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Grey is shy and not one to push himself on others so Claire helps him with "chance" meeting with Lindsey to get them more acquainted. Claire has no interest in dating because of a promise she made to herself. She is so afraid of her own problems interfering with her parents and them possibly getting a divorce because of her that she has promised herself she will not date to avoid that happening.

Claire is all about helping Grey, but in the meantime of them getting together to discuss situations with Lindsey, the two of them grow pretty close and become really good friends! Grey soon realizes that Lindsey is not a good match for him and that she is not the one that he has a crush on. Grey really liked Claire and has to find a way to tell her that he liked her instead of Lindsey. When Claire finally gives into her feelings, she realizes that she really likes Grey as well and has second thoughts about her vow to not date.

At first Claire does not give into her feelings and keeps her vow. Claire soon realizes that it is not her place to take on her parent's burden's and breaks the vow that she made.

Now she feels free to date Grey.

Claire finds a clever way to tell Grey that she is no longer keeping her vow and wants to enter a relationship with him. This was a cute story. I liked that these young kids had responsibilities and were not just allowed to get away with doing nothing. Although this was a HEA, I would love to know what becomes of these two after they start dating. First of all, that is one gorgeous cover. I mean the writing, characters and story were so amazing. The book definitely made me falling in love with love again, if that makes sense.

It is a book that gripped me from the very first page. I couldn't not read it or stop wanting to go read it when I was away. It was amazing. And now that I finished it, I find that I just want to smile like a fool tomorrow and maybe next week. It is that kind of feel-good books. Claire Gardner, bff of Lindsey and Rose, is a freshman who enjoys her LEGO toys and believes in open lines of communications to relief any kind of tension.

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However, she has vowed to keep away from dating through the entirety of high school, after her sister's elopement has caused the family serious issues. Until one day, Grayson Gray Langley comes to her for advice on how to win her bff's Lindsey's heart. Only, by trying to learn more about his crush, they find themselves being attracted to each other.

How will they come to understand each other through the various obstacles in their way? I am very glad to have discovered this little gem of a book. This story has everything I want in a chick-lit. Gray is socially awkward and adorable yet there's layers to his life that slowly unravel. Claire compliments his character very well. She is his opposite.

No dating life

She is sweet and a people-person. But she also has her own issues that comes in the way of her life. Like how she was too much wrapped up in her bff's love life and obsessing over them too just because they didn't agree with her own vow.

I thought that was pathetic in the beginning. But I am glad she's grown by the end of the book. Gary and Claire have their humor moments especially with baby Jack and they made me live in a bubble of happiness. I really liked Claire. Her personality was interesting. Even though I didn't understand her dislike of Rose who is actually a nice person as well. I guess that came from a place of insecurity. Overall, the book was a great surprise and I loved all the characters.

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I am so going to check the author's other work as soon as I get the chance. Mar 02, Jessthebookslover rated it it was amazing Shelves: sent-by-authorsread-in-ebook. Why do I do this to myself? Why do I enjoy reading contemporary books? I don't have an answer, I just do. Another time, a contemporary broke my heart because of how good it was. I mean.

Claire and Gray's story has been amazing, unique and compelling. This is the right way to start a new month. Thanks Patricia! Synopsis: After surviving her parents' relationship drama when her older sister elopes, Claire Gardner vows not to date during high school. I don't know where to start. I made clear that I loved this book in some of my previous posts posts on Instagram and also in my IG story multiple times, but I'll never stop saying how much I loved this book. Claire is an amazing female protagonist, cute, has her own ideas, seems pretty tough, but deep down she has many insecurities.

Gray is Gray. The super cute super handsome guy who can't find the courage to talk to the girl he's always worshipped and finds himself involved in something more. The writing is excellent and it flows really well, I had zero problems getting into the story, which is great.

The plot is fantastic and it reminded me a bit of The Duff at least the movie, forgive me, but I didn't read the novel! I loved how everything is connected, and nothing seems out of place. So well done. Mar 09, Savannah rated it it was amazing. I Love Gray. She wants to be with Gray a lot! Her Irrational fear but there nonetheless. But eventually Claire does come to her senses on things about her family and about gray This is a sweet romance that the characters start as somewhat like friends but in the end end up together.

Each character is cute in their own way and Claire and Gray will have you cheering for a happy ending and that they realize they are in love with each other! I would so read it!! Nov 29, A. In for a lot of mischief If I have not made it quite obvious, I love stories taking place in Texas. Maybe its just given since I'm from Texas, but whatever, sue me. To be honest, I didn't know what I was expecting going in. Yeah, I read the title, but I didn't really pay attention to it until I read the first chapter or so.

I fell in love with the dialogue being used. More specifically how the southern slang was used correctly; so accurate. I felt like instead of reading, I was being carried awa In for a lot of mischief I felt like instead of reading, I was being carried away in a regular conversation with a close friend.

These characters were so unique and so real with a great sense of humor.

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I was able to connect with them easily with their well-rounded character development as well as the thought-out dilemmas between them. I absolutely had so much fun with their little antics, endless humor, silly banter, and much much teasing between majority of the characters, I literally felt as if I was there with them joining in on their greatest scheme The scenarios for the events in the story were really well written, and thought out.

I was really able to follow everything very easily and pick out the lessons that were learnt as the story unfolded. This story had so much to offer. Overall, I absolutely had a blast reading this very enjoyable story and look forward to checking out more of this author's work. Nov 13, Marisa rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed.

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This was a fun, sometimes goofy and sweet teen romance I enjoyed. In the book, Claire struggles with the changes that come when her two best friends start dating people seriously.

I think this book is realistic for the situation and certainly not just in high school. A lot of people struggle to balance friendships and relationships and the book does a good job illustrating the resulting emotions. Claire is likeable and very relatable.

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Instead, there are still other hurdles that have to be passed. If you cringe with the slightest mention of high school angst and drama, this book will not be for you, but if you can handle a moderate dose, this will be a fun read! The goofiness of the characters are a great reminder of high school plots.

Who should read it? Folks looking for a fun book centered on relationships and friendships. See all my reviews and more at www. If you've read any of my other "reviews" you would know that I am not really a reviewer, but I felt like this little gem needed a review. Sometimes, you go into a book thinking you know what to expect.

I mean, you're still excited and want to read it but you feel like you have an idea of how it's going to go. This was one of those books for me, but at the same time it had me curious from the very beginning. It turned into a story that was definitely something different and unexpected and over all If you've read any of my other "reviews" you would know that I am not really a reviewer, but I felt like this little gem needed a review.

It turned into a story that was definitely something different and unexpected and over all I really enjoyed it!

I'm not one to go into details, but I will say that I loved the unique characters in this book, I felt like they were fun and realistic. They all gave you something to root for. I always love the dual POV and as usual it was so much fun to read from the guys perspective.

It was a bit frustrating at times to see Claire's thought process about herself and the responsibility she feels to keeping her family life drama-free or that neither her or Grayson could see their feelings for each other. However, when I took the time to remember that they are teenagers and their maturity levels aren't the same as grown-ups, it made the story feel more authentic. Claire's friendships left me f 3. Claire's friendships left me feeling a little disconcerted.

Lindsay was NOT a nice person in my opinion and her behavior towards Claire was disappointing. Overall I enjoyed the story but I think this is one YA book that is meant for a younger crowd.

I would gladly purchase this book for my daughter. Clever flip of usual script This is a sweet YA high school romance. There were a lot Clever flip of usual script This is a sweet YA high school romance. There were a lot of "we are going to solve the problem, but got conveniently distracted". But in total, this was a good read: the characters had good chemistry, the secondary characters were developed, the dialogue was well-written, and there were great details to make the characters unique.

Mar 14, T. Rosado rated it really liked it Shelves: romancerom-comyoung-adult, rotflmaoarc. This was an often funny young adult romance. Claire was a strong and assertive heroine for the most part. I admired her strength and determination.

Mar 18,   He got a dating question at a press conference, and said, "It is dangerous to stop living life." He advised to do basic due diligence before meeting someone new. The dating world is no . One is an ace, but a blast to be with. The other i met at a bdsm party (long story) and we were friends with benefits for a minute. But i feel NO romantic interest in her at all. She's dating another guy now and I'm so happy for her! Honestly. And the fact i feel no jealousy makes . Jul 03,   Life in lockdown has made us more open to virtual dating and long distance relationships. It's clear from our findings that no matter how you're dating, the best way to find love is to be.

Gray was at times clueless, but ultimately a wonderful hero. I tire of the non-communicated misunderstandings, but can forgive them in a YA romance. Unfortunately, that is what is often typical with real teens. I know tha 3. I know that there needs to be conflict in a novel, but I didn't fully grasp Claire's reason for not dating in high school. All in all, this was a fun romance with some sweet swoony moments.

For a long time, life was so much easier without the pain of dating. I didn't have to worry about getting hurt in a love department that no longer existed. But the lingering thought that I didn't want to go through the rest of my life without a partner by my side slowly became louder and louder. Life in the No Dating Zone is your typically cute contemporary romance- with a boy, a best friend, a problem sister, a plan and LEGOs! Claire is your bossy, down to earth, smart, girl next door pretty teenager. With the super popular best friend, who just happens to be nice and another, more know- it- all best friend, she starts/5. Jun 19,   If you've ever used an online dating site or smartphone app-and let's be honest, what single person in the last 10 years or so hasn't at least dabbled-you know they can be every bit as frustrating and overwhelming as they are exciting or fun. And the experience is never more so the former than when you match with someone you share a mutual attraction with only to have them abruptly cut Author: Charlie Duerr.

It's a well written and developed story, just maybe not the most memorable. I would definitely recommend it for a quick fun read. I received an ARC in exchange for my unbiased review. May 20, A.

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This book was such a cute quick read. The characters were a joy. Especially Gray who I kept wanting to call Gary in the beginning. I can honestly say I haven't read a male lead quite like him before. He's definitely going in my top 5 favorite male leads. Claire on the other hand, wasn't terrible, but not my favorite. I honestly felt her reason for her vow was quite stupid. However, all together these two made a great pair.

I just wished we could have gotten to know the suppor Light.

How To Have A Superb Dating Life When You Have No Game

I just wished we could have gotten to know the supporting characters a bit more Berger. Mar 23, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: gmmg-ya. This was a fun book that quickly had me invested in and rooting for the main characters.

I loved Gray and Claire and I wanted to see them together despite Gray's initial interest in someone else and Claire's no-dating vow. I loved the dual point of view as well. When something went wrong between them, I enjoyed reading the reactions from both sides. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author! Sweet and funny. A good YA book. Romance, awkward and funny moments.

A happy read that will make you smile! I recommend it!

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May 02, Jessica Fether rated it really liked it. Nothing earth shattering, but still a fun story.

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Jul 06, Dela Knight rated it liked it. It's a cute summer read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. About Patricia B. Tighe lives in West Texas with her husband and dogs. When you achieve a larger goal, give yourself a bigger reward, like a great vacation. Don't forget to live in the moment. Focusing too much on goals can cause people to lose sight of life's little pleasures.

While it's great to be have dreams, it's also important to slow down and enjoy what is happening in your life at the moment. Working to achieve your goals should increase your happiness, not decrease it.

Part 1 Quiz When it comes to your goals, it's important to remember:. You have certain expectations to meet. They can change over time. Large goals are more effective than small goals. You will have to work hard. Want more quizzes? Keep testing yourself! Part 2 of Be social. People are hard-wired to have relationships with other human beings, so even if you don't have a romantic relationship, it's important to maintain social ones.

Keep in contact with friends and family, and try to spend time with other people as much as you can. Some people enjoy attending frequent parties with lots of people, while others prefer the company of a few close friends.

Both are perfectly fine! Meet new people who share your interests. While it's very important to maintain your existing relationships, it's also helpful to get out there and meet new people. Try joining clubs or groups that are centered around activities you enjoy. This will help you make new friends who share your passions. Don't be afraid to talk to people who are different than you and try new things.

Get a pet. Pets are wonderful companions. They can help keep you active and prevent you from feeling lonely, which is especially important if you live alone.

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If you don't already have one, consider adopting a cat, a dog, or another pet. Dogs in particular can add a lot of structure to a person's life because they require regular walking.

If you're not willing to commit to owning a pet, offer to walk your neighbor's dog or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Part 2 Quiz How can you expand your horizons? Stay in touch with friends and family. Make new friends. Go online. Part 3 of Focus on experiences.

New and unique experiences enrich people's lives and help them feel happier overall.

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Whenever possible, spend your free time trying new things, going new places, and experiencing life. The experience will leave you with great memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life, which will increase your happiness. Don't feel like you always need to have someone with you to enjoy these experiences. As a single person, you can choose to have adventures with friends and family or alone.

Try volunteering. Volunteering for a worthy cause greatly increases people's sense of self-worth and fulfillment. Look for an organization in your area that has a mission you believe in and find out how you can help. As a bonus, you may also meet new friends who also care about the cause. Even a few hours of volunteering is meaningful. Enjoy physical activity. Many people find that exercise increases their happiness and makes them feel better about themselves.

Try finding a type of exercise that you enjoy, whether it's playing a team sport or going for walks. Spend alone time constructively. It's fine to spend time at home alone, as long as you don't become bored and isolated.

To avoid this, use your alone time to cultivate your creative interests or learn new things. Avoid watching too much television, as this can become a stand-in for social relationships. Part 3 Quiz Why should you avoid watching too much television? It won't help you to better yourself. It will make you less interesting to be around.

It will replace real relationships. You won't make any new friends. Part 4 of Take care of yourself. In order to truly be happy, you need to take care of your body and your mind. It's easy to to neglect yourself because of work, family, and other responsibilities, but try to take at least some time every day to nurture yourself and remind yourself how important you are.

This is a great way to unwind and show yourself some love.

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If you have physical or mental health problems, be sure to get the treatment you need. Ignoring your symptoms will only cause the problem to become worse, and may inhibit you from leading the happy life you deserve. Don't compare yourself to others. It's tempting to look at other people's lives and imagine that they are much better than your own, but it's important to keep things in perspective.

The truth is that you can only see another individual's life from the outside, so it's not really possible to compare your life to theirs. Instead of even trying, focus on all of the positive things in your own life.

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If you feel depressed after looking at your friends' profiles, remind yourself that the pictures they post are just the image they want everyone else to see, and not necessarily what their lives are really like. Stop beating yourself up. Life doesn't always go as planned, and it's important to learn to accept that. Instead of thinking of yourself as a failure when you don't achieve a goal, use the situation as a learning experience and set a new goal for yourself. Let yourself be open to the possibility of having a romantic relationship, but don't stop focusing on your other pursuits.

Stay true to yourself. No matter what happens in life, you must always remember who you are and what you believe in. Think about the values that matter most to you, and make sure that you uphold those values in everything you do. Your career should not force you to abandon your values either.

You may be faced with situations that challenge your moral compass, and these are the times to reassert who you are and what you believe in. Part 4 Quiz When looking at other's lives on social media or online, it's important to remember:. Environment Not necessarily! Your goals Close! The future Not quite! Perspective That's right! The best thing to do is break contact and face the pain, which will pass with time.

Allow yourself to feel emotions, but try to stay busy to keep your mind occupied. Not Helpful 9 Helpful If these people are your friends, you can let them know that it makes you uncomfortable when they talk about their relationships constantly.

If you don't feel like you can be direct with them, just try changing the subject. The happier you become with yourself as a single person, the less it will bother you when other people talk about their relationships. Not Helpful 5 Helpful I have been a single for all my life, but my friends aren't very understanding of my decision, should I find new friends? Talk to your friends about your decision, and give them your reasons for remaining single.

If they don't understand, or they continue bothering you about it, either ignore the comments or find a new group of friends. She and her date shared interests in sci-fi and books, and their coffee date went well. They made plans to see each other again. Read More. But then Washington state Gov.

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Jay Inslee issued rules effectively shutting down bars and restaurants in the city. Jenny told CNN she has a high threshold for going over to a date's house and they're not at that stage yet.

Apr 30,   But my dating life has, um, how do you say: not flourished. In all fairness, this was absolutely true of my pre-quarantine life too, but I save that . Mar 31,   Try doing something relaxing, like meditating or getting a massage. This is a great way to unwind and show yourself some If you have physical or mental health problems, be sure to get the treatment you need. Ignoring your symptoms will only 84%(44). Mar 18,   It's safe to say that dating isn't at the top of anyone's list of priorities during the current coronavirus pandemic. Americans are going into self-isolation and hunkering down for an unknown period of time in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

So for now, they're texting and making plans to play Nintendo online together. Two thousand miles away in Chicago, a corporate attorney had just met a man on Hinge, another dating app.

For professional reasons, she asked that her name not be used in this story. The conversation was flowing, ranging from their favorite podcasts to which presidential candidates' campaigns they'd volunteered for. They were ready to meet face-to-face. Take social distancing seriously and limit activities, experts say. Illinois Gov. Pritzker issued a similar ban closing all the places where they'd might be able to meet and kick off a fledgling courtship. With 30 degree Fahrenheit temperatures in the Windy City, taking a walk or having picnic weren't the most pleasant options either.

For now, they've settled on getting to know each other better over the phone calls. Now that grabbing a drink with a potential lover feels almost like a seismic risk, millions of singles reckon with a dilemma as they seek love in the time of coronavirus.

Do you risk trying to meet someone or do you put love and intimacy on hold for weeks or even months? Jenny met a man on Bumble and managed to see him before all the bars and restaurants closed in Seattle.

Now the two are at a loss for where to meet on their second date. He got a dating question at a press conference, and said, "It is dangerous to stop living life. If the date is sick, don't go on the dates.

He urged prospective lovers to err toward over-communicating about any potential symptoms, asking questions such as, "'Hi, are you sick today?

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