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Posted by: Faurn Posted on: 16.06.2020

They can be scary and daunting, and sometimes literally hurt. Emotion and Intellect are often opponents in the fight for sanity, stability, and control. Sometimes you wonder what scares you more - the prospect of being rejected, or loved. Sometimes you feel like a burden to people who love you. You feel the need to honor the realities of your past by preparing for the worst; just in case. Some nights you find yourself repeatedly making the rounds, double-checking locked doors and first floor windows.

Jackie Zimmerman Patient Advocate June 20, IBS affects more than the life of the person who has the actual condition. The disruptive nature of IBS symptoms can have a profound impact on friends and family members.

This article offers information and tips for friends and family members of IBS patients regarding how to be a healthy source of support.

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