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Your go-to Latin America blog! Travel, adventure, business, dating and danger in Mexico, Central and South America. Vance, back at it again. This time, to talk a little bit about expats in Mexico City. As my regular readers have undoubtedly noticed, I've had The Mexican Capital on my mind lately. And I'm sure many of you are getting sick of the onslaught of Mexico articles.

Condesa for most beautiful bookstore in D.

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Armario Abierto Agustin Melgar 25 sells books about sex and sexuality. They also stock a small selection of sex toys. The massive building that houses the museum is divided in to two levels. The first floor is archeological artifacts from all over Mexico-think Olmec heads from the east coast, Mayan hieroglyphs from the south and Mexica sculptures from the Valley of Mexico.

The second story is devoted to exhibits on contemporary culture in Mexico, with a focus on indigenous groups and traditions. Have you ever seen a huge movie theater completely packed on a weekday night for a Fellini film?

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I have-at the Cineteca! Xochimilco is one of those things you can only do in D. Back in the day, before the Spaniards came and Mexico City was still Tenochtitlan, the whole city was built around a series of canals, like in Venice.

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The Spaniards filled in most of the canals, but they still exist at Xochimilco. This is the best way to do it: go with a big group of friends-the more the better!

Bring lots of food, beer, portable speakers; whatever you think you might want for a party. Then you just relax on your boat and watch the other people go by.

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Walk through all the clothes and bootleg CDs to get to the good stuff-antique furniture, LPs, Mexican crafts, and random flea market knick-knacks. If you like your sports teams with women, Mexico City has roller derby!

Visit their facebook for info on matches. The UNAM is an elite public university with a huge campus in the southern part of the city. The campus and the area surrounding it is known as Ciudad Universitaria University Citywhich should give you some idea of the size. In terms of drug violence, Mexico City is actually one of the safest places to be in Mexico right now.

However, regular old urban crime-think muggings and assaults-is a problem here. There are parts of D. You know, pretty much what you should be doing in any major urban area. One thing new arrivals to Mexico City are often told is that hailing a taxi off the street is dangerous. I do hear stories about taxi kidnappings, but I still hail cabs all the time, as do most of the chilangos I know. A safe alternative are taxi stands sitioswhich you can find all over the city.

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Alternately, you can call a cab-I keep taxi numbers stored in my cell phone, and you can usually get a car to come for you within 15 minutes. TaxiMex 56 34 99 12 is a good one. When I first moved to D.

Zona Rosa. They offer legal assistance, workshops, HIV testing, etc. You can buy it at news stands. Just kidding, you could never fit all there is to do in Mexico City in to one guide. But hopefully this is a good starting point. Any chilangas out there who want to tell me what I missed? I am going to start going to all those places on your list, ticking them off one by one.

The first thing on my list are the book stores, which are close to where I live now!


WOW you are great, I am Mexican and you know more about DF than myself God for you your article is perfect you described very well our food, our entertainmet places, everything you gave an exact idea of what is Mexico.

I just created a group for Auto Straddlers living in Mexico. It might make finding other Straddlers in Mexico easier. Saludos chicas! I finish up my study abroad this summer and was thinking about just going to work there by September.

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Any pointers? Def need to be in the gay scene though.

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Great info on your writing!! I think this is my favorite autostraddle article ever. Glad you pointed out the lesbian places, I usually end up going to a club full of dudes. This is one of those places that I really, really want to visit but have been too afraid to go because of the news. One day. I lived in la condesa so reading your article everything came to my mind!!

Thanks again and have a good stay!!! And I just teach English to business people in Polanco-pretty boring, but better than my last teaching job.

Secundaria students, never again. How long are you staying in Italy for? Hey Caitlin!! Did we do out own min Autostraddle meet up here once? Just you and me and La Botica?

Mexico city dating scene

I think soo! I much prefer la Botica style, but, the one we went to as you might remember is too small to go by yourself and just sit. Looks way too awkward! I can recommend a few places in Coyoacan, my neighborhood, to eat and drink, and even my favorite esquites puesto!

I worked at los Danzantes and know first hand that their food is done with love, care and hygiene. La Coyoacana is my favorite cantina, gets very very crowded on weekends but has a beautiful outside patio and yummy food and mezcales! The market immediately next to it has the best pozole ever, and quesadillas, tacos, tlacoyos, elotes, esquites and what nots. I recently ventured out to Roma and Condesa and was so surprised to see so many hipsters, with the asymmetrical hairstyles and undercuts.

I thought I was in queer heaven, which just makes me question my gaydar even more, like are these kids super hip or super gay? Yes, that was me! I have to try La Coyoacana, though!

I love cantinas. Hey Caitlin! I am a writer, translator, and English teacher just relocated to Mexico City. Looking for fun LGBT stuff to do and people to meet. I thought your article was really helpful! This seriously just made my day! If I ever get married to a woman, it will be in Mexico City. My lesbian dream wedding. Mescal, tacos, mariachis, Mexicans Ai yai yai! Autocorrect sux. The most commonly worshiped diety in the world is female, thanks to the 20 million people in Mexico City.

First one on Autostraddle wins? Great website, chica! My wife and I live in Condesa and love it. We got married in July -read all about it here:. I am from Dallas, moved to Mexico City and was there full time for almost three years, now live in both Dallas and DF since they are so close by airplane. There are drag shows too, you got everything in just one city.

I will love to live there again, I am dying for a Michelada o Clamato!!! I am soo happy that you put a photo of Xochimilco, it is one of the best places to go if you have a big group of friends and most of foreigners love there. You can try Pedro Infante for a karaoke bar or an after bar.

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Alitas is the best place for chicken wings. The best ever Mojitos in la Bodeguita del medio. Bull for a good, long, drunk night full of younger adults I can keep going but I think this will be too long. I am so happy that you like DF, DF rocks!!!!! I am going back for a few days, hope that I can follow you up jeje. I have been to Pedro Infante! And Garibaldi, that is another mexican part of town I love!!! MAriachi, music, food, friends etc!!! Garibaldi is great too, somehow I forgot about that.

I work now on Denmark, but the cool thing about my job is that I could live anywhere I want so for now I am travelling around on my days off. Italy, sounds like you are studying there, am I right? Thank you for this! It was very relaxed but super smoky, being a spoiled New Yorker that was a bit tough. Really something to be seen, they will impress any jaded urbanite. Anyone who is worried about being safe there, just go!

DF is the best city ever! Seriously though, I want to live there. They have the best concerts and some really gorgeous architecture - both modern and historical. It really is a surreal city. There are other American Lesbians living in the DF? I have only met one bi chick from The US in the three years I have been here!

I live with my gf in one of those dangerous places you mentioned in your article, Iztapalapa!! Been to most of the places you mentioned and you really know the scene here good advice given!! So you live with your girlfriend, do you feel like Iztapalapa is queer friendly then? I teach English at businesses in Polanco; I wonder if we know people in common, I know lots of English teachers here.

Nov 10,   what's the dating scene like for middle aged, expat men in Mexico? steveh Active member. Member since 19 September steveh 13 October Mexico City 4 years ago By Oldladyman Autos. 24 Replies Mexico 4 years ago By Dtimms hi - planning to live in Mexico. Mexico city dating scene - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, footing can provide. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Jul 07,   Mexican Cupid is the top dating site in the country and since this is one of the biggest cities in the world you know there are going to be hundreds if not thousands of single women in Mexico City .

Though on second thought, there are tons of us, so maybe not! Iztapalapa is NOT queer friendly. However I have to take precautions like not holding hands with my girlfriend in town or kissing on her things like that. If ever we go out we head to Zona Rosa or Condessa.

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Iztapalapa is dangerous, in fact one of the most dangerous in the city. Soon though we will be moving closer to the center and closer to work!! Inbox me and we can chat wait do I have an inbox here? I just started using Autostraddle, ugg. Talk to you soon!! I am referring to expat women when I say that there are more women than men. Many expat men have hooked up with Mexican women here too.

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Have a wonderful trip. Eventually, I plan on months of the year. By the way, if anyone out there can recommend a late-date place for three of us to stay, that would be great.

It is getting harder to secure an affordable place in town. Will most likely have to resort to the resorts! The bigger problem is for expat women here who compete with the lower numbers of expat men and the local Mexican woman who would love to get their hearts into an expat!

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I have resided in MX for ten years. As in Thailand, The Gringo Effect is opprend here. If you are respectful, resonably attractive and speak a modicum of Spanish you should not have any difficulties. There is one caveat, many middle aged single women have children. Rarely less than two. One of the best ways to get an introduction is to befriend a MX family. They usually have large extended families;sisters, cousins aunts, friends.

Apr 03,   The dating scene is becoming more diverse and is accepting of LGBT individuals (in fact, Mexico City legalized gay marriage in , well before many other places like the US, Australia and Germany). So no matter who you are or who you're interested in, . When I first moved to D.F., Macha Mexico was my #1 reference for the queer scene in the city. Run by an American, this English-language blog is filled with information about queer and queer. Finals Thoughts on Expats In Mexico City. It's no surprise that foreigners are drawn to this place. Mexico City is safe for expats, it offers more or less the same amenities as the United States or Europe at less than half the cost, the bar and club scene is impressive and the weather is pleasant year-round.

Church is another place. But, be sincere regarding the religous ct. I am old. My novia, who is in her late 20's was visiting me. We were walking down my street, a one block dead end. No he visto a la senorita antes. I replied "Ella es mi novia" She laughed as well as a nearby male neighbor.

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No sitting at home with a bag of Eddie Redenbacher some dvd's and a six pack every Saturday. And, no matter how loving a relationship is, sex and money matter. The lives of many Mexicans, young and old, revolve around themes of Cancun and surrounding areas are popular destinations for both tourists If you are moving to Mexico for a long-term stay, it is important to take One of the best things about living in Mexico is travelling around the The coronavirus pandemic gave rise to a housing crisis in many countries The global health crisis, without a doubt, is having a significant impact It wouldn't be wrong to say that the coronavirus pandemic hasn't By continuing to browse our site, you are agreeing to our cookie policy.

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Mexico city dating scene - If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating woman half your age, this advertisement is for you. Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and hunt for you. Mexico City is one of the oldest cities in the Americas dating back to the Aztecs in the s. It is the capital of Mexico and one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of 25 million in the greater Mexico City area. The city is located in a valley with an altitude of over 7, feet. Site de rencontre Dating Scene Mexico City chretien. Faites des rencontres facilement en vous inscrivant gratuitement sur ce site de rencontre serieux dedie aux chretiens. Trouver l'amour, rencontrer l'ame s?ur dans la foi et organiser un mariage chretien pour Dating Scene Mexico City construire une vie de couple et une famille solide Dating Scene Mexico City est ce que nous vous.

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