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This place came about ten years ago, when a few hobby matchmakers decided to meet, exchange photos, and set up dates for their acquaintances. Ten years later, the Shanghai matchmaking corner has its own name, and it is THE main event at this park on the weekends. During our recent trip to Shanghai, Bill and I decided to pay a visit and see for ourselves. We figured it would be an interesting and unusual story to share with all of you; plus, I had a picture of Sarah and a picture of Kaitlin tucked into my wallet. Finding the place is easy. The minute we stepped inside the park, we were surrounded by people, signs, and fanned out umbrellas lining the grounds along the pathways. I have to say, it was a little jarring for someone seeing it for the first time.

Besides, many parents list several requirements on which kind of mate they would like to choose for their children.

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For example, a special area is set for parents whose children have overseas study experience, so they have a greater chance to find an equal match for their children. Because if parents select a suitable and excellent mate for their children on Saturday, they can arrange the matched pair to date on Sunday. This reflects the contradiction: on one hand, most of the parents are anxious and desperate to find the mate for their children as early as possible, and any delay of an extra day would make it difficult for them to sleep or eat; on the other hand, they are also willing to spend a lot of time picking and choosing, listing all kinds of requirements, and are always looking for a better one.

How to Find A Husband (or Wife) In China's Public Parks

Answers App. More Things to Do. Those parents advertise their single children for marriage with posters showing personal information on the ground or umbrellas.

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The primary goal of attending the Shanghai marriage market is for parents to find a suitable partner for their child. The standards of finding the right match may be based upon but not limited to age, [1] height, [1] job, [1] income, education, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, [1] and personality.

Walk into the famous People's Park in People's Square (on Metro Line 2) - the heart of Shanghai City - on any weekend between 12 pm and 5 pm, and you will see something strange - a huge gathering of people which is the bustling Marriage fatgirlnmotion.com: Anusuya Mitra. Oct 23,   Matchmaking Market at People's Square Park. The marriage market is huge in China. Other than online dating sites like fatgirlnmotion.com (???), fatgirlnmotion.com (???????), and fatgirlnmotion.com (???); there are also many variety shows on television that allow singles to handpick their dating partners on their own, or women even let their mothers handpick for them. For a look at good 'ol . Neatly laid-out sheets of paper displaying information about young singles in People's Park, Shanghai's top matchmaking haunt. Photos by Yong Kai / For China Daily Shanghai's middle-aged parents are flocking to People's Park at the weekends to advertise information of their grown sons and daughters in hopes of finding them a life partner.

All of this information is written on a piece of paper, which is then hung upon long strings among other parents' advertisements for their children. Many parents do not have permission from their child to go to this event.

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China's long idealized tradition of continuing their family lineage is very important within Chinese culture. The University of Kent predicts that by the year24 million men will be unmarried and unable to find a wife. The marriage market at People's Square has existed since Recently, well-educated women in China with established careers are in less of a hurry to get married.

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Now more women seek to find a responsible man with personal integrity instead of just a high paying job. The two workers on it look serious and solemn, which shows the bravery and determination of Chinese workers.

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With a height of 5 meters 5. The Antarctic Stone is in the middle area of the park. It was erected in the park on February 2nd, With a height of 1.

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Situated on the axis of the park, it is the first art gallery that concentrates on contemporary art and design.

A series of large-scale art exhibitions has been held, and the museum attracts many visitors. Lotus flowers are planted in the east pool while gold fish are raised in the west pool.

To the east of the pond are the exuberant dawn redwoods and to the west stands a square pavilion. A winding corridor and a rectangular waterside pavilion are to the south of the pond.

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An octagonal bamboo pavilion stands on the northeast of the bridge which arches in the middle of the pond. There is a fascinating lotus show in the lotus pond during summer. Tourists can come and enjoy the beautiful lotus flowers.

Generally speaking, the age of those unmarried children in the Shanghai Marriage Market in People's Park averagely ranges from 26 to According to the figure investigated by some parents, the number of unmarried females is greater than that of male, and the sex ratio is about So, excellent males are pretty popular in the Marriage Market. Aug 04,   Gucheng Park; People's Square; Shanghai Expo Park; For a more adult date during the day you could check out spots like: Shanghai Museum; Urban Planning Exhibition Hall; Jade Buddha Temple; Longhua Temple; If you are looking for more cities to try and get laid in . Jul 15,   I can't remember when and how I came to know about the Matchmaking Corner (?????????) in Shanghai's People's Park. This place came about ten years ago, when a few hobby matchmakers decided to meet, exchange photos, and set up dates for their acquaintances.

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