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Subscriber Account active since. The question presented to the Court would have been the fairness of assessing class action costs, but the real fun was in the underlying facts. First, the serious. Now, the fun facts. She initiated a class action claiming the service had failed to provide suitable introductions to men and thus violated New Jersey consumer-protection laws. Kristina Peterson of Dow Jones Newswire has the full report. The dating service was ordered to create a database to identify class members and bear the costs of notifying the class.

I block her call after reading all of the customer feedback!

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Thank you so much for sharing so as to help others hang into their money and not be scammed. Posted by Jayne Kleinman on January 28, I did not sign a contract with It's Just Lunc.

I stupidly gave them my credit card info but said I had to read the contract before I would sign. I did not sign and said I would not sign. I use auto payment and received my year end statement for taxes. What would you recommend I do next? Posted by Chris on September 5, Just "cancelled" my service with this completely deceptive company. When asked about the 'magical promised refund' their reply was, "we don't do that".

Completely fraudulent company! Posted by Kelly on August 29, I am in Wisconsin, if there is anyone else in Wisconsin, please let me know.

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Wants to stay in Wisconsin. All deal breakers for me which I said on my phone interview. Huge deal breaker again which I said on my phone interview.

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I asked for no one less than 6', again, huge deal breaker which I said on my phone interview. I was placed on a payment plan. I had no time to read the contract, they were very persistent to get me to sign the form and email it back "right away so they could get me started on some dates". I was an emotional wreck after my last online dating experience so I acted on their persuasion of telling me "you are beautiful and you deserve better".

Keep in mind they hadn't even seen me, this was the initial phone call they made to me.

Together dating service lawsuit

I told them I could not afford their fees, they persuaded me again by offering me a discount. I still hesitated, they pushed harder and I caved. Within three days, I emailed and said I was reconsidering and not comfortable as I could not afford them. They persuaded me again by telling me "once you meet Mr. Right, the money won't even matter.

They could not get their money back.

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I questioned It's Just Lunch about each one of these dates and their response was "you are not supposed to talk about each others experiences as everyone is different. The continuously call for the money and ignore the dissatisfaction that I have received.

They do not even acknowledge it with the exception of the 5'5" guy date 3. They told me they thought he would be a good match because he was a sweetheart.

Oct 26,   Ripoff Report on: Together Dating Service - Together dating service is a complete scam please dont fall in their trap columbia maryland. X | CLOSE. Sac_County Iowa Prosecutor Ben Smith pays $, to settle Ripoff Report civil rights lawsuit. Federal Judge stops prosecutors abuse of power against ED Magedson Founder of Ripoff fatgirlnmotion.comon: Columbia, Maryland. May 30,   Together Dating Service Together Dating I will join anyone in a class action lawsuit against Together Dating Service Falls Church Virginia BBB Better Business Bureau: Together Dating Service Falls Church, Virginia. Together Dating Service - I was set up and then dumped on. I was set up and then dumped on with dates who where nothing like what I wanted to date. The first date I went on was with a man who was nice, but already had steady girlfriend. The second was with a .

I questioned them if they sent me on these dates that were not compatible because they needed to make it look like they were meeting their numbers.

They denied.


I can't help but wonder how many other women and single mom's they are scamming. They need to be stopped. In addition, their office seems to have a huge change over of employees. My matchmaker was the only one I wanted to work with, when I went for in the in person interview, they told me she no longer worked for the company and left that very day!

Posted by Katonna Snooks on August 13, Complete total rip offmisrepresentation and pathetic customer service. I just called this morning. I wish I knew of this lawsuit prior to their BS sales pitch. If anyone is taking action against themcount me in. I am beyond disgusted and enraged. This is NOT okay.

Posted by Gabrielle McCrae on July 6, IJL in Texas. Is a rip-offa company that should be closed. It's all fraud, their advertisement. And sweet talk. The lady Salina, who gets you hooked : is a trained Sales person, could care less about people.

All she needs is to fill her quarter for the month. When I saw that I should have asked my money back right and then. I asked upfront if they have a data base for age group Oh yes, was the reply. Also asked upfront only interested in highly educated men. My profile shows great travel experience and education. All this is ignored.!!!!!

They have no data base for the elder generation. The restaurant was terrible. The second date: A Person Way below my standard, could hardly walk, looked like he was going to a high school football game.

Told me right away, the bill will be split according to IJL rules. Should have not even waisted my 2 hrs. The restaurant was the worst place. We decided to go to another one. I still ask myself, why did I even bother.

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It I guess I'm a classy Lady. I also know he did not pay any sign Up fees. I sent another emailof course no answer. Any telephone calls will never be returned. If you have good looks, dressed well, great education, outgoing personality you can find many nice gentleman for dates, going on trips and have fun, without spending your own money.

Posted by Marjorie Bertram on April 26, I have had only 2 dates I asked for money back and they said "that is not an option, we will give you 2 more dates" What a joke and ripoff. If anyone plans to take action in Florida, let me know.

I tried and tried to cancel the contract buy they didn't return my call until day 4 and then said it was too late to honor the refund.

Very rude customer service and communication. Posted by Teresa on November 9, I have had only 2 dates and my 6 months are about to expire. I asked for money back and they said "that is not an option, we will give you 2 more dates" What a joke and ripoff.

If anyone plans to take action in Cincinnati, let me know. Posted by Mark on October 5, Guys, they are trying to get me to sign a contract today actually. What should I ask them?

Should I tell them I want a lawyer to review the proposed agreement they sent me already? Contact me pls, and refer me to anyone. Posted by Wendy on August 1, It's not lunch is what it should be called. I so regret doing this. The dating director Mike was useless and now I've asked for a manager, Pilar.

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Just as bad. My profile was not accurate and the 2 profiles I've had presented to me were not even a close match.

It's a rip off, and if anyone in California is interested, I am looking into lawsuit. The company is fraudulent and needs to be stopped. They advertise on TV and radio, which we are paying for.

Posted by Katherine on July 29, Never got the last date bc account was put on hold due to no activity in my area and dissatisfaction with my service.

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How is that a person I could potentially call a love interest when my goal is marriage? He was a smoker too which was my top "deal breaker" 2nd date: 11 yrs older than me, different generation - told them I prefer no older than years and that's pushing it!

Needless to say a second date didn't happen 3rd date: Worst date of my life and really scary. This man told me he didn't pay a dime for the service and that he was on disability for his mental disorders - panic disorder, ADHD, congnitive delays!!!

He didn't even have a job and asked me to pay for my own dinner. He later blew up my phone with name calling and cuss words because I said I had no interest in talking to him or seeing him again. Customer service was aweful - very poor communication after they got my money. They are not interested in sending people on great dates. They are interested in sending you on any date so they can say they have fulfilled their promise.

There were long periods of time between each presented "match". It was so bad I started crying and was afraid after the last date to trust them with another. They refused to give me any money back. They told so many lies to have me sign up. Hope this can help someone, don't want others to get into the mess I did.

Posted by April Andrews on June 27, Posted by Savannah on June 24, Does anyone have an ate on the class action lawsuit? I have not heard back from them since June of Posted by Shawn on June 13, This comment is for Charlie.

Im in Toronto and would gladly join in a lawsuit against IJL with you.

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Im not going to explain my experience because theres no need for more redundancies. Posted by maggy on May 10, It was a big rip off ,I wish I had done a little bit research about them before sign. Rating Details 9 rated reviews.

The dating service will connect you with your Mr. and Mrs. Right, wherever you live! Search by age, location or your personal preferences, and our advanced search system will find only those local singles who are compatible with you! Discover the magic way to meet someone truly special. Date simply on the go!Missing: lawsuit. Liebevolles Herz Together Dating Service Lawsuit sucht romantischen Mann. Ich suche einen Partner der Treu, romantisch und Humor hat. Er sollte zwischen 38 bis 48 sein. Ich bin 40 Jahre. Ich komme aus dem Landkreis Regensburg, deshalb ware es schon, wenn er auch aus diesem. Jan 18,   Santa Clara, CA: A preliminary $ million settlement has been reached a consumer fraud class action of filed by plaintiffs against the dating site It' Just Lunch International Inc. According to the lawsuit, the site' customers claimed they were overcharged for allegedly personalized matchmaking services while disregarding daters' stated preferences such as age, employment and marital status, .

View all criteria. Rating Details Value for money. Price Affordability. Customer service.

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Privacy and Data Security. Billing Practices. Product or Service Quality. Diversity of Products or Services. Additional Fees. Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Mailing Address:. Columbia, Maryland View full Together Dating Service overview. Reviews Show reviews that mention. Filter review. May 11, Ousman. Together Dating Service - I was matched with a liar and thief by one. I paid Together of Louisville, KY a lot of money for matches and after just 3 matches they went out of business and took my money with them.

They left no information to contact them, they just closed the doors and that was that. The last match I was with turned out to be a liar and a thief and took my life savings. It turns out that the match and Together are both liars and thief's.

My first match refused to even meet me[? The second match was not even close to having any thing in common with me. View full review. Comment Helpful 0 Not helpful 2. Location Louisville, Kentucky. Share Share Tweet. Mar 27, Huber. Together Dating Service - Horrible experience with Together.

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I am a highly educated professional woman looking for an educated, well-traveled man. Together matched me with a dinner date who showed up in a threadbare tee shirt and battered pick-up.

He said he never traveled and was rude during the whole date.

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The second was a man who said he couldn't keep a date because his mother wouldn't like him to see a woman with dogs. Another man refused to pay a tip because the management of the restaurant was supposed to pay the employees there.

It went downhill from here. Together put my account on hold, then said they would suspend me for not providing feedback about my fabulous dates. I don't believe these men were screened at all, and that any breathing male over 50 was assigned to me. I inadvertently started dating another Together client who was NOT college degreed and he had been matched with professional women a doctor, for example.

This is a predatory outfit who defrauded me of my money. Comment Helpful 1 Not helpful 1. Location Austin, Texas. Product Together Dating Service Account. Jun 19, Donotusetogether.

Take time to read all the bad press on together. Unfortunately, I took out a contract when they were new and not much info existed.

I have been extremely unhappy with Together Dating Service. They pressured with desperation tactics in an uncomfortable setting. I recently received my final match from the site and I am going around telling everyone that this is the biggest waste of hard-money. It is a scam, and they try to sell you on these romantic pictures on an album that. The litigation began when DTD - also known as Together Dating Service - sued Wells for non-payment.  She initiated a class action claiming the service had failed to provide suitable. Together Dating Service Lawsuit, dating sites in lakeland fl, critique film une rencontre sophie marceau, georgina sachsgate dating in the dark service de rencontre.

Comment Helpful 2 Not helpful 1. Location Washington, District Of Columbia. Problem solved!

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Here at Together. Join the fun and meet more matches with ease! Meet up with matching people using our handy communications features! Enjoy and find a like-minded mate in no time.

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The Together. Right, wherever you live! Search by age, location or your personal preferences, and our advanced search system will find only those local singles who are compatible with you!

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