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An idea absolutely destined to fail that, if you're really unlucky, spawns something horrifically toxic in the process. But anytime you try to articulate why it's such a bad idea, somebody in the group inevitably pipes up and says, "My cousin Jill loved New Coke! Also, she met her husband on vacation in and they just had their second baby! A certifiably insane romantic? And how on earth did she make it work? We have no idea - we don't know Jill - but we did talk to a bunch of women like her and tried to talk to a bunch of dudes, but they wouldn't open up, so make of that what you will about how they turned a vacation fling into a real, lasting relationship.

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The full rules for the sub can be found on our Wikiplease familiarize yourself with them. I 24M think my girlfriend 24F cheated on me while on vacation Infidelity self. My girlfriend and I of 2 years recently went on a vacation with a group of friends to Argentina last month.

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We all enjoyed ourselves however one day me and the guys went out and did our own thing while the girls went shopping and did their own thing. When the guys and I were done and back at the hotel I noticed my girlfriend by herself at the pool bar talking to 2 dudes I didn't know.

I approached them and asked my girlfriend to introduce me to her new friends. They were obviously flirting with her the entire time and I suggested it was time to go and grabbed her by her shoulders and started to part ways when one of the guys smacked her butt and told her to come out the bar tonight if she wanted to be with real men.

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I just filled up with rage when that happened and took a swing at the guy but the other guy got me a chokehold and security soon came to calm everything down. Maybe I shouldn't have done that but I did. The rest of the day I was heated and my girlfriend wasn't helping by calling me an idiot and telling me I was overreacting. That night my whole group got really drunk and I ended up blacking out. What I do remember though is waking up at like 4 in the morning and my girlfriend not being in bed with me, but when I woke up later at 9 she was there.

When I asked her where she was she said she didn't go anywhere, but some of my friends say they remember her leaving or something.

Feb 09,   How to Turn Your Vacation Fling Into a Real Relationship Talk. Every day. Incessantly. Texting (or, if you're dating someone overseas, WhatsApp-ing) is great, but can also be Trust. Unconditionally. If you're the type who can't eat if your significant other Author: Matt Meltzer. Sep 23,   Traveling while you're single has plenty of perks, principal among them meeting - or even hooking up with - other people. Visiting a new place presents the . If you spend a few nights together a week and have been dating on a casual basis for several months, I would bet the farm that there is more to her than you think. And more to the relationship.

I didn't want to push the issue and I wanted to trust that she wouldn't do anything like that, but I really think she went out that night to meet those 2 guys. Ever since we got back from the trip I've noticed she's been more distant than normal. I'm beginning to think she's still cheating on me with other men. She's been staying out later than she normally world and doesn't respond to my texts. When I got on her laptop I noticed quite a few browser tabs open with MMF Threesome videos which made me think she could be thinking about these 2 guys in Argentina.

I've confronted her about the way she's been acting but she insists that I'm worried over nothing and called me annoying.


I'm not quite sure what to do now, I feel like the more I bring this up the more pathetic or insecure I feel. What can I do about this now? I'm beginning to think this relationship is over. One of them smacked her butt and invited her out that night.

I blacked out that night and suspect she went out to meet them. She's changed since we've been back and I think she's still cheating on me. What can I do? The more I bring this up the more she get annoyed at me.

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Is this relationship over? Maybe she's distancing herself from you post-trip because you pissed her off with how you reacted? Maybe I did overreact but I feel like I acted how most guys would have if someone smacked their girlfriend's ass.

And while it was certainly understandable that you'd snap like that in the moment, I'm sure you can see how it was also very, very stupid; that being said, I think most guys on here wouldn't have done that, not because it would have been stupid, but because they wouldn't have had the guts, but I digress.

If your gf was flirting with guys, if she was not in bed at 4 am and later said she never went anywhere, if she blamed you and not them when she got slapped in the ass and you reacted how you did, if your gut is telling you she cheated, if the mmf porn is out of the ordinary for her, if your friends say they saw her leaving, if she's been acting distant since that happened, if her behavior has noticeably changed and she denies it, if she's not responding to your text anymore. Trust your gut.

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Your gf needs to be dumped, for she is a lying, cheating, snake. The only reason not to think so is your belief that she just wouldn't do that. Don't be a chump. And you know what, even if she didn't cheat, most of those things - particularly taken together - make her unworthy of your trust anyway, because you now know she's willing to flirt with guys when you're not around, take their side when they they challenge your manhood in a blatantly disrespectful way, lie about where she was when you were asleep, act differently and pretend like nothing is the matter when something is obviously bothering you.

Dump her, for your own sake. And don't be so naive as to think she's so special, she'd never cheat, even when everything is telling you that she did. You have your instincts and the available evidence telling you one thing, and your belief that she just wouldn't do something like that telling you another. Which do you think you should believe? Because it sure sounds like you're being played. And finally, in the future, when you're looking for a different gf, don't get too attached to girls who flirt with other guys when they're supposed to be with you.

That right there should have been enough to know she's not worth your trouble. Pulling her away, trying to control her - those really are genuine signs of insecurity, because you really would have something to feel insecure about. It's insecure to try to control a woman, but at the same time, don't choose a girl who is going to do those things if you don't control her.

Not all girls would. Find one of them. You overreacted yes, but it's pretty obvious she cheated or at least you have taken a masculinity hit in comparison to them, the mmf is too suspicious, probably she fucked them both, dump her and ate. You could have ended up in an Argentine jail for assault.

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What if one of those guys had a friend on the police force? What you did was reckless and stupid. Lol at your noble characterization of South American police forces.

Whether on an obligatory work trip with your co-workers or an overseas excursion with two of your closest pals, don't disregard dating just because you're far away from the comfort of home. Popping. My girlfriend and I of 2 years recently went on a vacation with a group of friends to Argentina last month. We all enjoyed ourselves however one day me and the guys went out and did our own thing while the girls went shopping and did their own thing. While using dating apps on vacation might seem silly, since you'll only be wherever you're traveling for a short time, it can actually be an amazing way to meet new friends, go on an amazing date.

Maybe not Argentina, but plenty of cops in plenty of countries will throw you in jail for the night or two just because they can and they'll make up a reason later and you did something to make them dislike you. Starting fights in foreign countries is incredibly stupid, and the possibility of getting yourself into crazy overseas legal trouble is very real.

No bro I would have told him if he was such a man then why is he solo. Swinging at a guy for something so dumb is retarded. Uh yeah.

Relationship advice for solo travelers - Solo Travel Dating Advice - How to Date while traveling

You think swining on a guy at a hotel makes you a man? Belive me sometimes you have to handle it but other times you gotta move on. Hes lucky they did not get thrown out. Yes they slapped her on the rear. Yes it sucks. You are at a resort on vacation and there is a 2 on 1 problem. Also you can go to jail or be kicked out and lose all your money.

According to a new survey, couples should wait until they've been happily together for seven months before going on vacation. The survey, commissioned . Apr 18,   If you're single and looking to mingle, using dating apps while traveling can be a serious godsend. No matter where you go, dating apps give you the power to connect with locals, whether it's for a. Mar 03,   How to Stay Safe While Dating and Hooking up on Vacation Don't Be Afraid to Use Dating Apps to Find What You're Looking for. Dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid can Know Your Motivations. And your reason for hooking up on a trip .

Or you can get your ass kicked on top of both the other options. So yeah Its no were near worth it over a drunk guy slapping my girls ass who she was just flirting with. Sometimes your words are worth more then your dumb actions. Also no matter what your in the wrong.

You're right, but for the wrong reasons. OP should have just cut the vacation short and went home. No point being in a relationship with someone who doesn't respect you. Over reaction here is a judgement call.

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The guy was totally out of line in smacking her ass and a lot of guys would say he needed an ass whooping. The pacifists don't believe in violence for any reason. You did what you did and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

By smacking her the guy was also insulting your manhood so the decision was not completely up to her. You're a drunk. You have no idea what happened because you can't control your drinking. You've got serious control i. If she wants to cheat on you, you leave her and next time you choose better. But most girls worth their salt aren't going to want to date a controlling man with anger issues who gets blackout drunk.

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She clearly likes the attention of other males. You said nothing about it bothering her when the other guy smacked her.

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She didn't ask you to defend her. But you think you can force her to be faithful by attempting and failing to beat up your competition. Instead of trying to force someone to be faithful to you, why not become the kind of man a secure, confident woman with integrity would want to be with? So he gets blackout drunk when he's on vacation and suddenly he "can't control his drinking"? And he gets mad when a man sexually assaults his girlfriend and now he's got serious control and anger issues?

I think you're applying his behavior in this isolated incident to every other ct of his personality. The fact that she can't see it from his point of view is disconcerting.

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If she's not willing to discuss the matter and only reacts with hostility then cut and run my friend. It sounds to me she's sending you a pretty big hint that things are over. Personally, I don't date women who don't treat me well. EDIT: This really comes down to a few key points, at least it did for me. The first is if you realize your behavior is no longer what you would consider "trusting" of her.

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If you don't trust her, your behavior may become erratic. Getting angry, questioning and blaming her, snooping through her stuff, wondering what she is doing, etc. All of this is such a giant red flag for me, I realized that it means the relationship is over. Contrast your feelings with how you probably felt when you first met - happy, joyous, she could do no wrong, and you didn't have a care in the world.

Her behavior is now making you act out of spite and essentially you are becoming evil and ugly. Don't let yourself become that person. The second is self-respect and communication. A man with self respect says to himself "Hm, this isn't how I deserve to be treated" and then takes action.

You can either tell her that her behavior doesn't pass approval and if she continues you will dump her, and hopefully she gets her act together. The stigma that surrounds casual sex is real but, when done safely, it can make for some incredible mental souvenirs. These are 11 tips for hitting the road and having safe, casual sex.

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Dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, and OkCupid can help you find a hookup They are also useful tools for meeting like-minded locals and travelers along the way. Tinder Plus is excellent for perusing profiles around the globe. Obviously, you do not want your first blind date to turn into an episode of Dateline, so be smart if you plan to meet up with any sexy chat-friends.

Juliana Hauser, a marriage and family therapist. Know why you want to hook up so that you can be clear with your boundaries to yourself and to potential partners. Do you want to hook up to try a new sex experience? Are you wanting anonymity and the freedom to try on a new or different part of you in an area or country where you will never return?

Not everything about sex is sexy. Before you get intimate with a new partner, there are some crucial topics you should discuss.

This means consent, boundaries, STI status, and safer sex practices. These are needed to have safe and pleasurable sex. One of her favorite exercises is to have people in her workshops work in teams of two to make a pizza together.

If you can ask someone to wash their hands before touching their food, you can ask someone to wear a condom before touching your genitals.

Vacation while dating

Accountability is important, especially when traveling solo. That way, if someone does not hear from you by such and such a time, they know when actually to worry. Another option is to leave a quick note with your plan in an easy-to-spot place, like a desk or bedside table. Jess Carbino, a former sociologist for Tinder and Bumble.

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