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Dating is a waste of time if you put in too much effort. But if you keep it low key and put in a small amount of effort e. How else to get a woman to regularly have sex with you? Well, having sex is one thing. Dating is another. At the very least, get escorts. Anyway, sometimes it takes a few dates for the shrillness to set in fully.

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Re: Dating is a waste of time How many times when I was in a relationship thought that why am I doing this bullshit. Life is so much peaceful now.

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Re: Dating is a waste of time "Having any intellectual conversation is like talking to a wall. I found out years later that their parroting of my agnostic and left-wing views were all lies!

They were closeted right-wing religious women. And another thing he mentions is how paying for a date is a waste of time. On the other hand, if I did a "hey, come hang out and my place and drink some beer with me" that I would get laid most times.

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That's because I was immediately showing myself as the "I want to FUCK him" guy instead of the "provider boy chump" or equally bad "go ahead and validate me so I can immediately move onto greener pastures without even putting out" guy.

Never pay more than like a Starbucks date or lunch date. Definitely not a bar.

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Buying drinks for women at that price screams desperate chump in my humble opinion. Anyway, cool video.

Women are a Waste of Time

Informative and true and reinforcing what needs to be done. Or not done, I should say.

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Don't buy a woman shit until she has put out for a few months or weeks at least. Dating is pretty much the opposite of what men have been told it is. Anonymous 5.

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Mgtow dating is a waste of time

Beer Participant. Beer wrote:. Dating is a waste of time?

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Correction: Women are a complete waste of time! Shit Tested, Cunt Approved. Soloway Participant.

JollyMisanthrope Participant. Gifts as relationship collateral are a huge mistake. The Children of Doom Doom's Children. They told my lord the way to the Mountain of Power. They told him to throw down his sword and return to the Earth Time enough for the Earth in the grave.

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