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The show consists of 12 contestants divided into two groups usually four males and eight females, but sometimes vice versa. In between segments, Maximiliano Palacio offers love and relationship advice to the contestants. As the show is aimed at women, the host is most exaggeratedly on the female contestants' side. She often mocks the men, baits them to make them look dumb, and praises the ladies when they ridicule them. The true object of this, however, is to find the most suitable man and make him appear, for if any of the male contestants are mature, they will prove so by not resorting to petty insults.

12 Corazones??: Women In Power Special! - Full Episode - Telemundo English

Yet the network mustered only 25 percent of the bilingual prime-time audience, said Telemundo president and CEO Jim McNamarawhich means Univision and its sister network TeleFutura garnered the rest. Novelas are the name of the Spanish-language television game, and Univision's imported serials are the Cadillacs of the genre. Nevertheless, Telemundo is ramping up production of made-in-the-USA shows, including novelas and, yes, another reality show. This Cinderella has already been to the ball - she's an unwed mom.

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12 Corazones (Spanish pronunciation: [?dose ko?a?sones], 12 Hearts) is a Spanish-language dating game show produced in the United States for the television network Telemundo since January , based on its namesake Argentine TV show format The show is filmed in Los Angeles and revolves around the twelve Zodiac signs that identify each contestant. The show is hosted by Penelope Original network: Telemundo. Distribution arm Telemundo Internacional has inked a deal with Paris-based DTT channel NRJ 12 for the adaptation of "12 Corazones," Telemundo's popular dating show. Telemundo Internacional head. Lista completa de todos los programas, tv shows, novelas y series de Telemundo: capitulos completos gratis, fotos, videos y contenidos exclusivos de tus shows favoritos.

Latinas between the ages of 15 and 30 are single moms, she said. And that's not the only twist of La Cenicienta.

This will stir the emotions of Cinderella's family. The hope, of course, is that La Cenicienta will bring new viewers to Telemundo without offending them.

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Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 17 March Retrieved 16 June Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 28 August Archived from the original on May 17, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved 9 January Retrieved 1 December Retrieved 5 April Retrieved 4 June Telemundo programming current and upcoming.

After this is finished, the first group is taken out of the room and the second group decide to eliminate one of their contestants.

The Chica Show (-) Nina's World (-) Maya the Bee Dragon Tales (September 13, September 10, ) Nubeluz (September 15, -September 14, ) Plaza Sesamo (September 14, September 4, ) Jackie Chan Adventures (September 11, September 10, ) Programming blocks. Telemundo Infantil . Jul 28,   Telemundo received more protest than viewers for airing that dating series because of its strong sexual content. La Cenicienta will run 6 p.m. weeknights for six weeks on Channel

On the second segment, a chosen male or female from the main group is eliminated. Soon afterward, the male or female suitors are introduced identified by their astrological sign, hometown and occupation; though this portion sometimes is not include the host then chooses a contestant of each group to interact in a closer way, for example dancing, kissing, etc.

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To decide what kind of interaction will take place, the host uses some sort of game like a " roulette of kisses", or two special dice. This is followed by a second roundtable of discussion.

Then, each of the male contestants eliminates a female contestant of the other group. This leaves only three contestants in the main group and five contestants on the group of suitors. For the final segment, the host picks a contestant of the second group who is supposed to pick their heart among the male or female contestants.

The contestant chosen has the option to accept or reject. The rules of the show allow the contestant of the second group to pick their heart among the contestants from the first group who have already chosen another person from the second group an example occurred in an episode originally broadcast on January 20,in which the same male contestant was chosen by each of the five remaining female suitors; the male contestant chose each of the females, effectively rejecting the previously chosen females in the process, also as per the rules of the show.

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Instances in which a person from the first group chooses the person from the second over the person they have already chosen do occur from time to time, but less commonly in episodes in which the first group consists of four females at the start of the show.

When the couples are chosen usually couples the audience votes for their favorite.

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