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Exhibit Wells Fargo Team Member. Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. Our aim is to promote an atmosphere in which ethical behavior is well recognized as a priority and practiced on a day-to-day basis. The policy and standards are grouped under section headings that emphasize the fundamental and overriding principles that should guide our behavior: We should act in a manner that will serve the best interests of Wells Fargo; that is honest and trustworthy; that will preserve confidential information; and that will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest. This Code cannot provide rules to cover every circumstance.

Raises a reasonable question about or the appearance of such interference. When presented with a situation involving a potential conflict of interest, you should ask: Would public disclosure of the matter embarrass Wells Fargo or lead an outside observer to believe that a conflict exists? The sections that follow provide rules and guidance for specific situations in which the possibility of a conflict of interest is present.

Certain activities must be strictly avoided and others require written approval before they can be undertaken. If a conflict or potential conflict of interest arises in circumstances not discussed under the rules that follow or if application of a rule to a set of circumstances is unclear, you should consult your supervisor or Code Administrator. In some cases it may be necessary to obtain approval or disclose the possible conflict in writing to your Code Administrator for consideration by the member of the Operating Committee for your business group or the Ethics Committee.

Standards for Personal Finances. If you are having financial difficulties, you may talk to Employee Assistance Consulting EACwhich can provide confidential advice and referrals to community resources.

Insider Trading. Federal law imposes obligations on employers to ensure that their employees do not improperly trade securities using material inside information. If you commit an insider trading violation, you may be subject to significant civil and criminal penalties, your supervisor may possibly be subject to significant civil penalties, and you may be subject to immediate termination of employment.

Material Inside Information.

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Both positive and negative information may be material. Earnings or financial results, before publicly disclosed. Changes in previously released earnings estimates.

Significant expansion or curtailment of operations. Significant merger, acquisition or divestiture proposals or agreements.

Significant purchase or sale of assets.

Significant new products, discoveries, patents or other intellectual property. Significant write-down of assets or additions to reserves for bad debts. Restrictions Against Insider Trading. You must not purchase or sell securities if you are aware of material inside information, either personally or for any account over which you have direct or indirect control.

You are also prohibited from disclosing material inside information in your possession to your family members or others i. If you disclose material inside information in violation of this Code and if the person you tip trades securities while in possession of such information, both you and the person trading may be liable under federal and state securities laws.

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See section D. Team members must avoid or disclose certain types of personal investments. For example, a team member may not:. Deal in a new issue of securities on terms that are in any way different from terms available to the general public.

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A team member who directly or indirectly holds an investment in or an option to acquire an interest in securities such as stock, bonds, notes, debentures, interests in limited partnerships, or other equity or debt securitiesor makes a loan to, or guarantees an obligation of a customer or vendor may have a conflict of interest when representing Wells Fargo with respect to the customer or vendor.

For this reason, team members and any family member residing with them must not invest in a customer or vendor of Wells Fargo unless they do not have material inside information about the customer or vendor, and :. The team member has no involvement in the approval or the management of business transactions between the customer or vendor and Wells Fargo, or. The securities of the customer or vendor are publicly traded on a national securities exchange and the team member does not participate in decisions involving credit or other business transactions with Wells Fargo that may be significant to the customer or vendor, or.

The investment opportunity is sponsored by Wells Fargo as a part of a team member co-invest program that has been approved by the Ethics Committee.

Jul 12,   Citing security concerns, Wells Fargo is asking employees to remove the TikTok apps from their work phones, Bloomberg reported. TikTok, the popular video-making app, is owned by China's. Jan 28,   Wells Fargo executives - including Stumpf - heard from friends that they had had fraudulent accounts opened in their names by bank employees desperate to make sales quotas. Wells Fargo protects the private, personal, and proprietary information of customers, vendors, and team members. Confidential customer information may not be disclosed to persons outside Wells Fargo except when its disclosure is required by law or in accordance with Wells Fargo's privacy policies and customer agreements.

Under the following circumstances, you are required to obtain approval from your Code Administrator before you or a family member who resides with you invests in any business entity with which Wells Fargo has a business relationship:. If the investment creates, or gives the appearance of creating, a conflict of interest because of size, value, or other reason, or.

If you or a family member who resides with you own an investment or an option to acquire an interest in, have loaned money to, or have guaranteed the obligations of an entity that later becomes a customer or vendor of Wells Fargo and, in turn, that investment is brought under this rule, you must notify your Code Administrator as soon as practical and act at his or her direction to prevent or resolve any conflict of interest.

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Financial Services. Misuse of Wells Fargo services will result in the same penalties or restrictions that apply to customers. For example, if you repeatedly issue checks for more than the collected funds balance in your checking account, your checking account will be closed. Wells Fargo prohibits improper transactions by team members, such as but not limited to kiting, writing worthless personal checks, and conducting fraudulent or worthless electronic transactions such as making false ATM deposits to receive immediate cash.

An example of kiting is floating funds between two or more different accounts to cover withdrawals, or making transactions against funds that are not available. Wells Fargo reserves the right to review all team member accounts at any Wells Fargo bank or any other subsidiaries or affiliates for unusual activity, both regularly and during investigations.

Transactions with Wells Fargo.

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Wells Fargo maintains an extensive system of internal controls in order to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded and all transactions are properly recorded. Personal Transactions. You must transact all personal financial business with Wells Fargo following the same procedures that are used by customers and from the customer side of the window or desk, unless specific team member procedures apply or you are a full service registered representative subject to the exception described below.

You are not allowed to handle or approve your own transactions, or transactions on accounts over which you have any ownership interest, control, or signing authority. This includes transactions for a business if the team member owns that business. These transactions must be handled by personnel other than the team member for whom the transaction is conducted. Any team member found transacting personal business for both him or herself and Wells Fargo will be assumed to be in violation of the Code and internal operating policy and procedures.

Monetary and nonmonetary transactions must be processed by another team member.

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This includes, but is not limited to, the following transactions:. If your transaction requires approval, the approval must come from the next higher level of authority. You may not request approval of personal transactions by a coworker or by anyone you directly or indirectly supervise. For real estate transactions, most of these properties are listed on pasreo. You may not approve overdrafts or reverse or waive fees or service charges for:. Accounts in which you have an interest.

Accounts of family members, other relatives, and close friends. Accounts of members of your household, including roommates and other unrelated individuals, or. Accounts of companies controlled by you, your family members, other relatives, and close friends. The fact that a team member is a treasurer or officer of a corporation, municipality, county, political fund, nofatgirlnmotion.comofit corporation, or escrow trustee fund does not warrant or justify rate concessions for personal borrowing or fee waivers on other forms of business which are not available to similarly situated customers.

Account Relationships. Without approval from your Code Administrator, you may not act as cotenant, cosign on a deposit account, or act as a cotenant or deputy for a safe deposit renter, unless the account relationship belongs to:. A nofatgirlnmotion.comofit organization of which you are an officer or director, or. Before approval will be considered, your supervisor or another officer with higher authority must privately contact the customer on whose account you will become a cotenant or cosigner.

The customer must acknowledge, in writing, that the arrangement is being made with his or her own free will and consent.

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Borrowing, Lending, and Other Credit Transactions. If a customer has funds to invest, you may not propose that the customer lend the funds to you or otherwise offer investment advice unless authorized to do so.

A team member in a direct or indirect reporting relationship the immediate supervisor or any manager who is above the supervisor in the chain of reporting relationships, or who has significant influence over the team member even if in a different business unit must not lend money to or borrow money from another Wells Fargo team member in that reporting relationship.

You may make an occasional loan of nominal value such as for lunch to another team member so long as no interest is charged. You may not accept or solicit for yourself any type of payment from a customer or other individual or entity for obtaining or trying to obtain a loan from the bank.

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Business Expenses. Handling Business Opportunities. Corporate Opportunities. You may not take advantage of opportunities that rightly belong to Wells Fargo. For example, you may not:. Take for yourself personally opportunities that are discovered through the use of company property, information, or position.

Personally receive a commission or fee for a transaction you have conducted for Wells Fargo other than compensation, commissions, or incentives paid by Wells Fargo or paid or earned through a Wells Fargo approved program. Advice to Customers. Guidelines for Activities Outside the Company.

While Wells Fargo recognizes that involvement in civic and political activities is beneficial to your personal growth and influence within your community and profession, as well as to Wells Fargo, participation in outside activities must not adversely affect your performance of your duties for Wells Fargo. Participation in an outside business or other outside activity involves responsibilities and risks of which you need to be aware and need to be willing to assume.

Approval shall not imply that you are serving at the direction or request of Wells Fargo. Service as a director means serving as a member of a board of directors, board of managers or a board of trustees. It does not include serving on an advisory board. If approval is granted, it will be contingent on the following factors:. You have no involvement on behalf of Wells Fargo in the approval or management of credit, purchases, or other business transactions with the for-profit business.

It is at all times made clear that you are not serving at the direction or request of Wells Fargo; and.

Unlimited waived monthly service fees on select checking and savings accounts linked to your Portfolio by Wells Fargo relationship. Explore Benefits. Rate discounts on qualifying loans and lines of credit. Explore Benefits. Bonus interest rates on select savings accounts. The handbook applies to team members paid on a Wells Fargo U.S. payroll system, with the exception of the Information Security Policy Overview, which applies to all Wells Fargo team members. The handbook is not a contract of employment nor can it ooer an answer for every situation. Employment at Wells Fargo is on an "at-will" basis. 1 day ago  Wells Fargo has instructed employees who installed TikTok on company devices to remove the app over privacy concerns, as first reported by The Information. "We have identified a .

You understand the challenges and risks of the outside position and are alert for actual or potential conflicts of interest. Any approval of these outside business and employment activities as required by the Code must be in writing by the member of the Operating Committee for your business group or the Ethics Committee. If you receive approval to participate in outside business or employment activities, your participation must be redisclosed and reapproved at any time there is a change in relevant facts upon which the original approval was granted.

Competing or conflicting outside employment or business activities includes any position or activity that:. Competes with a service or business provided by Wells Fargo including, but not limited to, working for a:. Requires activities or services to be performed during regular Wells Fargo working hours e. Involves information developed for or proprietary to Wells Fargo.

Involves preparation, audit or certification of statements or documents Wells Fargo may rely on to make lending or other decisions, or. Is with a company that is a customer of Wells Fargo, if you have signing authority or some other level of control or authority over any of the deposit or credit accounts maintained at Wells Fargo. Some other outside employment or business activity, while generally discouraged, may be permitted under limited circumstances with advance approval under Section VI.

Such employment or business may include:. Employment or business involving the preparation of tax returns. Employment or business involving investment or legal advice. Activity as a real estate salesperson, broker, agent, or contractor, or.

Any permissible outside business activity with a Wells Fargo team member with whom you have a close business relationship at Wells Fargo, including:. Processing, reviewing, or auditing of work, or. Frequent exchanges of information, advice, or services. Civic Activities. Your participation in religious, community, professional, or charitable organizations is encouraged. Approval is not required to participate in or accept appointment as a trustee, director, or officer of a nofatgirlnmotion.comofit organization unless there is a lending relationship or some other potential conflict of interest between the organization and Wells Fargo.

Participation shall not imply that you are serving at the direction or request of Wells Fargo. Political Activities. Fiduciary Activities. You must not accept appointment as an executor, administrator, guardian, trustee, or any similar fiduciary capacity unless the appointment is based on a family or obvious close personal relationship and it is clear that the relationship, not your position with Wells Fargo, is the basis for the appointment and the relationship did not arise out of the business of Wells Fargo.

Requests for exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by a member of the Operating Committee. Approval of an exception to this policy shall not imply that you are serving at the direction or request of Wells Fargo.

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Wills, Trusts, and Estates. You and your family members must not accept gifts from or participate in activities with including services, discounts, entertainment, travel, or promotional materials an actual or potential customer or vendor or from business or professional people to whom you do or may refer business unless the gift or activity was in accordance with accepted, lawful business practices, and is of sufficiently limited value that no possible inference can be drawn that the gift or activity could influence you in the performance of your duties for Wells Fargo.

It is unlawful for you to corruptly seek or accept anything of value from any person, intending to be influenced or rewarded in connection with any business or transaction of Wells Fargo.

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This rule applies to all team members, including but not limited to those involved in recommending or making decisions related to:. Pricing of products sold by the company. Purchase of goods or services from outside vendors. Money cash, check, money order, electronic funds, Visa or similar gift cards, or any type of gift that can be. Giving Gifts. Team members who wish to give gifts to vendors, customers or officials, or who are asked to authorize such gifts, must follow standard expense mauthorization procedures.

Team members who wish to give personal gifts to other team members must follow the general guideline that the gift be made in accordance with accepted business practices and is of sufficiently limited value that the gift could not influence the giver or the receiver in the performance of their duties for Wells Fargo, nor create actual or perceived pressure to reciprocate.

Accepting Gifts. Discounts or rebates on merchandise or services from an actual or potential customer or vendor if they are comparable to and do not exceed the discount or rebate generally given by the customer or vendor to others. Awards from civic, charitable, educational, or religious organizations for recognition of service and accomplishment, or. Activities with Customers or Vendors. If you have any doubt about the propriety of participating in an activity offered by a customer or a vendor, you should consult with your supervisor and Code Administrator before accepting the offer.

If the activity includes travel paid for by a customer or vendor, you must obtain management approval before accepting the trip. Wells Fargo business opportunities may never be offered, either directly or by suggestion, to any customer, vendor, or other business contact in exchange for their charitable donation or participation in a charity event. Dealings with Government Officials. Code Administration. As a Wells Fargo team member, you have the following obligations under the Code:.

To participate in Code training upon hire and annual Code certification. To ensure that any required disclosures are made and approvals or exceptions are obtained through the process outlined in this section.

To help ensure that Wells Fargo complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. To report illegal or unethical activities in the workplace by contacting EthicsLine so that the issue can be addressed promptly The EthicsLine is confidential and your call or web report will remain anonymous if you desire. You will be assigned a Code Administrator. Any discussions between you and a Code Administrator about possible violation of the Code will be treated as confidential to the extent permitted by law.

No retaliation may be taken against a team member as a result of a good faith report of a possible Code violation by others. Manager and Senior Leader Responsibilities. As a Wells Fargo manager or senior leader, you are additionally accountable for the following:. To be thoroughly familiar with the requirements of and the procedures established by the Code and exemplify the highest standards of ethical behavior.

To create a culture where team members feel comfortable asking questions and raising ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. To contact your manager or Code Administrator, Human Resources or Employee Relations when you have questions or need assistance with interpretation or application of the Code.

Code Administration Responsibilities. The Ethics Committee is responsible for the content of the Code and overseeing the policy and interpretation of the Code.

Code Administrator Assignments. Each member of the Operating Committee is responsible for Code administration for all team members in the business groups reporting to him or her.

Wells fargo employee dating policy

Operating Committee members should delegate ongoing Code administration to their direct report managers. Business group managers reporting to the Operating Committee may delegate Code administration responsibility two or three reporting levels beneath them in their reporting chain, provided that the appointed Code Administrator has a broad perspective of the business, awareness of the ethics-related issues typical to the business unit, and is able to exercise independent judgment when faced with an ethics question or a request for approval under the Code.

Further delegation of administration responsibilities by designated Code Administrators may be done only with the written approval of the Operating Committee member. A copy of the Code Administrator assignments will be kept on file by each member of the Operating Committee and will be centrally maintained by Corporate Human Resources.

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