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On January 29th, a number of media establishments reported that Tiffany and GRAY have been enjoying a beautiful relationship for the past three months. According to the initial reports, the two artists first met while working on their respective solo album releases, specifically with Tiffany working with Cha Cha Malone and other AOMG affiliated producers while preparing for her solo album. As the meetings continued, the two eventually grew naturally close and became even closer with their music. However, as the reports were published, SM Entertainment were quick to release a statement and denied the rumours. The agency stated that Tiffany and GRAY are simply close, defending Tiffany from previous reports that due to her easygoing personality and her American upbringing, the singer remains openminded when it comes to skinship. The statement refuted previous insider statements that the couple looked like any ordinary couple in their twenties who are not conscious of their affections in public.

Please check back soon for ates. Tiffany was born in the s. The s were an era of economic struggle, cultural change, and technological innovation. The Seventies saw many women's rights, gay rights, and environmental movements.

People born in the Year of the Horse are seen as warm-hearted and easygoing.

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Independence is one of their greatest strengths, but sometimes they're overly frank with others. Discover the net worth of Tiffany Gray on CelebsMoney.

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Fact Check : We strive for accuracy and fairness. This page is ated often with new details about Tiffany Gray. Bookmark this page and come back for ates.

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Jul 07,   Rumors of Girls' Generation 's Tiffany and rapper GRAY dating have resurfaced once again. On July 7, insiders told media outlets the alleged couple started dating in . Jan 23,   Jan 23, Actress Tiffany Haddish has decided to try something new - she's dating an older White man. Tiffany was spotted leaving a romantic dinner in Los Angeles with her grey haired bae, and the two slipped into a waiting car. The beautiful actress is part of a growing trend among Black woman, who choose to date White men. Jan 30,   Rumor has it that Tiffany is dating Korean rapper GRAY. Many Korean news outlets, like Sports Seoul and DT, have reported on said rumors, but what is the truth? Multiples representatives in the music industry claim that Tiffany and Gray have been growing in a romantic relationship together over the past three Jan Omega.

Log into your account. Privacy Policy. On this SM Entertainment had only "we only know that they are friends" to say in the usual cautious manner.

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At best they have been dating for 3 years. Yeah it's just their way of counting.

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Keep in mind that when celebrities are busy and dating, a relationship can take longer to develop due to less time spent together. You might only get to see each other once a month, so a year into a relationship could be only 12 dates. Your comment made me remember this mastahpeece. Tiffany and Taeyeon are on great terms with all the AOMG guys but there's just no way they'd actually confirm any dating news before a comeback while there are no pictures.

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If they are dating they'll come out with it in a few months. I think after most sones that aren't TaeNy shippers don't really care about dating news anyway.

SNSD member Tiffany and rapper Gray have been dating for 3 years. According to majority of related parties on the 7th (today), "The truth regarding Tiffany and Gray is something all rappers know," followed by "They are both very much in love with each other and have been showing a good couple image". SM Entertainment has issued a statement following reports that Girls' Generation's Tiffany is dating AOMG rapper and producer, GRAY. On January 29th, a number of media establishments reported that Tiffany and GRAY have been enjoying a beautiful relationship for the past three months. According to the initial reports, the two artists first met while working [ ]. Jan 29,   According to the entertainment press, Daily Sports, Tiffany, of Girls' Generation, and competitive hip-hop artist Gray have been dating out for three months. One of their acquaintances revealed that those two stars do not seem to care about the surroundings, but express their love to .

Question: Are these 'TaeNy shippers' serious? Like do they actually believe that Taeng and Fany have something going on? Cos that'd be a whole new level of delusion.

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Most of them probably aren't but they still prefer them to remain single just to keep their weird fantasies going. It's ugly.

The delusion around Taeyeon is even worse since many truthfully believe she's gay and love to misgender her. Whenever she does something "straight" you see these types of comments.

Tiffany grey dating

I like Taeny but I thought it is because they are best friends lol. I'm a mild form of a TaeNy shipper.

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I'm assuming that most of what I've seen can be chalked up to just a close friendship and different customs that I'm used to. I mostly just want it to be true, and would be delighted if I found out it was.

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News like this doesn't bother me, though. Whoever they end up with, I want them to be happy. Age in Korea is a bit different.

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I'm 2 years 'older' in Korea than in my home country. They'll announce engagement not long within 2 years after this one final proper comeback as group in a while not disbanding More like Jung Kyungho waiting for Sooyoung, haha. That man has been a masterclass in how he's respected Sooyoung's career by how cautious he has been for the past years.

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Only recently have we seen him being relatively open about their relationship which i take to be sign of things to come. Makes me happy for Sooyoung but at the same time worry about GG's future as a group if she decides to move on from idol life. Pls dont disband before i get to see SNSD live. Fans were never against him or them as a couple but they used to be pretty annoyed at him for seemingly not respecting her wish to keep things quiet.

Cautious here is quite relative i agree.

Jul 07,   According to the report, Tiffany and Gray have been dating since around the end of They met when Tiffany visited AOMG to meet with producer Cha Cha Malone regarding her solo album. AOMG and.

I find his comments on air and online about her from before the past year or so to be incredibly tame and often worded carefully.

Since Sooyoung opened up, he's also more noticeably relaxed when asked about her. I saw snsd live before jessica left-it was literally the last concert they did as 9, if I remember correctly. I am so thankful I shelled out over bucks for tickets!! Aw cute! I remember thinking it made a lot of sense when the rumours first came out, but they were quickly denied and forgotten about.

Tiffany from Girls’ Generation allegedly dating rapper Gray

That "The truth regarding Tiffany and Gray is something all rappers know," line made me chuckle, I'm surprised they were able to mostly keep things away from the news, but happy for them. Hope it relieves them of doing stuff like catching separate flights to the same destination. It made me chuckle as well. Seoul is a very small world. The connections across celebrities, non-celebrities, and people from all sorts of disciplines and walks of life isn't surprising in Seoul given how small a world it is.

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Gotta keep the TaeNy shippers happy over the course of the 10th anniversary actually even they reacted fairly well to this, I'm surprised. It seems like they're dating prettily and with no shame.

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Their relationship is widely known among the rappers, to tell the truth. GRAY's side stated, " We are in the midst of confirming whether this is true. Because Tiffany came here after living in the United States and has an easygoing personality, she is not hesitant when it comes to skin ship.

Interested in who is listed in my TGirl Directory so far? Below is an alphabetical listing by first name. If you want to be considered, just email me with a link to whatever your web presence is (does not have to be your own website). Feb 04,   Tiffany Gray is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Tiffany had at least 1 relationship in the past. Tiffany Gray has not been previously fatgirlnmotion.comality: American. Jan 28,   Girls' Generation 's Tiffany is in a new relationship?! According to a new report on January 29 in Korean time, the famous idol (27) is in a new relationship with .

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