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This post came from someone who had lost his v-card to his summer school teacher. He said they became intimate after she wanted him to stay after class. He said that at the time, he was 17 and underage, and the teacher was in her twenties.

While the narrative involving teachers who have affairs at school always revolve around their students, there are times when teachers have affairs with each other.

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A post from a former high school student details an affair between two of her teachers that took a turn for the worst really fast. Turns out they were having a affair and the woman's husband found out. Apparently, to retaliate, the teachers husband created a website with all the nude photos that the male teacher had sent to her. To make matters worse, a mass e-mail about the website was sent to the faculty. Both of the teachers were fired. One poster drew attention to the strange way in which some people view the idea of female teachers sleeping with their younger, often underaged, male students.

In the post, he highlighted the top comments from a post about a female teacher who had become intimate with a 15 year-old student.

Teacher dating student reddit

The bottom line is, there is never an appropriate time to be intimate with someone who is underage, no matter what their gender is. Imagine meeting someone new and having to suddenly be confronted with their deepest, darkest secret. What would you do? For one person, the only solution they could think of was to ask people online about what he should do, when someone he was newly dating suddenly confided in him about having his first intimate encounter ever with a teacher when he was just 15 years-old.

It just goes to show that whether the consequences involve the law, or perhaps take a mental or emotional toll, relationships between students and teachers rarely work out for the better.

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Related Topics Mishaps. A couple of weeks after classes had restarted, I broke up with my girlfriend and went on a night out with my high school friends, so no one from Uni was there with me. It was Carnaval, so five days of parties.

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We hooked up again. And again. We ended up kissing only eachother during Carnval just to specify why this pont is so important: all my frinds kissed like 20 to 30 girls each. One week later I had classes with her. It was awesome. Everyone joked us because of our previous relationship, not having any idea that we were seeing eachother again.

That was in I graduated with honors, got a Masters degree and am now studying to get my PhD. TL;DR: Hooked up with a senior as a freshman. She graduated and became my professor. We hooked up again and got married.

I slept with my student once. I was her TA for organic chemistry. She was 21 and I was Not saying you don't have game, but I probably would have tried to sleep with you if you were in a position to grade my Organic Chemistry anything.

Why do victims of these types of crimes get blamed? How can someone seriously blame a year-old in a situation like this? People don't want to believe that the nice man they trusted could have done such an awful thing, so they rationalize it in other nonsensical ways.

We like to think that we'll know a monster when we see them, but the people who carry out these crimes are just like anyone else. It concerns me that this man is still teaching and in that sort of position of trust with other children.

Midway through the second paragraph I was shocked to find out you were 12 years old, not in 12th grade. My reading skills are bad. Thank you for taking the courage to tell this story. I'm so sorry that this happened but hopefully your story will help prevent it from occurring to others.

A big Internet hug to you. One of my classmates started dating a professor and he eventually got her pregnant. She graduated before revealing their relationship and marrying him but everyone knows it started during school.

I might add this isn't the first student the professor has fucked.

Teachers Reveal Crushes Students Had On Them - (r/AskReddit)

Yeah, this was only a year ago. The professor is a real womanizer though and being married hasn't stopped that.

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Wasn't my actual professor However, he was asked to do a workshop for our class he had past experience with sfx makeup and I was chosen as a volunteer to help him sculpt stuff. Went over to his place a few evenings, did the workshop, and a couple weeks later we were pretty much dating I was 22 at the time, so personally I don't consider it very taboo. Glad to have met him I dated my high school history teacher year after graduating high school.

We're still together 5 years later. It was awkward with my high school friends once we "came out. He's 10 years older than me, so we still have lots in common. I'd say the worst part is that going back to our hometown- still so many dirty looks. Wish they could just be happy for us! Ten years isn't that big of a deal and it started after you had graduated.

I'd pay no mind to the 'dirty looks'.

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My husband was my senior English teacher. He was young and cute and I had a crush on him, obviously. He came to my high school grad party and gave me a card with a nice note saying that maybe we could get together for lunch before I left for college. We did-that was 16 years ago, so obviously the rest is history. I dated my college professor in my last few weeks of the final semester, she was extremely timid, and shy, yet strangely attractive. I decided to ask her out after class one day to see what she would say, she told me its an imappropriate thing to ask a teacher in school, and that she would see me next week.

She emailed me later that evening from her personal email saying that she couldn't answer me properly at the time, but that she was down to go on a date. We went on a few dates, dinner, drinks, etc.

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However it did not last long as we were too incompatible on a personal level, opposite ends of the personality spectrum i guess. I broke it off after weeks, and she didn't take it well.

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Luckily for me i never saw her again, or had to have a piece of work graded by her. Although the way it ended did stop me from returning to the school to give a presentation about my dissertation to one of the classes, definitely did not want to risk that extremely awkward situation If it were me I'd almost see that as look at where I am without you.

Even though I don't believe that is what OP was trying to do. I don't know enough about your relationship, but I was in one once where when it ended it really hurt. I still don't even like seeing her pop up in my instagram "people you might like" kind of bad.

I can't say you shouldn't keep emailing him. If it's been 3 years and he hasn't answered, maybe you might want to consider letting him go. The sad truth is you will probably never have communication again and it might be hurting him a lot to see those emails.

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I'm the same as you. Very VERY long-term relationship and when it ended it was her idea to break off all communication. At the time I hated it so much but in retrospect it was the greatest thing that could have happened because like you every time I see her name pop-up I revert to feeling miserable.

Once one of the people decides to move on, move on. Especially so if one of the parties takes it horribly. I guess i do it because maybe if i send one more email that will be the email he decides to respond to?

If he does respond, then what? Would she leave her BF for him? I don't get what she hopes to accomplish. We had a very appropriate relationship at first. When my 20th birthday came that same semester, he got me a "Freakonomics" I was an economics major and that book really impressed me. It may also be that in 5, 10, 20 years you will view your relationship with him differently.

It sounds like he may have been your first real love? And that's okay. But some of the things you say about him, that he was extremely jealous and possessive and he wanted you to quit your job and be his wife If it were me, i wouldn't have any more contact with him. Even if you want to take this to your grave, maybe talk over the dynamics of your relationship with a professional, because I can tell from your narrative that you are still hurting. Anyway, good luck to you. You say the relationship started out very normal and appropriate, but a professor giving you his personal number, doing favors like that for you, giving you birthday presents, wanting to go out with you, etc.

Hell, for a while I had a key to one of my professor's houses even.

Granted, she was a single mother and I babysat her daughter two or three days a week, but still. I had a brief sexual relationship with a college professor while I was taking a course she taught we weren't ever dating, so this is the classic ask "Not an [X] but I was studying an engineering discipline in college and getting a minor in literature, and she taught one of the literature courses on offer at our university. Junior year I was 20 years old at the time I was in her course and the first few weeks nothing notable happened.

The week after we submitted our first essay she tapped me on the arm as I was leaving the class and asked me to stop by her office hours to discuss the essay I'd submitted. I dropped by her office later that day and she basically told me "This is one of the best essays I've ever read, I'd heard from colleague who also teaches literature courses which I had taken the previous year you were a strong writer but this was great, have you considered doing anything with writing?

We talked for a while about my aspirations related to writing, and then we talked about writing in general and some of the things we liked about books unrelated to the curriculum we had both read. Since I was in engineering I actually didn't have many people to discuss literature with so I stopped by her office a few more times over the next couple of weeks to just shoot the shit with her. I'm not going to lie, she was not a bad looking lady, but I hadn't really been thinking about her that way she was in her early 40s, which is much older than I normally go foruntil one day we were in her office well past the end of her office hours and she told me she had to go home to feed her dog, and asked if I'd like to join her.

That was forward enough that I got the hint and accepted her offer. You can fill in the blanks about what happened from there. For the rest of the semester I'd go over to her house once or twice a week a little ways off of campus and we'd drink wine, talk about books, politics, ethics, all that high-strung cerebral shit that you pay attention to when you are deep in the world of academia, and then we'd bang for a while.

After the semester ended I went off to work an internship, and when I came back the next year I stopped by her office to talk every now and then, but never re-engaged romantically with her. We had a lot in common, a different time and different circumstances and I think we might have had a future, but not that way - I had a life to build, she was already living hers.

The one thing that I never really considered at the time was the idea that our relationship might be improper. I was going to ace the course anyway - it wasn't an upper level course or anything with a really high bar for composition, just a few solid papers and good attendance was enough to net you an A, but I could see how we might have needed to be a little cloak and dagger about the whole thing I am not the type of person to talk about this sort of thing in-real-life, only blast it out over the internet while I'm semi-anonymous.

She was nine years older: petite, delicate, long straight black hair, pale translucent skin. She was lonely and felt vulnerable at the mostly-male school. I was obsessed with her and it turned out the feeling was mutual, but we kept the physical dimension at bay until graduation night, when she pulled me out of a party and into the darkness outside and said she couldn't stop wondering what it would be like to kiss me.

Off we went. When the clothes came off it was just transcendent. We dated for two years. Unbelievable sex. It wound down because she was very wrapped up in an obscure academic career and the lives and fates of fringe 18th century poets, and pretty much expected me to share her sensibilities I was We parted as friends, more or less, but did not stay in touch.

I know she went on to be a lit professor at a prestigious university, married another academic, and had a couple of very highfalutin books published.

My mom married her college professor (my dad). They're 12 years apart, didn't start dating until she was no longer his student, and remained incredibly happily married for 42 years until she died. Not a . This happened to my best friend in high school. During the middle of her senior year of high school, she started dating one of our teachers on the DL, except it wasn't very secretive and pretty much most of our class knew. The principal turned a blind eye to it and pretended it wasn't happening despite several student complaints. My Mom is a teacher. She was single and the student's Dad was too, so it wasn't like they broke up marriages. They ended up getting married a couple years later and I got a pair of step siblings. Then he proceeded to sexual abuse every girl in the house, his own daughter included. But that is probably unrelated to my Mother being a teacher.

Student-teacher sex is always characterized these days as damaging and borderline assault, abusive to the student, etc.

But I can tell you this relationship was one of the best things that ever happened to me, in bed or out. I was unbelievably lucky. My friend wouldn't date her teacher, he was married. Even though his wife was down with it, my friend constantly had to turn him down.

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They became "friends" and she went to hang out with him and his wife one night. After one drink she noticed that she was waaaay drunker than she should be She left immediately and came home to talk to me, her house mate My EX Had been roofied two times in Ottawa, so my experience told me that she was probably dosed with something and that it was very good that she left at the first sign of trouble.

I feel sorry for you, having to put up with this kind of crap. What's worse is that his wife was in on it, helping him take advantage of a student.

He now has a son I really hope he does things right and teaches his son to be better than himself. I don't know if I would call it dating, but we became friends and then it got weird. He was my summer class professor. The class he was teaching was all about radio and how it changed communication.

I was the only one in the class who grew up listening to the radio apparently, so we had a lot of things to talk about. Then he got super drunk one night and cried and said that he feels closer to me than most of the other people in his life. I hugged him and he tried to turn the hug into something more, but I gently let him know that this was not a good idea. He was a little hurt, but we got over it.

Now he's a friend I talk to every now and then, but I will always love our weird and awkward friendship. When I was a sophomore in high school I started hooking up with my early twenties substitute teacher. It was a weird time in my life and at that point a huge fantasy of mine, as it might be for other teenage boys. It started in my algebra class. I was the resident class clown, and talked a shit load for no reason other than interrupting the flow of class.

She was really hot, and my friends and I were discussing her features when I decided it was a good idea to strike up a conversation with her.

This was mostly to impress my friends and I didn't consider that she would react to my hitting on her. I think I asked her if she wanted to get a burrito for lunch one day and she responded with "Talk to me after class. Fast forward a couple weeks. She is still subbing my class and we have hung out a couple of times.

Hikes and food and the like. Frankly I was astounded by these turn of events and was in somewhat of a confused stupor. I didn't really pick up on her advances until my birthday, when she invited me to her house and gave me an eighth of purple and a vibrating cock ring. She said we should use it sometime. I was freaking out inside but trying to act like Cary Grant or something. She informed that her biggest fantasy was to have a student go down on her while she wore her teaching clothes.

I obliged in a very clumsy manner to say the least. I stupidly broke up with my girlfriend of a year and began to invest time into this odd situation. She was a Diablo Cody sort of character. She was a stripper on the side and had several sugar daddies that would take her on vacation but she would not allow them to touch her.

I would see her downtown with these dudes and have to pretend like I didn't know her. She introduced me to Arrested Development, Mr. Show and other comedic stuff that shaped my interests nowadays. She wanted to write about her experiences and I agreed that it would make a good story, like I'm doing now I guess. Oh she also had a sex swing. My mom caught wind of this and eventually got her teaching credentials stripped.

She didn't get in any legal trouble but definitely stopped talking to me. Questions along the lines of "was I raped? Tasteless or disturbing questions regarding loli, pedophilia, murder, violence or other sketchy or disgusting subject matter are not welcome here.

Or is it one of those things where legally a teacher and a former student can date but is often stigmatized by people in daily life. 8 comments. share. save hide report. 85Upvoted. I fear this is a really stupid question for someone who's been on for a pretty long time. k. comments. share. save hide report. k. Like students belong to a completely different species. I suppose I might compare it to how you feel about a pet that you become very close to. You might feel that you are in love with your pet, that it is physically beautiful, but that doesn't mean you're interested in having a. err. physical relationship with it. The oldest offender on this list, 40 year old substitute teacher Lisa Robyn Marinelli was caught having sex with a student when the student walked out of her car, zipping his pants up. She gave the boy a pair of her underwear as a gift. She first started being interested in the boy when her 15 year old daughter started dating him.

You are welcome to ask good faith questions about such topics but be aware such threads may be locked or removed if necessary to preserve the integrity of the sub. Other questions not asked in good faith - such as putting a rant or hate towards any group in the form of a question.

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Any questions we suspect of being leading questions or asked merely to promote an agenda or sealioning will be removed. Are teachers allowed to date former students? Or is it one of those things where legally a teacher and a former student can date but is often stigmatized by people in daily life. It's generally allowed, but frowned upon. And if people uncover evidence that the relationship started when they were still student and teacher, the teacher will probably be fired.

As a teacher, I interact with my students as if they were my own children, so this scenario is seriously creepy for me.

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Well I see this more plausible if it was a college professor and a former student. Maybe high school. I'm in my mid-forties and my own kids in their teens - and I'm close to my Professor promotion.

In the UK here. Dated my college tutor after I finished uni so about years after leaving college. Most UK teachers have a time limit until some period has passed after their pupils have left.

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That's set up to prevent "grooming". Most child protection rules acknowledge that a person in some sort of authoritative position may have an undue influence.

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There was a case a couple of years ago where a female teacher had sex with a shool leaver a couple of weeks after he started university, ie at least 2 months after the end of the school year and he would have been They had also kissed at the leavers ball in the month after the end of term.

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