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I am wondering if you have ever done some reviews on the dating site merrycherry. I have been using the site for about one and a half years now and I have met someone from the Ukraine that I plan to go and meet this next summer in the Ukraine. I was wondering about any info of reviews that you know of about this dating site. Myself I am of Ukrainian and Romanian background living in Canada and I was brought in with a strong influence of the Ukrainian culture, but I have never been to the Ukraine yet but have studied lots on it. If you could email me back on any info on this site and some things about the women if they are real or not or just another scam site. Thus, I did an online research and found following information what Merry-Cherry say about themselves:.

Form the comfort of your own home you can have access to some of the most amazing women on the planet. Each woman who has a profile approved for MerryCherry.

Merry Cherry offers a much needed service for those men who are looking for quality women to start a romantic relationship. Review I tried out the Merry Cherry dating site, because I thought it was too good to be true and I was right. I contacted several girls, none of which would give me their phone number or had email. I picked one girl in particular who was a blond from St.

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Petersburg and I started getting numerous emails from other girls who were blond and from St. In one, case I just received the same generic script several times from the same girl.

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In another, case it seemed she finally sent me a personalized email based on the messages subject, I received an email alert, but when I went to the site, nobody at the site could find an email with that subject. The girls letters are way too short, I have some experience with online dating sites and no how to spot real letters.

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They always ask a lot of questions but never say much about themselves. I contacted about 5 girls and none of them would share any contact info with me. I would tell people to stay away.

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As usual I sign up with spamgourmet addresses there assuming Confirmed-Opt-In will fail with this spammer which I create with parts of the formerly advertised URL. So I can see where it came from.

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What I not yet know is if merry-cherry and uadreams might be the same spammer. Perfect to run joe jobs against the spammers to get them listed. So if you want to contact a large number of ladies, that site would be expensive compared to others, so avoid it.

OTOH, if you see a small numbers of ladies 4 or 5 that you think might be a good match for you, go for them.

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Are you confident enough that you can choose the right 4 ladies with a decent chance of one being interested in you?

If not, go to another site. But if you stop the money they are gone never to be hear from again. Yours Truly John.

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It is a pay-per-letter website, so be aware that it gets pretty expensive. The good things in life that require work is never certain! Firstly, find out the reputation of the marriage agency on the Internet and read the experiences of other men. For example, I did it and did not find any information on this dating site. This means that the agency has no reputation and no experience. I recommend you to find a well-established agency which is working for many years in the dating industry.

Be realistic: It cannot be possible that all women look like top models. is not just a dating site. It's a unique combination of a charming layout, easy to navigate web functionalities and of course the core of the project - hundreds and even thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian women profiles. If .

Either their photos are worked with photoshop, or the women are scam. Pick a normal sympathetic woman with a nice smile. If you feel that the girl is cute and can be right for you, ask her for her phone number and home address.

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You want to send flowers for her, for example. First, decent Ukrainian women work. Secondly, decent Ukrainian women are proud women and would never ask for money. A few years ago, I met nice men on dating sites, but I never asked them about money.

I was happy about flowers and small gifts as signs of their attention.

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But never asked for money! In order to develop a relationship, you need to know each other better. Therefore, I recommend you to ask many questions: about her family, friends, job, childhood, dreams, future plans, family plans, hobbies, preferences, culture, background etc.

When you see that the woman like your questions and gives you detailed answers, it means that she is open toward you and has interest. When the woman ignores your questions and writes standard sets like about weather you should think that the woman is a fake.

Tags: ussr-star review ussr-star scams. April 15, May 29, I attempted to contact Merry-Cherry.

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I mentioned that I found her on a modeling website and was in touch with her and she stated that it is not her account. I asked them to send me a few of the pics of this female receiving any of the mysterious flowers and they replied back and told me those pics are privately shared with the individuals who sent the flowers. Following that response, I told Merry-Cherry. Please do not give a single penny to these lying companies.

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Here is a perfect example of why these companies are lying to us. Help me bring them down, please please please help me stop them from robbing us blind. I met my girlfriend there and acouple of days we fell in love each other. It seems that corporation that heads that company is in Belize.

I join several sites, using several identifications as you say, to see if they are indeed up to something other than what they say they are. There does seem to be a little to many beauty queens on the siteand you get a LOT of letters. However, I find it so far exactly like the average site.

Siomai Love Ni Aussy - Rated K

Other than Charming Date, which is probably the biggest rip-off of any of those sites. I was in Jump4Love, for about a year or so. But there was a couple of times when I chatted with women, at my expense, and they were not in a bland looking room, and a couple of those women did a few things YOU ARE NOT going to do with other people around. One even hollered for her son, who came and sat in her lap for a few minutes, and her dad!

I believe, that if you have a unique disposition, you will get more real women attracted to you, than the usual, thirsty, got to get married now individual. Those Ukrainian women, the real ones, they were not dummies and seem to WANT to learn from other cultures. Yes, a LOT of the questions I asked were answered.

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I used to think that some of the questions they asked was only to get you to write back. After awhile, they were asking questions in regards to answers I gave to them. They seem to realize, I was not fake, I did not come there as a sexual leer or pervert, and that I really did have an interest in their culture.

Ukrainian playgroup, she is very unique, very intelligent, and she DOES want a cherry that will respect and love her, and keep family as the perfect. Merry-Cherry is an international dating site combining charming layout, easy-to-use funcionalities and hundreds and thousands of russian women profiles. Merry Cherry offers a much needed service for those men who are looking for quality women to start a romantic relationship. And here are the reviews of their customers: Review #1: Hi Jim: I tried out the Merry Cherry dating site, because I thought it was too good to be true and I was right.

I just think if you are a sucker, you will attract women that will just suck you up. The agency stuff helps the lady with advice and translation to and from English.

Merry cherry dating

Our team also checks all the information provided by the lady, including passport information and blacklists. If everything is ok, the profile is activated and you can see the new profile on the site.

Let us imagine you saw a lady's profile and decided to take a chance. You have 2 options- either to send her a virtual smile we call it 'I like you' noteor write a real, personal message to her.

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Second is definitely better, because it's much more private and there is nothing better than this when we talk about dating, but if you are shy and don't know what to say, you can stick to the 'I like you' notes, so you will tell the lady you are interested and if she likes you too, there is a chance she will write back. Please keep in mind that you can send unlimited number of 'I like you' notes to all the ladies you like absolutely free of charge, but sending a real private message will cost you a credit, which will be deducted from your private Merry-Cherry.

You might still have questions, so we created a special Frequently Asked Question section see the link FAQ at the top menu with lots of questions and answers to them.

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