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Posted by: Meztijind Posted on: 10.06.2020

What's it like. I don't think you're being cynical as much as you're being cautious, which you have every right to be in this and any dating situation. You don't really know her after 2 dates. I recently dated a guy that was clearly friends said so the whole time and I knew it too punching above his weight. It's not uncommon you see couples like this getting around. Regardless of your state when you met her she is reciprocating the conversations with you and went on 2 dates, she knows she is compromising but what she is looking for you may have.

I met with the genetic counselor. No body in the room knew my results.

Your First OB Ultrasound - Oakdale OBGYN

The counselor pulled out a sealed envelop and passed it to me.

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