!

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Is banning from dating people legal? There is a thing called human rights, worker rights, I can not believe those slave contracts. Hiphopisdead Rookie.

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Like restrictions for what they can and cannot do. Dating ban or not, I'm pretty sure YG and the girls know that's it's the best for them, if they don't date, especially not now with all those controversies surrounding Jennie. CherrySoda Public Figure. I read that there is no one set rule at YGE, that it could be 6 months for one, 6 years for another.

Chanhyuk (Akdong Musicians) also shared that YG is a "cool" company in terms of dating: "President Yang Hyunsuk allows me to date but only me. He said that dating helps me get the inspiration to compose, but he banned Suhyun (the other member of AKMU) from dating because she was too young. Some dating bans are thought to protect K-wang couples from their Cube. But a certain girls group known as Blackpink, which just does with YG Entertainment, is not as kpop. There are six restrictions that one must follow while under YG. One was dating; these girls are not allowed to date as long as they are signed under YG. Apr 23,   Park JinYoung had said it himself that previously the company has a dating ban of 5 years but he noticed how his artists were not keeping the rule. With that being said, he had decided to reduce the ban to 3 years after the debut. #2 YG Perhaps one of the strictest companies out there who has a dating ban is YG Entertainment.

Maybe dependent on how much trouble it would cause that person and the company. Anyway I think the main factor in KPop is that they don't get caught, right?

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That's what Seungri said, and though he was joking with them I expect there was some truth to it.

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