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The urban architecture of Palestine prior to was relatively sophisticated. While it belonged to greater geographical and cultural context of the Levant and the Arab worl it constituted a distinct tradition, "significantly different from the traditions of SyriaLebanon or Egypt.

The rich diversity and underlying unity of the architectural culture of this wider region stretching from the Balkans to North Africa was a function of the exchange fostered by the caravans of the trade routesand the extension of Ottoman rule over most of this area, beginning in the early 16th century through until the end of World War I.

Palestinian athletes have competed at every Olympic Games since the Summer Olympics.

The Palestinian Olympic committee did not work with the Israeli Olympic committee to train for the Olympic games[21] and participation in the Mediterranean Games.

The Turmus Aya Equestrian Clubestablished inis a riding club dedicated to the mission of providing affordable access to horses for Palestinians. Ashraf Rabi, the founder, maintains that "this is part of the development of Palestine. Horses are a big part of our Arab culture and we must embrace it.

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Similar to the structure of Palestinian society, the Palestinian field of arts extends over four main geographic centers: [24].

Contemporary Palestinian art finds its roots in folk art and traditional Christian and Islamic painting. After the Palestinian exodusnationalistic themes have predominated as Palestinian artists use diverse media to express and explore their connection to identity and land.

Palestine's history of rule by many different empires is reflected in Palestinian cuisine, which has benefited from various cultural contributions and exchanges.

Generally speaking, modern Palestinian dishes have been influenced by the rule of three major Islamic groups: the Arabs, the Persian -influenced Arabs, and the Turks.

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The cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, which incorporated Palestine as one of its provinces between an was partially made up of what had become by then a rich Arab cuisine. After the Crimean Warmany foreign communities namely the BosniansGreeksFrench and Italians began settling in the area; Jerusalem, Jaffa and Bethlehem were the most popular destinations for these groups.

The cuisine of these communities, particularly those of the Balkanscontributed to the character of Palestinian cuisine. Palestinian cuisine is divided into three regional groups: the Galilee, West Bank and Gaza area.

Cuisine in the Galilee region shares much in common with Lebanese cuisine, due to extensive communication between the two regions before the establishment of Israel. Galilee inhabitants specialize in producing a number of meals based on the combination of bulgurspices and meat, known as kibbee by Arabs.

Kibbee has several variations including it being served raw, fried or baked. It consists of a roasted chicken over a taboon bread that has been topped with pieces of fried sweet onions, sumacallspice and pine nutscooked and finished with a generous helping of olive oil.

The cuisine of the Gaza Strip is influenced both by neighboring Egypt and its location on the Mediterranean coast.

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The staple food for the majority of the inhabitants in the area is fish. Gaza has a major fishing industry and fish is often served either grilled or fried after being stuffed with cilantrogarlic, red peppers, cumin, and then marinated in a mix of corianderred peppers, cumin, and chopped lemons.

Derniere annee au Cours Florent (Ecole de theatre Palestine Dating Culture) La pour rencontrer du monde et pourquoi pas plus si une affinite se cree Homme aux cheveux chatains, aux cheveux mi . Jun 26,   Palestinian social customs and traditions are similar to those of other Arab countries and date back to when Palestine was a rural, agricultural society and life centered on the village and the farming calendar. There were a few small cities, like Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron and Gaza, that specialized in the production of goods.

There are several foods native to Palestine that are well known in the Arab world, such as, Kinafe NabulsiNabulsi cheese cheese of NablusAckawi cheese cheese of AcreRumaniyya from JaffaSumaghiyyeh a stew from Gaza and Musakhan. Kinafe originated in Nablus, as well as the sweetened Nabulsi cheese used to fill it.

Baqlawaa pastry introduced at the time of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificentis also an integral part of Palestinian cuisine. Chick-pea based falafel, which substituted for the fava beans used in the original Egyptian recipe, and added Indian peppers, introduced after the Mongol invasions opened new trade routes, are a favorite staple in Mediterranean cuisine. Mahashi is an assortment of stuffed vegetables such as zucchinis, potatoes, cabbage and, in Gaza, chard. Palestinian cinema is relatively young compared to Arab cinema overall and many Palestinian movies are made with European and Israeli support.

A wide variety of handicrafts, many of which have been produced by Palestinians for hundreds of years, continue to be produced today.

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Palestinian handicrafts include embroidery and weaving, pottery-making, soap-making, glass-making, and olive wood and Mother of Pearl carvings. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, Palestinian intellectuals were integral parts of wider Arab intellectual circles, as represented by individuals such as May Ziadeh and Khalil Beidas.

Educational levels among Palestinians have traditionally been high. In the s, the West Bank had a higher percentage of its adolescent 15 to 17 years of age population enrolled in high school than Israel; the West Bank had a Diaspora figures like Edward Said and Ghada KarmiArab citizens of Israel like Emile Habibiand Jordanians like Ibrahim Nasrallah [40] have made contributions to a wide number of fields, exemplifying the diversity of experience and thought among Palestinians.

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The long history of the Arabic language and its rich written and oral tradition form part of the Palestinian literary tradition as it has developed over the course of the 20th and 21st centuries. Sincemost critics have theorized the existence of three "branches" of Palestinian literature, loosely divided by geographic location: 1 from inside Israel, 2 from the occupied territories3 from among the Palestinian diaspora throughout the Middle East.

Poetry, using classical pre-Islamic forms, remains an extremely popular art form, often attracting Palestinian audiences in the thousands. Until 20 years ago, local folk bards reciting traditional verses were a feature of every Palestinian town.

From among those Palestinians who became Arab citizens of Israel after the passage of the Citizenship Law ina school of resistance poetry was born that included poets like Mahmoud DarwishSamih al-Qasimand Tawfiq Zayyad. This changed after Ghassan Kanafanianother Palestinian writer in exile in Lebanon, published an anthology of their work in Palestinian music is well known throughout the Arab world. Since the s the subgenre of Palestinian hip hop has blended the traditional folk music elements of Palestinian music and Arabic melodies with hip hop beats.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Palestinian costumes. See also: Music of Palestine. Main article: Architecture of Palestine. Main article: Palestine at the Olympics.

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Main article: Football in Palestine. Main article: Palestinian art. Main article: Palestinian cuisine. Main article: Palestinian cinema. Main article: Palestinian handicrafts. Main article: Palestinian literature.

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Main article: Palestinian music. Archived from the original on 19 April Modesty and chastity among women are key values. But this notion has changed over time. Education, highly valued in Palestinian society for both men and women, brings honor to a family. Connection with the land, a prized and diminishing resource, is another source of honor.

Steadfastness and service to the people and the cause of Palestine are perhaps the greatest source of family honor today.

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Children The birth of a baby is a particularly joyous occasion in Palestinians society. For several weeks after a baby is born, family, friends and neighbors will visit the new parents and grandparents to offer their love, support and best wishes. A traditional dish, mughli - a pudding made of semolina flour, sugar and cinnamon, topped with fresh nuts - is served, along with coffee or tea.

The child's Baptism, for Palestinian Christians, is another key celebration, as is confirmation which takes place at age seven. Muslim Palestinians may hold an informal naming ceremony or akikah to welcome a newborn into the world. Courtship, Weddings and Marriage In rural areas, marriages are arranged by the fathers of the bride and groom. The women of the family play a key role in introducing the couple, and daughters are often asked if they accept a potential groom before the arrangements are made.

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This is true for both Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Courtship differs somewhat in larger towns and cities, where young men and women are more likely to be introduced by family, but then spend time getting to know one another, usually with a family chaperone, before deciding whether or not to marry. Though a minority, some middle and upper class Palestinians enjoy the type of courtship most common in the West, meeting and choosing a spouse on their own, based on love.

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It has also become common for Palestinians living in exile to marry people from other nations and cultures. Palestinian wedding ceremonies are elaborate affairs and typically last three days.

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Weddings in villages may be attended by the entire village. The bride is carried in a parade to the groom's home, where the celebration takes place with food, sweets, music and dancing. The family may slaughter one or more lambs to feed the guests, and members of the extended family often pitch in to prepare other dishes. Weddings in urban areas may be smaller, but are no less elaborate.

It is common for a newly married couple to move in with the groom's parents.

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Because of the economic devastation of Palestine, most young couples cannot afford to live on their own. This also allows Palestinian women to work outside of the home without having to be solely responsible for childcare and household chores.

Funerals Funerals also bring together families and extended kin, who drink unsweetened bitter coffee and recount the life and qualities of the deceased. It is customary for Palestinian families to be in mourning for at least forty days. During this time, women wear black clothing and men wear black ties. Some widows or mothers may wear black for as long as a year, sometimes three. Muslim and Christian Palestinians share these traditions. Gender Roles Palestinian society, like most traditional societies, is largely patriarchal.

Fathers are considered the heads of households, with decision-making authority in family matters. This authority, however, comes with the responsibility for the family's economic well-being and security. In this regard, gender roles in Palestinian society - for both Muslims and Christians - are seen as distinct, but complementary. Women take primary responsibility for raising the children and maintaining the household.

In this role, women serve as the glue that holds the family together and as the keeper of family bonds and affinity. Families gather often to share meals, exchange stories and news of loved ones.


Several generations of women typically prepare the meals together, passing on family recipes and keeping family bonds strong. Historically, village women were responsible for working in the fields and taking the produce to market.

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In cities, women had more opportunity for educational advancement. With education came greater opportunities for work outside the home, and women began playing a role in the economic, political and cultural life of Palestinian society.

Economic depression in Palestine after World War I also increased the number of women seeking employment outside the home and led to the establishment of women's charitable organizations; many of these groups developed political agendas that sought the advancement of women's rights and self-determination for the Palestinian people. The role of women also changed dramatically in the years since the Nakba, as poor economic opportunities in the Occupied Territories required them to work to supplement the family income.

Identification. Palestine is the name the Romans gave in the second century C.E. to a region of the present-day Middle East situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea west of Jordan. The name is derived from the Greek Palaestina, or "Land of the Philistines," a seafaring people who settled a small coastal area northeast of Egypt, near present-day Gaza, around the twelfth century B.C.E. Palestine is the historical name for the region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. The land was first inhabited as long ago as BC. The Hebrews (ancestors of today's Jews) settled in Palestine in BC and had formed the kingdom of Israel, ruled by King David, by BC. I lived and worked in over a dozen countries around the world over 30 years including USA, UK, Russia and Middle East. Palestinians are just like any other cultural group of human beings, despite of how they are treated under occupation as subhuma.

The departure of men in search of jobs and the large number of men imprisoned by Israel left many women as the sole breadwinners. Palestinian women not only engaged economically, they were also politicized by the struggle for independence.

Young women activists formed grassroots committees in the Occupied Territories that included volunteer work groups, trade and student unions, youth movements and educational centers. Palestinian women continue to play a prominent role in the political, economic and social life of their people.

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