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Are you thinking of employing the no contact rule after a breakup? Trying to weigh the pros and cons of taking such a drastic action? Searching for reasons to cut your ex off? Conventional wisdom holds that in the immediate aftermath of a split, the best way to get over a lover is to go radio silent. But is that really a smart idea? Moreover, does the decision to cut off contact encourage healing - particularly for men? The honest answer is yes - in certain situations - the no contact rule a wise choice.

You will keep pouring salt into the proverbial wound if you stay in touch with him.

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You need to spend time working on your relationship with yourself. This is the key to having successful relationships with others. I know how you feel. But you will go on! And life will go on.

And you can live without him. How does that feel? If you follow the no contact rule, you spare yourself from this sort of agony. You keep the focus on you, not on him. Really, the no contact rule is about you and about re-connecting to yourself. An added bonus is that it will make your ex miss you. Can it work? Yes, absolutely, it does all the time.

But it will only really work if you do the work. As in, you work on yourself during this time and gain all the benefits of the no contact period.

So take the time to work on yourself, to get back to yourself, to just be by yourself, and if he reaches out when the no contact period is up minimum of four weeksthen you may have a shot the second time around.

But in order to get him back, you have to first get over him. No matter what the outcome, it is always in your favor and that is why the no contact rule always works. I hope this article helped you understand the no contact rule and why it always works.

But there is more to the story. You can get him back, but you need to know a few things. Use This to Get Him Back Tags: breakup advicedoes the no contact rule workget my ex backhow to get back together with himhow to get your ex backno contact rulereasons the no contact rule works.

Hello I need help. My boyfriend and I got into a fight because he wanted me to move in with him but because of many reasons I just cant. I told him I needed time, he said he can no lo get wait he needs a full time girlfriend. I asked if we could meet in person which he agree so I went over to his house and asked why, he said he thought about it and althought he loves me he is not in love with me therefore he cant be with me he had been holding this feeling for a long time but wasnt sure and thinking about it made him realize what he wanted.

I said how is that possible and he said he realized he was not in love anymore. I stupidly try to seduce him and he said not to because it will only hurt me and make him feel bad, we ended up showering together and we were kind of playful, there was no sex involve but he kept saying he stood by his decision.

Later we went to eat and he would hold my hand. After that night I asked him again to think about his decision and he said he originally had thought of it because I was the one who told him to think about it. But that he will think. The day after nov23 he said he wanted to be alone and he didnt wanted to see me at all around his house. At night I went to his house to look for him because he had completely ignore my calls and text when he got to his house he saw my car there and drove off because and I notice he had invited coworkers girls from work he never mentioned and a guy over to his apartment.

I waited toll he came back again and I was hiding and he drove around making sure I wasnt there. Which i was but he didnt notice so everyone went down to his apartment I was creeping on him and they were drinking and playing board games. I didnt reply to his text at all, I decided to go to his job and he was on his break when he saw me he look nervous, he thought I was going to go crazy on him I just said what happend and I asked about last night he said he had fun with his friends and he truly wanted to be alone as in for me to not look for him at all he wants to just go to work, hang out with his friends and that about it, he said me calling him and looking for him stressed him out.

I apologize and he said he still stands by his choice I asked him for a favor and I said if we could be friends he said maybe not right now. Which I agree and I hugged him and he hugged me back then I lean for a kiss and he try to move away but eventually ended up kissing me for a bit.

As i was driving off i looked at him and i sent him a kiss and he sent one back. I understand what i did to go look for him was a big mistake. I just wonder if I still have a chance of getting him back. And his behavior. This just happens yesterday dec Also she will fck up again so the relationship is doomed.

My Advice: Get in great shape during the 60 days. Meet her again and then. This was both of our first real long term relationships. We had a great connection, always laughing and communicating with each other on a daily basis.

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We had a lot of the same interests and never really argued, a few niggles here and there but nothing major. We had plans of moving in together in the future. My ex stuck with me through that, making the effort to make me happy everyday and I appreciate him for that. I know this event changed me in a way where I would lash out at him over the slightest things, not at the start of the relationship but more so up until a year ago I would let the little things bother me.

I see that now. Two weeks to the day is when we split. He also said he has been thinking about this for 2 - 3 months. Get in great shape. Give yourself 60 days. Train every day. Eat perfect. Then meet again.

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Now YOU will be in control. You can do better than this guy and now you will have the confidence to do so. Did you marry the ex that you broke up with temporarily to get back with your toxic significant other? Very serious question.

Hi Sabrina. I met a man online about a year and a half ago. I was a bit too persistent and continued to text him periodically.

We now live in the same town and We did finally run into each other and met at a music event. We started spending time together and sex was immediate. We hit it off fast and furious and had a great time together.

I am 54, he is I realized for the first time in my life I had become a placeholder. He wanted to date someone else. I was just filling a void in between women he wanted to date. Our interests, our values, everything is easy and aligned and he wants me in his life as a friend. I told him I would not be a placeholder. I was not confident in myself and it definitely came across in my pursuit of him.

We stay in contact but I have been weaning myself off of texting him. I am curious if I should try to remain good friends with him and let myself heal, if I should go into no-contact, or how to approach this. I have gone on a few datesall of which have been horrible which only makes me miss him more. Last night I was out at an event with friends and he was there with his date. He was keeping his distance but not ignoring me.

I broke up with my boyfriend of one year about 3 weeks ago and started doing NC right away. We left with no fights, no hard feelings, love each other and want the best for each other, etc. He was content to just talk on the phone for months-our conversations are always amazing but they ended up just being heartbreaking for me because he never made time to actually go out with me. Anyway, my mom who is 30 years older than us, but still beautiful in her 60s also goes to our church. For the last 2 weeks, he and she have both gotten there before me and he approaches her and flirts with her!

Tells her she looks beautiful, carries on a conversation, etc. He does have a habit of flirting with older ladies, which never bothered me before. After the 30 days, see how you feel.

Will No Contact Work If You Only Dated A Few Months?

See if you even still want him and then proceed accordingly from there. I wish i had seen this site b4 meeting this taurus guy i am seeing. We met in september and things have been great but one thing i dont get it that he doesnt make an effort to see me at all because initially i made a mistake of always going to see him.

Last week he disappeared for three days and since then he resurfaced after the third day and since then he is been calling and asking if the is something wrong. I dont answer immdediately i take time and the responce is always sweet and short. I feel i didnt give him a chance to be the man of the relationship was always being there for him.

How do i move my relationship further. Anonymous, I think you just need to stop taking the lead and sit back and let him step into that position. Let him ask to see you, let him ask for dates and let him initiate the contact. Hey, very informative articles!

I have a question for you. I had an interesting situation with a man. Its been a long and twisty story since last march, but I'll cut to the end. We had seen each other on occasion with occasional phone calls and texts. It was going very slow. I knew that he had other "friends" and got nervous if I didn't hear from him and would usually text "hi" after hearing nothing for a week. Then he would call say we should do something, then fall off the face of the earth again.

And this would repeat until finally we had made a plan. We had a great date, we really connected, and he stayed at my place from 11 pm to 6 pm the next day, we danced, shared stories and fell asleep holding each other. When he left, He left saying he had such a good time, and that he was making list of movies for us to watch, leaving with something I'd lent him.

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Then nothing, I texted, he said he was crazy busy, that he'd have more time after. I didn't hear from him for three weeks after, so I e-mailed him to get my stuff back, he texted a week later, at the end saying he had wanted to keep in contact, he then called, and we saw each other shortly after.

It was another amazing time, this time at his place, we were truly smitten and connecting again it was written all over both our faces the shy yet exuberant excitement. I slept there and woke up to him holding my hand.

If you are in the middle of following the No Contact Rule and your ex begins dating someone new, you may be wondering if you should end the No Contact Rule early. The answer is, no - you should not break the No Contact Rule, even if you suspect your ex is dating someone new. There is an odd misconception that many people have after a breakup.

We hung out more that day until we left and parted ways in the afternoon. A couple weeks later we had another outing, he was a bit more aloof at first which I thought was strange since we'd had such great fun the last time, then it eased up and by the time we parted ways,he said we should do this more often. I suggested a day, but he was seeing someone else then, but maybe he could cancel.

Never heard back, texted a hello a couple weeks later. The next day I get a text saying he just wants a friendly relationship, but truly enjoyed everything we'd done, and he was ready to do more of that if I wanted. I was confused and didn't answer. I was out on a date at the end of that week, he happened to be on a date at the next table.

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I was already out and missed them both and didn't respond. That following week I was out late one night, and noticed when I got home that I had pocket dialed him super super late, my heart sank into my stomach.

Its been about 3 weeks since and I haven't contacted him, I haven't heard from him either. I was hoping he would try again, should I initiate contact with him at this point, to open the door for him to do that? Anonymous, Initiate contact if you can handle a no strings attached situation - that you'll never expect a relationship out of. Because he's clearly keeping his options open and dating other women.

I hate to say this, but you're in his "rotation" and when your turn comes up, that's when you hear from him. Which is why there are long breaks in between communications. And it sounds like in between his rotation, he's actually seeing someone and I imagine she's clueless about his "rotation" of women. If you want something casual, go for it although I don't believe "casual sex" for women exists - women bond through sex and ultimately become attached and want more. If you want a relationship, forget it and walk away.

He's not ready for one nor does it sound like he desires one. Hi mirror of aphrodite, My name is Mariana. Im a 27 year old latino godess: dealing with a 36 year old boy for 8 months.

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I thought the age diffrence would help but they all babies. This boy is driving me crazy. He seem to be really into me even was saying im a be his wife then he start telling me he been feeling depressed and sad but that is not about me n he miss me. He said his job be having him feeling crazy. He a aries and I heard they are like that. Plus he have a disease that can make him depressed.

I backed off for some days but then i didnt want to seem like i dont care so I call him. He did not answer. Then after a few more days I got mad and wanted to meet with him to tell him I was done so I send a text saying I want to talk to you, when r u free?

He didnt respond. Two weeks later he texed me saying he talking about how glad he is that we are friends. I took this like he trying to be smart ass because he asked me to be his girlfriend before all this BS happen and I said no because I wasnt ready. So I respond saying great.

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Thank u. Then I text him a couple days later saying that I want to come over and talk to him and he told me that he traveled and would let me know when he come back. I left a message on his phone saying if you dont want to be with me just tell me.

May 11,   If you are aware that the man you have been dating is a narcissist or has any sort of toxic personality, under no circumstances should you break the no contact rule. Keep him as far away as you can from yourself. Don't let him destroy your life any further. The no contact rule is essentially a period of time where you ignore your ex boyfriend. In other words, if he calls, texts, Skypes, Facebooks or does something else to get your attention you are supposed to ignore those attempts. Now, when I explain this part of the no contact rule to . Generally, the no contact rule is a 30 day rule. How to do this is, when a guy suddenly disappears on you without warning or breaks up with you and you want him to notice you again, you get his attention by suddenly disappearing on HIM - you make him experience the consequences. It's .

He didnt say nothing. So I started the no contact rule. I love him and want to be with him but i dont know whats wrong with him? What u think about this? You think he still love me? Hi, i decided to break up with my boyfriend because i went through his msgs with his ex and he told her that he doesn't have a girlfriend meanwhile he asked me out and i accepted after three months, but i never told him, i just stopped contacting him and he did the same.

After two months he chatted me up like though nothing happened and i didn't reply till he tried calling me. Mariana, I don't know about this one, honey. He sounds real sketchy and shady. All that BS talk and all those disappearances are not good signs.

He's either seeing other women, he's married, living with someone, is a drug dealer or a drug addict - whatever it is, I think he's up to no good. Especially since he doesn't offer an explanation. And I wouldn't believe anything he's telling you because his actions say otherwise. When a man's actions or anyone's for that matter don't align with their words - it's BS. Anonymous Dec.

Just because you accepted a date from him doesn't make him your boyfriend. He's only your boyfriend if: 1 You both have exchanged "I love you" 2 He's asked for a commitment 3 He's agreed to be exclusive If none of those three things took place, you can't consider a man your boyfriend. So I'm not sure if what he told her was a lie, or was just the reality as he saw it. However, based on the fact that he disappeared after that and didn't seek you out - it seems he may only be "half interested.

Thanks for all the advices to all of us, especially clueless or newbies like me in this dating world! Thank you for the great article.

My boyfriend and I have broken up 2 months ago. Our reason of breakup is about incompatibility issues that I've always argued about and he has gone tired of it - which i know, is my own fault.

He told me he loves me still during the day he said he wanted an "off". I pleaded, I begged, I bombarded him with apologies and how much I regret everything I have done and said. Then I stopped when I felt like, texting him and getting no replies hurt me more.

My question is, is it too late for me to do No contact rule if I have done the "no-no" begging? Yesterday was our anniversary too, and before that, he has told my friend that if I didn't bombard him during those times, we could still be together by now if I have just waited for him to come to me Is it too late for me? Anonymous, Sure, anything is possible. But not overnight or from one or two instances.

The no contact in this case might have to be for a month if not two. He really needs some serious space. And in this instance, you need to make him come to you. So even if he does contact you, you need to not respond for a month - possibly two here.

Give him plenty of space, plenty of time to think - and he may miss you. Thank you so much! I hope this will really help. And by the way, today is my birthday, and I would consider this as a gift! I have been in an online long distance relationship with a Capricorn guy I'm a Taurus for a year now.

We met last October on IMVU and started out as friends, and then in December we exchanged phone numbers and Skype info and started 'dating. Anyway we decided in January of this year to be exclusive even though we haven't met yet and I was supposed to go see him on the 28th of this month.

I bought a plane ticket and everything I should also add that he's bipolar so he has these weird mood swings. One day he'll be affectionate and sweet and then bam he ignores me for a week. I'll text and call and even if he's on Skype he won't answer back. So then I stop and a few more days go by and then I see him online again and say hi. He always does that he's been doing that the whole year we've been together so Ive come to expect it but I still can't stop myself from getting worried or trying to contact him when he does this.

So he kept telling me all this year that he needed to see me in person so bad and I finally buy this plane ticket and the closer it gets to the end of the month, he starts saying things like "i can't wait for you to come, but it's so bad over here, I don't even know if I'll even have a home when you get here" or "mom kicked me out last night so this visit might not happen" or "half of me wants this so bad, and the other half wants to stop it.

And he was talking about how much he loved me and how it was honestly better if he came to see me instead. So we decided to wait and have him come visit me. I have literally invested a year of my life into this man, I'm like obsessed with him. I think I need to do the no contact rule because I'm always the first to contact him anyway. He never calls or texts, he normally stays on skype alot but even then I'm normally the first person to say anything to him.

One time I decided not to contact him to see if he would contact me first? I did it for 4 days. I didn't text or call, but I was on Skype two of the days, but didn't say anything to him. He didn't say anything to me either. So instead of calling or texting So I called him and he turned everything around on me making it seem like I was the one in the wrong.

After that I've gone back to doing all the work in the relationship. Now after this failed visit and a plane ticket that I'm not going to use and spent money on, I'm tired. So what should I do now. I'm honestly drained Anonymous, Well, I see a couple of things here. You cannot have a relationship with someone you've never met.

That's an aquaintance or a friendship at best. Anything online is "virtual" meaning - it doesn't exist in "reality. That doesn't make sense. Mental illness does not produce what society would consider normal behaviors, reactions, etc. I think you've taken this too seriously. There's a lot of fantasy here, but very little reality. And my guess would be that he leads most of his life online, in the virtual world, as opposed to living it in the real world, reality.

As a result, I imagine he has many friendships like this with many different women online. Honestly, I think what you're about to do is very dangerous. To buy a plane ticket, fly some miles away from home alone, to meet a strange man you met on the Internet that admittedly suffers from mental illness - is just plain dangerous.

You don't know if he's treating his illness or not. You don't know if he's stable. His emotions are up and down because, in his particular case, that's what bipolar disease is. It's a roller coaster ride of feeling good, feeling bad, being up, being down. Falling into deep, severe depression and then being "manic" and in a happy frenzy.

So his behavior is fitting for the mental illness disease he's stricken with. Forget about him and that situation and develop your relationships in the real world. You can't take anything that happens in the virtual world as reality - because it's "virtual. Mirror: Wow He has tons of online friends, but not many real life friends.

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I've put a year of my life into someone I haven't even met in person yet and now that I'm looking at it, it looks kinda stupid So then the no contact rule doesn't really apply here does it? Since technically we're not real Anonymous, Well I'm sure if you don't contact him long enough, he may attempt contacting you. However, no contact can be used in several ways that are beneficial and one of them is to emotionally detach from or get over a man or a breakup.

And I think if you use no contact to take a step back and detach from him a bit, you'll be able to see things more clearly and then proceed in whichever manner you'd like, once you've had some time to think. This is the best article I have read about the no contact rule. It was kind of mutual and i think it was out of anger on both parties. This is the fourth serious breakup we've had and we've been together 3 years. Our shortest breakup was about a week without contact, while the longest is 2 months with contact.

Now, 2 weeks in on the no contact rule, he messaged me both on e-mail and facebook, saying he wants to hangout "as friends" since it's christmas and all. After about 24 hours of me not replying, he made another follow up message saying "you know you want it.

I'm back to zero again on the contact rule. Thing is, i love him, i still do, but i'm really confused with how i'm supposed to feel towards all these. We've broken up a couple of times already and i don't know what's his deal with trying to hangout with me.

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Can you somehow shed some light on my situation? Thank you. Sincerely, Confused Girl. Confused Girl, "Can you somehow shed some light on my situation? He throwing around the word "friends" and he's insinuating hooking up for the holidays and that "you know you want it.

I know you love him and if you really do, you'll take a serious stance with him this time. If you give in here, you're gonna get screwed. Does the "No Contact" rule work on "Bad Boys"? I know alot of women go after bad boys and they can have any woman they want, but if a girl stops chasing them and apply "No Contact" will he think of her?

Also Mirror I was wondering if you can do an article about "what to do if you see your ex with someone else? Anonymous, You know, I think it's funny, but no contact seems to be extremely effective on bad boys, LOL.

Not all of them, but the ones with a big ego generally respond to it. Because as you said, they're used to getting their way with all the women chasing them down - and for some unknown reason, the one who doesn't chase them - many times ends up being the one THEY chase ;- Good topic for an article, too. Let me think on that one a bit and see if I can't come up with something insightful. Does no contact include Skype too?

I haven't been calling or texting but I have gotten on skype a couple of times and didn't say anything to him. But he also didn't say anything to me, so I'm wondering if me getting online set me back a little? However, if you're not contacting him while you're on there and you're simply using the service without communicating with him, then that's fine.

Ugh I'm so mad at myself. I got drunk last night and ended up texting him. Of course he didn't respond. I was doing so well too! I hadn't talked to him in a week prior to last night.

I set myself back didn't I? How do I fix it x. Anonymous, Never communicate when you're drunk or emotional - especially via text. It leads to miscommunications, regret and sexting. Not good things, LOL ;- Yes, regretfully, you've set yourself back here. You see, you've just reassured him that you're still interested. So now, he has nothing to worry about, nothing to think about and he knows there's no other man swooping in on you.

He has no reason to think of you now - because he knows you're still sitting there thinking of him - and waiting on him. Can't fix it. Have to start from scratch again Dee, Well, no contact is not going to be possible.

So you'd have to do a variation of it. If you make small talk with him, cease doing so, keep it short and to the point. Make the necessary arrangements and then get off the phone. Same with face to face time. Keep it short, say you're busy, you have somewhere to be, and rush him along.

Remove anything personal in nature and keep it "all business. Here is my situation. I'm a 47 year old Libra female. He's 47 year old Virgo. We are both never married. We met accidentally on vacation 17 months ago, but things clicked and we have stayed in touch We live about 3, miles apart. We've seen each other twice for four days at at time since then. In the last five months there has also been a few phone calls.

Up until two weeks ago we would text several times a week. Though communication has been off a bit since end of October. Two weeks ago I texted him I was going to take a short vacation after the New Year an easy plane ride from him.

I suggested he come meet me for a long weekend. I've heard nothing back from him. I'm thinking his silence says it all. He has been honest in saying he doesn't want a long distance relationship something in his past and that he wants companionship closer to where he lives.

When I had a chance to be in his area in the summer he told me he didn't think ti was a good idea for me to come because he knows what a good time we have together. We have shared a bed, fooled around, but no sex. Still I get these mixed signals from him.

I usually blink first if I don't hear from him in a week to ten days, but not this time. It's been a rough two weeks, but each day is a little easier. I'm not even going to wish him a Merry Christmas. So confused. On the flip side, I think he's been rather honest with you.

I know your emotions are involved, but we're going to set those aside here for a moment and look at this using straight logic and we're going to focus on the facts only. Which are: 1 He told you he doesn't want a long distance relationship 2 He wants companionship closer to where he lives 3 He refused a previous get together because he didn't want to lead you on Those are pretty cut and dry signals.

This was always, and only ever will be, a casual relationship. And in casual relationships, men generally don't see the woman more than 2 or 3 times. Because they don't want to get attached and lead the woman on. Casual situations are short lived events that amount to flings or affairs of sorts, with or without sex.

My gut here is telling me he's found someone. Probably someone close to him. Yes, he should probably just tell you this, but I think he's avoiding hurting you and I think that because he's already told you these things in the past, he's hoping you'll assume that it's not going to continue in any manner that mirrors a regular relationship.

When a man wants something casual and explains that he's not interested in anything more, you can't place any expectations on him.

You can't expect the situation to develop into anything meaningful in the long run and you can't expect him to always be there.

I'm sure he thinks you're a great woman. I mean, he had enough respect for you to be honest from the get-go, which is more than most men do for a woman.

But I think the distance here is the factor. If you lived closer, this may have taken off. But that's not the reality and as hard as that may be, you're going to have to accept it :- Don't contact him. You'll only hurt yourself more when he ignores you. And he'll start to think poorly of you, so don't do that. Don't wish him a Merry Christmas either.

He's being a bit ignorant here by not responding at all. Although I understand why he's doing that, that doesn't make it the right decision or the right thing to do. As time goes on, this will get easier for you. And if you hear from him on the holiday, wait several hours or even a day or two to respond. Don't appear too eager, like you're waiting for him and also give a tad bit of the ignorance back to him by hanging back and taking your good old time getting back to him.

And don't start a deep discussion or get upset with him. And if you don't hear from him, you may someday and if that doesn't happen, you move on. It wasn't going to become anything from day one and you knew that, he told you that. It's not personal, it's circumstantial is all. Had the circumstances been different, the outcome may have been different. But none of this is a reflection on you, so don't beat yourself up about it. Mirror: I'm the one that's in the 'online' relationship with the bipolar guy.

I'm also the one that drunk texted. So basically he texted me back last night and I got my hopes up and decided to call him. He didn't answer. So then I texted him 'Bye. This is a man to whom I actually sent money several times because he was always saying how he was gonna end up homeless or his mom would lose her house, etc, etc.

I spent money on a plane ticket to see him, which isn't going to happen now. I have invested so much into this man, and I realize that he hasn't invested anything.

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I'm doing all the work and we haven't even met in person yet. I think he has been manipulating me emotionally, and draining me of my energy spending so much time trying to help him and make him smile. So after everything I've done, receiving a message that says 'whatever' pretty much tells me that he doesn't care.

Am I right to assume that he's saying he's done? I don't even think I need to talk to him about ending this little virtual relationship we have. I think his actions speak loud enough and that I can just fade from his life Mia, Regretfully, I don't think he cares. That is, until he needs more money which by the way, you should NEVER give to a man you're not in relationship with nor should you give it to a complete stranger. Calling, texting and pursuing him doesn't help.

It's a role reversal and men start to wonder, "Why is she chasing me? What's wrong with her? Is she desperate? It's never a good thing and men will take advantage of that. No, no conversation is necessary. And if he contacts you, put no contact in place and forget him, don't respond.

He sounds like a shady shyster. Don't let him use you. Thank you for your response. Hard to read, but sometimes the truth hurts. I won't contact him. I won't give him the satisfaction. If I do hear from him I'm not sure what I'd do at this point. I'm bouncing up and down the steps you outline I was fully prepared for him to disappear a year ago when he talked about not really wanting a LDR.

He was the one with all miss you, remembering events in my life, extending an invite for a trip, and talking of other times to get together, etc. To me this is where the mixed messages came from. He came into my life unexpectedly after literally a decade of not dating. So very hard. Thank you again. Anonymous 47 Year Old Libra, Well hey, you went out there and you got your feet wet. If you'd like to start dating, consider online dating you get your pick hehe ;- When it comes to men, you really have to ignore a lot of what they say.

Lots of fantasy thinking takes place and a lot of times, that thinking takes place out loud.

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And because they're sharing those thoughts, women get led on. He may have very well felt that way those days, but then the next morning, he woke up and had different thoughts, different fantasies. Always pay attention to a man's actions, not his words. And his actions indicate he was interested, but that in the end, he didn't want a long distance relationship. Had he been making more time to see you and following through with lots of those plans and stuff that he spoke of, then it might have been a little different.

But in the end, talk is cheap. And he may be back, you may hear from him again. In the meantime, now that you've entered the dating pool again, I say try your hand at online dating.

It'll make you feel better, you'll get attention from men, you'll go on dates and it will distract you from him and give you hope for the future. Don't sweat this one, it just wasn't meant to be is all.

Better days are to come Anonymous, I would stay off his radar for a bit. I'm getting the impression you pressured him and as a result, he backed off. You were asking him if you could move in with him and you changed your status to "in a relationship" before he asked you for one. A man has to ask a woman for a commitment. He needs to ask her to be exclusive and he needs to be ready and want a relationship before a woman can assume that that's what their involvement is.

Don't use the No Contact Rule for longer than 3 to 7 days. Get the job done quickly. If you wait any longer than a week, it's usually a waste of time and can result in you losing confidence each and every day that she doesn't contact you or coming running back. 2. This is about the 30 day No Contact Rule. When I talk about examples of when it's not effective to use the No Contact Rule, I'm referring to the No Contact Rule that is 30 days. So, that's 30 days after a breakup where you don't contact your ex and even if she contacts you, you just remain silent. Aug 11,   If your goal is to heal and move past the trauma of a breakup, the no contact rule needs to be in effect for a long time. While there is no hard and fast rule, a minimum of six months to a year are good places to start. What if I bump into them somewhere?

Just because you sleep with a man or date him for several months or have a history with him and he says nice things or shares some fantasy thinking with you out loud doesn't mean he actually wants a relationship. Women need to wait for men to initiate that, not the other way around. Otherwise, it feels like pressure and it feels unnatural to them. He's told you his hang up - trust issues.

And when you began to pressure, it brought up these issues. Because when you thought you were moving in and that you two were in a relationship and acted upon that, he didn't trust you at that moment.

He thought what you two had was kinda on "the down low" but you made it public in a big way on FB and that made him feel like he can't trust you - to keep what was going on a bit silent so he could move through it at his own pace. So stay away for a while like a month or two and see if he misses you.

Chances are he will, and he'll come seek you out. But even if he does, you don't start pressuring him by speeding things along. Folks with trust issues, when pushed, will bail. So give him lots of space and time to think through this and process his feelings and get in touch with himself here.

I previously dated a leo man and I am virgo woman. The relationship was good at first but things changed and we decided to be friends. However, he recently did something that was borderline disrespectful!

Since the incident we have not talked for three weeks. My question is do you believe you can be friends with your ex? Also, what are your thoughts on leo and virgo combo? Many say that Fire scorches Earth. But that's not always the case. When you have combos like that, if each fills the others weaknesses with their strengths, it can work. Meaning, if your Earth stabilizes his Fire in a healthy way, it can be a fit.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chris i really love this guy, i guess i gave him too much attention which made him relax, i chased him, i confessed my feelings too early to him before he did to me I convinced him with my attitude things will work out fine for us. We had normal couples quarrel. He sometimes threaten me with break up topics but he stopped after i implemented the no contact rule for a week.

About me: Soldier in Germany, very sweet loving and caring. I did everything for her and her daughter and have done NC for almost 30 days 5 days from now. Her Kurdish ex-boyfriend had a strong bond with her daughter so that hurt her daughter when she left him. About us: Months later she met me and we were both very happy in the beginning as in any relationship.

I did everything for her! I took care of her, bought her flowers every week she loves thembought things for her and her daughter even got presents for her daughter who I have NEVER met nor have I ever been inside of her own apartment. We met almost a year ago next month would have been our anniversary. Everything was fine in the beginning you know all lovey dovey and whatnot As time went on we argued like any normal couple does in a relationship but have said things to each other that were hurtful.

We apologized and kept having arguments every now and then.

not absolutely

So this was at the beginning of July charges were placed, mid July she said I am with someone else and her bestfriend tagged team with trying to convince me. End of July She admitted that she was lying and said it was only to make me jealous.

Beginning of August we fought and tried to talk but she said she was done. Mid August she talked to me again, changed her number, blocked me on facebook and only through Instagram did we communicate.

First week of September we bump into each other at her city, make eye contact and she ignores me and walks right past me. Present Day: I still love her, have feelings for her and have forgiven her for everything she has done through NC. To this day I have not had a single response or signal her unblocking me on social media, text message, friend stalking me and viewing my stories, friend messaging me, NOTHING.

I have no idea whether or not she wants to get back, is waiting for me to make the first move I always did it in the past to reconcileor is really with someone else. I have gone to therapy, done a bunch of research and honestly I have no clue what will happen next, but at least I can expect the worst. I even asked her to see a doctor and she gets mad every time I said this, people say she is a narcissist, and overall a bad person. I am not blinded by love trust me I think NC has helped me a lot with thinking about this logically instead of emotionally and yes I still want to be with her.

What should I do? Should I remain in no contact or should I send a letter to her that outlines not only my mistakes, but hers and ours as well. Honestly Drew, you want to have a full ex recovery plan and if you go to my home page I offer a lot of tools and resources.

My eBooks are the shortcut to figuring out how all these pieces fit together and how to optimize your chances. You have made great strides if you are now looking at things logically, because our emotions can hijack our whole being. Always had a great time; obviously cared for each other; sex great. She asked me several times to define our relationship. Did I see us together or dating, etc, after her divorce came through.

In retrospect, I never really answered her. She became more distant as she got closer to divorce. In my mind and unspoken to her was that after divorce, we would date and play it by ear, and see what came of it, Over several months, she became very involved in a new church which is geared toward recovery. Started dating a guy in the church who is in a recovery program.

I found out about this accidentally on social media We had an uncomfortable long face to face confrontation and I told her how strongly I felt about her, which seemed to surprise her. She told me that she thought our relationship had been based on sex, I suppose she may have felt used. Told me she had selected the guy in her church over me because: 1. I repeatedly called her to no avail. Divorce still pending. I know she is stressed and miserable and has cried a few times when we talk.

Grapevine tells me she and the guy are more friends now than romantically involved, but who knows? I want to contact her and suggest we meet for a drink. I now realize how much she means to me and that I should have made it more clear earlier on.

Sometimes taking the long view of relationship is the best and most pragmatic approach we can implement. So give her space, but let her know via text that you get itand you will respect her need for space. Then employ NC. Feel free to check out my home page for some of the resources. Also, i have a site called exgirlfriendrecovery. Chris, thank you for your advice. She is moving across the state in a couple of days. As you can see, I am still in the desperation stage to not mess up further.

Okso a outside of the box is to send her a Message in a Bottle. A real bottlelike a wine bottlewith a brief classy message, scrolled up with a ribbon tie. Cork the bottle and package it and mail it. And if you really want an added touch, there are merchants that will put a special label on the bottle.

Been in a relationship with 27 year old for two years. We both divorced our exes for each other. I suffered from lots of guilt, shame, remorse for leaving my wife and family unit of 12 years total, kids are 3 and 6. My emotions played a lot into monthly volatile, alcohol driven fights, even threats of self harm in order to get attention.

As she is very beautiful and flirty possibly histrionic personality. Long story short, my family saw how bad our fights were getting and asked her to not contact me or my kids if she really loved me. She is at 5 weeks NC, I have talked to her at work twice in that time emails, texts have been sent from me with no response from her. She has blocked me on social media and my phone number the day my family asked her to.

She also reiterated she made a promise to my family and is holding the promise. She is also the most stubborn person I have ever met. However, she is also moving 5 hours hours away this weekend and I of course my mind is going a million miles an hour as she is moving to the big city in our state, suitable to her age group.

Happiness! no contact rule in early dating very talented

What do I do? I get it, I need to work on myself and I am. I just miss her so bad and love her more than anyone I have ever loved. I know we sound unhealthy for each other and we have been. They were just trying to protect me. Probably best not to get the family to reach out to her as that could be a dead end at this point, unless one of the members truly feels what they did was a misstep. Sometimes it just takes some time for the negative feelings unwind.

No contact rule in early dating

A passage of time. NC facilitates this. Then she might be more approachable. I hope you are right she is just so stubborn and often commented that if she were out of the picture, my life would go back to normal.

She we would often ask me loaded questions such as if I could picture me getting back with my wife a year from now if she were to be out of the picture. She would tell me that answer told her a lot because she would never get back with her husband.

Though I have come to notice more that my wife and I will not get back together with this breakup. She is also not the type to reach out to me through. You are right, I have hurt her immensely with my words while intoxicated and not dealing with my personal issues correctly and also right that my family is reluctant to reach back out to her but willing because of severe my depression has been.

I also hope you are right that she can let the negative go. Unlike anyone I have ever met, she holds onto the negative like no other. She told me she is not ready to forgive me yet. This has just happened too many times and I have had lots of chances. But this is different. I have really been forced to look in the mirror this time.

We had never gone more than 48 hours without talking prior to this. She is a determined girl. When she sets her mind to things she moves full force as she did with her divorce and never looked back. We essentially had to hide our relationship for the first year because she worked for me and we just had to do everything backwards including not dating normally, being confined to our houses and then the alcohol fueled rages by me that were almost monthly.

I am a successful professional and have everything else together, I could never quite figure her out and my profound feelings for her. I hope I am right too. Relationships are almost always tricky. Time has a way of knocking down the negative. Hard to hold on to all that negative energy.

That is totally normal for him to be angry at first. You are not losing him. This is very common during no contact. The nc rule is not guaranteed to work in any situation. Not dating sorry. But to keep in touch.

Found out she was back on a dating site and already talking to someone new That hurt. OK here goes. Started dating this girl. It was an instant connection.

But we both had a terrible past.

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