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Some info on her source. Some speculated that the company leaked the scoop. If they're dating, then I'm happy for him, date happily. I'm happy for him. If it's true than congratulations to him. I wholeheartedly agree! Date Happily, Sho!

Some info on her source. Some speculated that the company leaked the scoop. If they're dating, then I'm happy for him, date happily.

I'm happy for him.

[ENG SUB] SAKURAI SHO - The Rule Breaker

If it's true than congratulations to him. I wholeheartedly agree! Date Happily, Sho! Shunkan will release 5 more pictures tomorrow. One will be a shot of them on her veranda which tbh, is too much invasion of their privacy Hopefully all this attention won't backfire. I'm expecting Ariyoshi to grill him in Yakai.

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Praying for this to be real, lasting and smooth sailing. The fandom has its share of nosy detectives. As the two programs overlap for 10 minutes in the hour, Sakurai and Ogawa are considered "rivals", but it seems they have cultivated romantic feelings for each other in their private time. According to reports, the two met through a mutual acquaintance and have been dating for about a year.

People who know the couple have noticed recent changes in the two. People who know Sakurai said, " He originally has a refreshing personality, but in the past year, he has calmed down. Sakurai is an alumni of the prestigious Keio University, and his father is the former vice minister of internal affairs and communication.

On the other hand, Ogawa's father is the consultant for Keio University Hospital.

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It seems they can relate to each other in not only their work as newscasters, but also in their family environment. Some persons concerned with the couple stated, " They are able to respect each other.

Jul 06,   Sakurai leaves long time affair. Not only seems he get the "dating approval" from Johnny 's office, Arashi, Sakurai Sho and TV Asahi annuncer Ogawa Ayaka who are popping out to rumors of "shotgun marriage" as soon as possible. Both sides are silent on this matter, but the relationship between Sakurai and "a certain general woman" is being dealt with behind it. SAKURAI SHO yes, well believe it or not, KEIO BOY has had a relationship omg pwoah:O yeaaaaaaa but his choice in girls are pretttty good and um probably so that his smart family wont have shame! NAWWWWWWWWWWWWW. - Kato Ai - Kobayashi Mao - CEO woman - Mizukawa Asami. Jun 04,   Sakurai Sho "Bifurcated Love" Live with my favorite and shares a room with a model. Sakurai Sho (38) was reported having a premarital trip with his favorite girlfriend Ako san on January by Bunshun and a month later on February 16, Bunshun was reported that Sakurai had been playing with another woman. -.

There is a possibility that they may get married right away. However, Nagase intention to leave may be stronger than they expected, and it may be out of control.

Event personnel. Japan has been regaining its former daily life after the declaration of emergency by Corona Era was lifted. It seems there are no members in the studio yet. Regarding to the future, members are consulting at remote conference. However, leader Satoshi Ohno 39 seems reluctant to extend. He has been painting and drawing friends at home. While spending more time than ever before, Ohno seems to think seriously about the future, but Ohno says he has no idea to extend the rest of his activities.

Apr 26,   [Rumor - ated!] Sakurai Sho is dating Ogawa Ayaka, TV Asahi newscaster. By zekkochochou, February 25, in Celebrity News & Gossip. rumor; sho sakurai; arashi; sakurai sho. There's also marriage talks between Sho Sakurai and his rumored girlfriend Ayaka Ogawa, who works for TV Asahi as a newscaster. However, last month there was rumors that Sakurai broke things off with Ogawa, and is now dating a much younger college student. It's been reported that Arashi member Sakurai Sho (35) and announcer Ogawa Ayaka (32) are in a romantic relationship. This was reported on the February 27th issue of 'Gekkan Post' and they have even published several photos of the couple. This is Sakurai's first romance, and his agency did not deny the reports saying "She is one of his close friends.

On June 16, Arashi appeared in an online distribution live. In addition, Ohno has a plan to live relaxedly on the southern island from next year, and he said in January last year, "I do not know when to resume activities. It is said some plans are moving below the surface in order to resume Arashi activities three years later. They are planning to convey their gratitude to the fans again. Who is showing a positive attitude to reassemble, It is none other than Ohno.

It is said Ohno is offer to the members various plans for events that will please the fans into three years.

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At present, it is quite difficult to do a new large-scale tour within the year. Therefore, it is said that there are plans to hold a tour and a live at the National Stadium again at the 25th anniversary event. Matsumoto Jun 36who is in charge of live production, is already thinking about some production plans. Originally posted by mirokuuu.

Sakurai Sho Reported to be Dating with Ogawa Ayaka I'm sure that many of you have heard about this news. Sakurai Sho reported to be dating with a news announcer, Ogawa Ayaka, who is 3 years younger than him. They both have a great background, so I think they perfect for each other. On the December 18 episode of Sakurai Sho's variety program "Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai" there was an advertisement that announced that Horikita Maki would be appearing on the show. Horikita will star in next year's drama "Masshiro" so it seems that she will appear on . Sho Sakurai was allegedly spotted recently at Shinjuku 2-chome's gay bar, leading to speculation that he's bisexual. "I think he liked the bar which a gay friend showed him and he seems to be frequenting that place, sometimes alone, just to drink. But I don't think he's bisexual.

Tabloids said Sakurai Sho 38 wants to be a full time newscaster during Arashi hiatus period. Originally posted by ninotrash. Arashi said that they took into consideration the influence of demonstrations in United States, but for fans are pros and cons. Arashi is a world-class superstar. I wonder, "Is Arashi looking at American fans rather than Japanese fans?

Is the world so important?

Sakurai sho dating rumors

Fan pointed out the layout are quite similar, the walls, black sofas, and lighting was similar. After looking around Sato continued talking as if nothing had happened.

In the other hand when in january Domoto was alleged to dating with Umeda Ayaka, Domoto himself denied this allegations on his radio program. However, the common points of both are incidental levels, and there are no pictures of the two being together or living together.

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Originally posted by je-anniversaries-blog. NOTE: Looks a fake gossip? Such a weird fans! Suspected of brainwashing has surfaced in Ninomiya. However, Ninomiya refused to listen to the people around him. Ninomiya struggled with the discussion, and once Ninomiya was isolated in the group, he was pushed to the point of giving up on the concert.

And after that the surroundings were beginning to feel the disturbing atmosphere. Why did Ninomiya change his behaviour? A increased their fortune-telling and spiritual behavior. It is said that he was consulting with Madam on a timely basis. Julie admitted to marrying during discussions, but the opinions were largely divided regarding the timing. According to Mr. After being married, Mr. Sometimes he complained to Ninomiya.

I can guess the family structure and romantic history of the consultant without prior knowledge, and also about work and marriage. We have a large number of customers in the business world, entertainment industry, and politicians in order to give accurate instructions.

In the Bunshun article, in the middle of April, there was a picture of Nino packing food ingredients such as green onions and tofu in a shopping cart at a supermarket in Shibuya Ward.

Will it be allowed? There are many entertainers who have been paralyzed by psychics and fortune-tellers and messed up their lives.

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