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Just picture this: you wake up one day, immediately roll over towards your nightstand, and reach for your phone to check you Facebook feed, Instagram, whatever! Before you can rub the sleep from your eyes, you notice you have a new notification from one of your dating apps. Your heart skips a beat! It reads:. You are so beautiful. I want to marry you. Why are people like this?

Your heart skips a beat! It reads:. You are so beautiful. I want to marry you. Why are people like this? You ask yourself. There are TONS of less noticeable ways that scammers from the country of Nigeria can work their way into your accounts, ultimately ruining your life. Today, we will be discussing all of the common romance related scams that stem from the country of Nigeria, and how you can avoid them!

Believe it or not, there are actually scams that emerge from the country of Nigeria that are a lot more difficult to rule out as fake. The worst-case scenario would be one of those scammers preying on elderly people, who are their main targets.

Put your pocketbook away, Granny, I smell a scam cooking! One of the main ways scammers find their target audience is through strategic placement. They will utilize dating sites geared specifically toward those who are especially lonely and more vulnerable- such as divorcees, people with disabilities and even farmers in more rural areas- and use their vulnerability against them.

Some messages he sent read as follows:. The woman took her suspicions to local authorities, who simply made one phone call and unveiled an extremely sophisticated fraud ring who had already scammed others out of millions collectively.

The main things you need to know about romance scams out of Nigeria are that they have become much more careful and dedicated to their cons, to the point where they will devise a completely false personal life, fabricating families, memories, and all sorts of things to make their stories that much more believable. Herbs I took made me sodomise year-old boy, Suspect says.

Buhari hails Usman for retaining UFC title. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. PDP sacks caretaker committee in Jigawa. Umahi lifts ban on conduct of LG Election in Ebonyi. My boobs are natural, says Ada la Pinky. BBnaija Jackye reveals her biggest body-shamers, quits feminism. Buratai and his vision of human rights friendly Army. Said he was deployed to Nigeria.

I met someone off of okcupid stating he was an U S Army soldier special forces. Met him on Skype. Said he was a widow and his son is stuck in Ghana and they stole his wallet, his passport and could I send his son money This guy is a scammer - a fake. Just don't talk to him john okosun a.


Don't accept and believe him he as is a scammer. I come in contact with a guy I met on Blackplanet.

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He is very dangerous. He appeared on the site Be2. Beautiful presentation. Just fantastic. Beautiful photos, just not true. His wife died from cancer. She met a man on Facebook playing Farmville and it grew into a relationship to melanie. I found her on cupid. Promise of love and marriage. Beware Michael Bernard. He is a fraud and will ask you for lots of money. Claims to being a widow. Using a blackberry to send emails. He said he was from Houston Texas and he is on assignment in Afghanistan fighting terrorism.

I am a 55 year old widow who posted a profile on match. He is also on skype. Just found his photo on the Hawaii models site - Hugh. Something in my instincts said that was not right. Suppose to be such a Godly Good Man but, still needs money to match. Just wanted to share this story so that it will not happen Nigerian Scammer He claimed residence in Irving Tx.

Self employed engineer. I was contacted by this guy the first note; Hello xxx I dont know where to begin, I'm so glad you wrote back! Lolababy yahoo. I was contacted through skype by white man working as a civil engineer in Nigeria.

Living there with his son who is 12 named Alvis. After careful consideration, I have decided to expose this scammer. In case you are wondering how I know him, I am a recovering scam victim and Click here to write your own. Wife died of lungcancer. She will spend the necessary time to develop a relationship with you. I was a bit surprised because he gave me his phone number on his first contact and asked me to talk Christopher James aka christopherlovingsoul yahoo.

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His pictures make him out to be a very attractive man and he is very well spoken. Emails will melt your Zoosk.

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This woman does not live in Colorado Springs, Co!!!! I was on Facebook when I recieved a message from a very attractive woman that goes by the name of Zusan Collins. I met him on Skout. He claims his mother is in the hospital with kidney problems.

He's from LA and he is As I was in my 40's I thought I would join a site for over plus I've been scammed by the Nigerian dating scam! I met Bobbi Mary Billard exactly one year ago. Not that I am in a desperate search for Mrs. He said was a widow living in BC. After 10 days of chattingon Nigerian Dating Scams - scammed big time! I don't even know why I'm writing this - I think i'm just so full of hurt, anger and so many other emotions I don't know where else to talk about it.

Will buy a house in Los Angeles. He caught me at a very low point in my life as I was emotionally trodden. Email jean lauwens gmail. Works on an oil rig getting ready to retire this month. Please beware! I don't think really from them. He set me up, please don't give him a cent!! I had met him through Lovescout friendscout.

He took all my money. You play, move to Hangouts and start talking the usual script with someone Nigerian. Unlike others they Brian Morgan U. You chat about little on the game and then move to Hangouts. Only thing is he didn't.

Aug 23,   US prosecutors charged 80 people - mostly Nigerians - in the widespread conspiracy that defrauded $6 million from businesses and vulnerable elderly . Nov 25,   Online romance scams cost Americans millions of dollars every year. Online dating investigation site Social Catfish helps break down how Nigerian dating scam Author: AJ Dellinger. Jul 09,   A year-old Nigerian appeared at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday for allegedly luring a victim on a dating app, locking him inside a hotel apartment and gaining unauthorised access to his credit card. The Nigerian, whose name was not revealed, is said to have opened a social media account in the guise [ ].

You move to Hangouts and he strikes up an instant desire for you. You are approached on the game and told how well you play after one move. He isn't very good at doing this and the details on who he is are very thin even when asked. He has very little interest in telling you anything about himself.

Sep 23,   Nigerian scams occur when someone living in Nigeria or another foreign country, pretend to be an American citizen looking for love and connection online. They will pretend they are falling in love with you and invent a (fake!) backstory. How Do Nigerian Romance Scams Work. The scammers will extract as much personal information as they possibly can, whether it be your full name and address, or straight on to credit card numbers, without even batting an eye. The Nigerian dating scams are often not easy to detect as the scammers are often highly educated, have exceptional patience and they do their homework! The scammers start by stealing a photo from an internet site. They prefer to use images of white people capitalising on stereotypes and perceptions.

All he wants is love. He says he is 43 and was raised in Germany but moved to New York. The first thing he does on Hangouts is Click here to write your own. Recently, I have been contacted by all these supposedly Exxon engineers on oil rigs. Fell in love with me quickly, was kind, loving, funny but spelling was always off and caught him in a few lies.

I am Brazilian and he said he was from Chicago, but got a major contract to build a bridge in Kiev, Ukraine. He starts a game with you and soon you are asked to go to Hangouts. Hangouts emails are swapped and unlike all others this person just vanishes.

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Soon you are chatting and he asks you to go to Hangouts. He doesn't tell you much and asks to go to Hangouts. He approaches you as they all do and you move to Hangouts. He then becomes Jemies Barry. You do not get as far as the scam but the person in the photos used is an innocent man. Lives in Manhattan, NY.

Moved to the states after Charles Bujar It was a short meeting but enough to know he isn't a real person. He says he is German, 52 years old and in Munich. Works for an unknown oil company. He comes on hard and quickly takes you to Hangouts.

He turns on the love rapidly Click here to write your own. All the usual scam approaches and moves you to Hangouts as soon as possible. He moves you to Hangouts and has no interest in telling you much about who he is. It seems he has a script and knows nothing else but to look at it all the time. Details are hard to come by due to him knowing only one thing, how to throw love at a woman.

Was living in Washington State but had to fly to Cyprus for investors or some such garbage. I am a businesswoman so many people request me to be in touch.

The name he used in June was Serge Michael. He is a miserable man and quite sick too.

- Inside an Online Dating Scam The supposed relationship goes no further, relationship to inundate the victim with requests for dating money after they return home. Another variation of nigerian romance scam is when the scammer insists they need to marry in order to inherit scams of how scams gold left by a father, uncle, or grandfather.

Luckily, they were not successful. I has a list more than 4, but the rule here is only Albert Luke, manager on an oil rig in South Africa. Two children Kelly and Jonah in boarding school in Canada.

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Millions in his account Scammer from many platfroms okcupic, facebook, ilikeyou Not rated yet He approved me on a dating website. Not rated yet Same person. Dont be a fool as he is a big Liar and only interested in your monies. Click here to write your own. Dr garth POF When questioned about his pics he POF scammer Google his pics! POF scammer He has lot of aliases.

Widow, Swiss living in Scotland and bla bla. Easy to find if google his pic there. Have reported this to POD site also. Widower of course, wife died of cervical cancer. Goes by several names. Easy to find if you google his pics. They have zero conscience and will rob you blind. I found him on another site with the name Kelvin Hill.

He is scamming a friend of mine. He is a sweet talker and very easy to believe. He said his name was Anthony Tony James. Whenever i asked him too many questions he will Click here to write your own.

Architect stuck in Dubais. Needs money to get some paperwork so he can get out of Dubais and come home. Buyer beware! Had fake romantic encounter with Anthony Blake. He found me on Zoosk dating website. Pretends to be originally from Portugal. He says he is a single man with a daughter still living in France.

Widowed with one daughter Melliss They are in words with friends and try to get your email and install hangouts app Has anyone been contacted by a Dr Donald Hilton, orthopedic surgeon from Dublin, Ireland? Not rated yet Thru twitter, I was contacted by a Dr. Donald Hilton, an orthopedic surgeon from Dublin City, Ireland.

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Father of 2. Wanted gift cards for his birthday. Wanted to know my exact location. Asked for my text number.

Begging me to go on Hangouts. Handsome photo. Saying how lonely he was and how gorgeous I was.

Born in Saint Antonio Texas. He had no profile pic until last night, he just had a capital W. I trusted him and I sent him to come home on.

After he got the money he needed but I said hell no and I stopped talking to him. He is a single dad. I did the mistake of accepting a friend on FB. He said that wife died eight years ago and has a 16 year old daughter named Stacey. Is from Santa Barbara. Has been married but no kids. Uses AOL. This man went by the name of Gabriel Rodriguez. Broward County. Its Voip. Carrier is Bandwidth.

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My advice. Has German accent. Claimed he was stuck in Texas and needed to pay his taxes to come home. Every time we talked on the phone I could Click here to write your own. This one may have actually stolen a legitimate person's account and is now using it.

My account name there is very generic. But stupid. Great with words though - the best! However he gives same story. He owns a hotel in Florida.

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His sons has a nanny. His wife died of heart disease. And he works as an engineer in Denmark. Calls himself Barry Luigi, widow, 19 yr old son named Jeremiah, father from Kuweit, mother from Israel.

Working on an oil I was friend by the supposed man in th ed pics. Not rated yet I was friended by the supposed man in the picture. There are 2 other accounts on Instagram. His user name at the time was MarkHendrix He is on Words with Friends. He is on Google app. He will tell you he is from Albany, NY. He is widowed. I believe this man is using his name. Not been scammed yet, but he is working his way up to it. I'm just going along with Bamavettech gmail.

We talked for almost a month when he had to get on a boat for a job in the Gulf of Mexico. He has never been married and has no children. Talked for a month but we never met so I broke it off.

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Met him on the Coffee meets Bagel dating site. He is online on hangouts deep in the night. No answers. Didn't ask how are you. Doesn't ask can you get a card. He makes it sound like I said I would? Have phone number from Germany, and Poland. Mariano Torti. Straight away smooth. WhatsApp messenger.

Pictures of him but not selfies. Email every day. Hunter will ignore you. If he thinks you have money watch out. Wanted to play him. Any information would be helpful. Met on Coffee Meets Bagel dating site. His Facebook is pictures of an attractive man. Good luck! But is in the scamming business. We met via UK dating agency. Very long communication between us. Over 2 months.

Nigerian dating scams relationship

Said he is slovak which I think is true. Asked for money which I sent. I'm such an idiot. Says he is Norwegian with American father. Two lids, Jessica and James. He tried to friend Franklin Genene.

Not rated yet An exact version of the above profile on match. Share your story of how you was conned and scammed. I know it's just a photo and not the real Nigerian scammer but still he uses this photo to trick you. My scammer asked me for She is unaware that im doing this. Haha Messaged me that he wants to get to know me. Be Careful ladies he is good at what he does. If you know him tell James Naso Immediately switched to Whatsapp.

Messaging me multiple times throughout the day for 4 months. Beware he is not who he says he is but a Big scammer.

He is smart, polite, gentle and well spoken. We chatted and talked on the phone for hours every day and I fell for him. Where exactly do you report them. Quite the romantic talker! Said he was from Germany. He has very broken English. Uses phone number from Texas. He has changed his picture on instagram but still a scammer. Needs money to help his daughter. Smooth talker, uses Instagram and hangouts.

Does not ask for money right away. I spoke with Click here to write your own. Using the Zoosk dating site, he comes across as a normal guy. Then the "let me tell you all about me". First I received a friend request from a Greg Navas so I accepted.

This one is on Tinder, Instagram and Fb. After Tim Potente. Also uses FredHead His name he said was Sean Franklin itz-sfranki aol. That his daughter is married and expecting her first child. Beware because I encountered him last year. He sent very different photos of himself and he works offshore on the pipelines. Didn't send much. But glad I stopped when I did.

A love story with a young lady from Nigeria. Another engineer scam, but he's actually in Lagos, Nigeria. Although he never called me honey, baby, my wife etc I just feel something is not right. He contacts a women then starts to talk to her on other forms, ask for Shane Mario Antony. Probably not his real name and claims to be a widower with two children.

He said he got a big contract in London. Wants to finish the Mark Austin Fake! Steve Jones's picture. He contacted me on IG and uses some poor guys pictures and is posing as a Christian. Wanted to share additional photos in case he's using these photos now instead. Ryan Parker about 2 weeks ago.

He is saying he's from Texas, has an 8 yr. If its too good to be true then it usually is. Two weeks in to communication he goes to South Africa. Wife died 9 or 10 years ago. Charming and makes promises of love and wanted to Scammer using the identity: Peter Edward Peter.

The scammer has the email Peter. He is nothing but a POS that Facebook creep.

Join. nigerian dating scams relationship matchless message

Pretends to be an engineer from California that travels Dr. Goes by the name of Chris Stewart in the U. Army he says. On a "national assignment in Kandahar, Afghanistan. American women aren't as foolish as he would like to think. Widow, wife killed in a car accident, one son in scholmsmewhere in the uk. Extremely romantic, called me his wife, queen, etc. I was very vulnerable. Thank the Lord I didn't lose any money. I have created two FB groups where you can post pics. Working on an oil rig in Scotland, wife died, 13 year old son Ryan.

A sympathetic man, at that time on a UN mission in Syria. Henry Wallace. I clicked on his picture and we quickly became friends. It must be lucrative for him. He follows business women. Blocked him. He started with that he was working in Ireland on an oil rig.

Claims to be from Italy, widowed with 1 daughter. Praying on single women. Another WWF player. Left with daughter. He is nice and charming and behaves a little, as he could not tarnish any waters.

He says he is of Italian descent by the name of William. Not rated yet Presented himself as Hoffa Cruz. Photos stolen from Gustavo Lazo Oval. Parents and wife and daughter all killed at once leaving him with a granddaughter.

How are you doing? My name must be on a list or something now lol. He just contacted me today So-Called Engineer with teenager daughter seeking wife mom!!

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Not rated yet I was not in the market. I wanted to play my game. So this engineer on a platform on the high seas, sees my pic and is immediately in love.

Dec 28,   With the explosive growth of online dating, Nigerian scammers now have dating profiles. They pose as potential matches for vulnerable singles who are willing to share their personal information and money for the sake of a relationship. Advance-fee scammers have also started targeting businesses. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations Internet Crimes Complaint Center (IC3) Nigerian scammers aren't only posing on internet dating sites waiting for the obvious romance scams. They may find you where you least suspect it, through an online game, social media platform, by message or email, or using apps of all variety. Jul 06,   (Last ated On: July 6, )Anatomy Of A Scam: Nigerian Romance Scammer Shares Strategies Love trap and internet dating fraudulence concept Previously this season, 10 individuals situated round the united states of america were arrested and charged in an arranged money laundering scheme while they had been trying to clean the money which they illegally [ ].

He uses twitter. Jeff blake's email is jeffblak mail. This guy asked to follow me on instagram and I thought he was kinda cute so I accepted. They are alone at the moment with the watchmaker. He asked for money. A Civil engineer who is self employed.

Many pictures. Age 56 and has home in Maryland. This guy has Click here to write your own. The scammers steal the most handsome pictures and he sent me one almost everyday. He was self employed and was a civil engineer. How do you know if you're being friend requested by a scammer? I am from Sweden. Friend request from Facebook. His name there was Richard Hanson. Thunder horse, oil rig, widow.

James Hamilton They are all scammers Johnson Akute nerosurgeon in Syria. Coming home soon and has 2 kids in boarding school. Did reverse image through tineye. He said he fell in love at first sight after seeing my profile picture.

Mine was "Hello Pretty". After a few back and forth chats, he seemed nice enough so we become Facebook Friends. Asked me to chat on KIK. It didn't take long to notice it was a scam. I've been slammed by potential Scammers. First were the one's posing as USA military.

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He is such a smooth lover and anyone would beleive him that he is sincere. I blame Nigerian dating scams Jeffersondavies gmail. Another of the bottom feeders who is very quick to profess his love Click here to write your own. He is a good one.

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Plays with your emotions. Very loving.

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