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Literally translated mzungu meant "someone who roams around" or "wanderer. The word mzungu comes from Kiswahili , where zungu or zunguka is the word for spinning around on the same spot. Kizunguzungu is Kiswahili for dizziness. The possessive kizungu or chizungu translates as "behaving rich". However, in some areas, such as in Rwanda and Burundi, it does not necessarily refer to the colour of one's skin. Traditionally, Europeans were seen to be people of means and rich and so the terminology was extended to denote affluent persons regardless of race. It would therefore not be unusual to find any employer being referred to as mzungu.

Well speaking as a Kenyan female, 1. It is not common or acceptable to have several boyfriends at once.

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Single is as the guy above has said. It's the same definition, the world over. However, lots of people say they are single when in fact they are messing around but because nothing is concrete or committed, they term this as being 'single'. One should define the relationship as early as possible to save on hurt feelings or wasted time in case you're both not on the same page in terms of expectations of the relationship.

If she asks you to met her family, then it is a sign she is serious. We are very careful about who we bring home to the parents because we do not come from a culture where it is acceptable to date around before marriage. Should you be offering to pay for things Should you be paying for everything, no. What sort of things will she be expecting? Can't really answer this as all girls differ, however, I can assume fidelity, respect If she hasn't introduced you to her friends it might mean she does not trust them and wants to lock you down before they can snare you.

Might seem ridiculous but a white man is 'hot' in the kenyan dating scene as many see it as their way to a mealticket. How does sex factor in?

Depends on the girl. If she's religious, then she might not engage in pre marital sex.

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Otherwise, it pretty much is a done deal usually. Yes you asked the question in the right place! Sounds, something is a miss! Not feeling the honesty exists!

Go slow, take a step at a time, learn her well. Hav come to lern that white men are encouraging when it comes to such matters. Please guys help me get a white guy whose positive like me. Someone ready to cope with our situation. Thank you.

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Everything and anything we do can be grouped into one of these things regardless of race. So be sure this girl asks herself these questions can this man provide me with security house,family,money etc Security takes precedence as they can be no love without security can he love me self explanatoryand finally can he express his love through physical intimacy Sex and further provide me with security in the form of children and family.

With me Im not in Kenya at the time but I have a lady there. AS we have made plans with what we are going to do in a life to gather I have meet family and her friends.

But as some one said she did not do these tell we made plans for are life. I have not regretted a moment of it. Regarding your concerns: The 'cross cultural thing'. It would be very easy for you to get your deeply held beliefs and suspicions about cross cultural relationships and cultural differences 'colour' your relationship and ultimately spoil it.

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Try and let your thoughts on this go, as soon as possible. Otherwise, when it comes to any disagreements between you, it will be so easy to blame the 'cultural difference', when in fact it isn't this at all. If it helps, remember that Kenya has been heavily influenced by the British, over the years.

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Many Kenyans are therefore quite westernised. Cultural issues are important, especially if the relationship progresses, and shouldn't be ignored.

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The best person to discuss this with is your partner. By doing this, you will be able to gauge how 'traditional' she is. You can also get literature about the various tribal customs. I found it useful to find out about these and understand the culture and beliefs - my parents-in-law live in a fairly remote village and are quite traditional.

I did this mainly by talking to me Wife and asking questions.

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As previous posts have indicated; single means single. It is common for Kenyan married men to have a mistress, but Kenyan women don't tend to have several boyfriends. Defining a relationship; not really sure what you mean. She may be more reluctant to introduce you to her friends, unless she is very secure in the relationship and can be sure that none of her friends will attract you.

You should offer to pay, in the first instance. Why not ask what her views are? Please get an HIV test done before sleeping with her.

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HIV is common in Kenya. This is quite difficult, but I would be wary if she always wants to go on dates to expensive places, wants do do lots of shopping and for you to pay, always seems to have relatives who are in need of cash for medical expenses etc. How do you know that she doesn't just want to get a visa to go to Canada? Possibly wanting to get married quickly.

Quite difficult to gauge. Perhaps fortunately for me, my Wife had been to the UK several times before we met I also knew a couple Australian Husband, Kenyan Wife. She had very much wanted to live in Australia, prior to their marriage. When she went there, she absolutely hated it and they returned to Kenya.

If you are serious, you may need to be willing to live in Kenya Above all, go with your inner feelings about your relationship - its often the best indicator. It her intentions are not genuine, deep down, you will feel uneasy. Greetings, First post. I'm an American male engaged to a Kenyan female much younger than me.

I, too, have traveled this globe for many, many years and I have been exposed to a variety of cultures and thus women of those cultures. Without getting into specifics about my relationship with Naomi, I will attempt to make observations why she is different than any woman I've ever met. In no particular order: She is: A terrific listener and only speaks when she has something to say. Unusually beautiful by any standard but isn't pretentious about how she looks. I will say it appears that Kenya has an unusually high ratio of good looking women compared to other countries.

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Confident in who she is. Understands her role in our relationship which we have clearly defined. Loves doing kid stuff Happy to live in Kenya the rest of her life if she has to.


But ready to go wherever I lead her. Doesn't give skin color and age any weight in our relationship. Her eyes are on my heart.

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She is prepared. So am I.

Dating Mzungu In Kenya - Latest Stories. By Pat Bennett On Add Comment. The Allure of Dating a Mzungu Man Subscribe to Eve Digital Newsletter Search form. I find if you actually stop and take a interracial minutes to chat with locals, the requests from that person stop almost immediately. I get the impression that they don't really know. May 22,   Seeking advice/tips on mzungu-kenyan relationships Kenya forum. Find answers to your questions in the Kenya forum. Blogs, pictures, forum Kenya on fatgirlnmotion.com May 23,   Meet The Handsome Mzungu Who Makes Sauti Sol's Publicist's Heart Go PARAGASHA! (PHOTOS) 5. Annabel Onyango. She is the designer to the Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol and her husband Marek is their manager. The two walked down the aisle, proof that true love is still there for those who believe in it.

Appreciates what she has and doesn't dun me for more "stuff" Enjoys cooking, cleaning, washing. Doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Grounded, doesn't get too high when things are great or too low when times are not so great Loves her family.

She is her gram's primary caretaker and does gram's very personal daily duties that gram's has trouble with now, if you know what I mean, without a second thought. Loves children.

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She doesn't have any of her own but when she gets around kids she jumps in plays like she is one of them. Loves to dance.

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It's a marvel how she can defy physics with different parts of her body going different ways in sync. So, is she a typical Kenyan woman? I don't know. Business service. Page transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

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See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Related Pages. Single searching whites in Kenya hook up Personal blog. Dating in Kenya Personal blog.

Uhusiano Kenya - Dating in Kenya Personal blog. Kenya international sugar daddys hook up Drive-in cinema. Christian dating for kenyans Local service. Speed Dating Kenya Company. They say white men like slim yet dark skinned lasses, and I must agree that this statement has been proven to be true. Anyiko introduced his mzungu lover recently as she showered him with love on social media.

I am so excited like a child so I keep changing our anniversary date as a kid would postpone to wear new shoes just so to keep them clean and marvel at how they shine? Corazon,a socialite,entrepreneur and surprisingly an advocate is the one warming the bed of one Gaetano an Italian man who from the look of things seem to be head over heels in love with the botylicious lass.

Wendy has already settled with her mzungu man identified by the name Marvin. The two were recently blessed with a baby boy. See what true love can do!

She is the daughter of Bishop Allan and Rev. During her studies in the states, she met her mzungu man Robert Kovac and as they say the rest is history. The two tied the knot in a posh wedding and are now blessed with beautiful daughter.

Mzungu dating in kenya

She is the designer to the Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol and her husband Marek is their manager. The two walked down the aisle, proof that true love is still there for those who believe in it.

Hardly will you find a good-looking mzungu with a good job, educated and of a prime age dating and marrying a good-looking Kenyan woman, who is learned and has a good job. Those playing the field. You are likely get a grandpa Hardly will you find a good-looking mzungu with a good contact, educated and of a prime age dating and marrying a rich-looking Kenyan woman, who is learned and has a rich job. Those playing the field are usually old, graying and .

From the look of things, it seems Annabel might be bringing a new human being to the world. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help.

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