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Staying in your "type" leaves out so many people from whom you might learn. To eliminate the judgment If you're prizing certain traits over others like income level, education and pedigree you're judging those attributes as superior and discounting a plethora of men who don't possess them. It's risky to go out of your comfort zone, but consider what's not been happening so far in your dating life - the right man hasn't shown up. So you don't miss out on your most aligned partner Looks do matter, but, personality, compatibility and chemistry can change someone from "not my type" to the love of your life. The old "judging a book by its cover" because your "type" is 6 foot with blonde hair and blue eyes, is hindering your ability to see the hundreds of good men all around you. What's true for women, in particular, is that they'll find a quality in a man that is appealing and over time find him more physically attractive.

As we said earlier, the kids will have fun when they are young as a result of being a hybrid of two religious views.


But that can haunt them later in life; they might struggle to find a strong or distinct religious identity later in life. When hanging out with your lover, which topics will you enjoy discussing.

At least when you share religious views, Christianity, for example, you can always go to church together, organize bible study sessions in your house, sing Christian hymns together- and much more.

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