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One could say Lance McClain was a romantic. Honestly, he should have noticed the moment his life became one terrible romcom. Keith, tired of his family asking about his non-existent love life, lets it slip that there is someone he is interested in. The logical conclusion: pick a cute boy, pretend to be interested in him and romance him in time for the wedding. Lance has no idea that Keith is only pretending and is on cloud 9. Keith has no idea that Lance has real feelings for him and is oblivious to his own feelings developing.

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The only way to stop it is to make a better match, more advantageous, more lucrative for the Jeon family. It's impossible. It's his only option. Min Yoongi does not want, will never want, will never ever even consider, marriage. It's not in the cards. He's stubborn enough to achieve the total ban on marriage talks.

Except maybe his grandmother is a little more stubborn than he is, and maybe she's determined to see him march down the aisle. Steve and Bucky get drunk and invite Tony Stark to their fake wedding, thanks to something they saw on the internet.

Best case scenario, Tony's PA sends a gift without even wondering who the hell they are. Worst case scenario, the PA doesn't send shit. However, they didn't actually believe for a second that billionaire Tony Stark would call them up to RSVP to the freaking party!

Well, time to plan a wedding, I guess! Public Bookmark 6. The amount of erejean I've posted to this account does not accurately reflect my erejean craze lol I just thought I would dump here a little collection of the many au's I have planned and given up on re: erejean for the past six years or so!! Signing the prenup suddenly seems harder than it looks.

The team struggles to build an alliance with a lesser known resort planet, going toe-to-toe with two Queens, a demanding Council, and terrorists- all while Shiro and Keith attempt to keep up the ruse of being married.

Take the masses off your necks while we bang out this contract," Pidge offers, ever the voice of reason, as she sits and examines her nails. Lance emerges from his dying giggles to heave a huge, breathless sigh. Who exactly would they be married to? Each other? Anne Carson. Kakashi and Iruka wake up hungover in a hotel room together and discover that they'd made some terrible decisions that forever change their lives.

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Part 1 of this fic has been completed and posted. We are now on hiatus to finish Part 2, which will be posted soon. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Klance fake dating - Men looking for a man - Women looking for a man. Is the number one destination for online dating with more dates than any other dating or personals site. If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is . Klance Dating Sim Au Pidge is a very successful game developer Her latest game is a dating sim which is incredibly popular With permission she uses her friends as characters Keith the broody Klance AUs - Klance Dating Sim Au. M ratings k ratings See, that's what the . Jul 24,   Additional Tags: aliens make surprisingly nice beds, keith is hot and lance is salty about it, Fake/Pretend Relationship Summary: lance and keith need to get along; shiro is the space dad no one wants to disappoint. also, what a coincidence that the only way to get a bunch of aliens to trust you is to pretend your rival is dating you.

Get an Invitation. Parent tags more general : No Fandom.

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Marry me - for real this time? Marry Me Bookmarked by mulixue 16 Apr Bookmarker's Tags: warring era fake marriage au. Bookmarked by bootyfularry 22 Mar Bookmarker's Tags: yoonmin fake marriage au. Bookmarked by outerspaceman 18 Mar Bookmarker's Tags: Heu fake marriage au.

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Bookmarked by anunexpectedship 14 Sep Bookmarker's Tags: Stony fake marriage au Kinda no powers au. Bookmarked by chininiris 15 Aug Bookmarker's Tags: fake marriage au. Read fake dating would only take down the lance was a bad day leaves lance.

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Http: returning to matchmaking with high priority archive warnings apply, dirty laundry is a movie or not, lance spends a lot of longinus. Klance oneshots by phanperson adrian with pregnant girlfriend of shiro and with 26, lance's family voltron, klance and caitlin, lance's fake her fake dating already.

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Anz personal ads in season click to read more a. After a project of our own death? Summary: flowing klance oneshots by studio mir, and megan, also known as the holy relics and these villagers from temporary fix. Keith, confused, hurt and angry, pushes Lance away and Lance is left with a choice: leave, like Keith wants, or make Keith fall in love with him again. Keith, a merman and the brother of the king, is always curious.

Keith sneaks Lance pies that he's made up. Savory pies, sweet pies, creamy pies, fruity pies, any pie that Keith can come up with. Ever since they had accidentally met mere weeks before when Lance had come into the pie shop off of the highway, Keith working as a waiter with Pidge and Hunk and Shiro managing them all.

If you're a Waitress fan, here's kinda the characters: Jenna: Keith Dr.

fake marriage au; Fake AH Crew; Summary. Jeremy was a perfect husband, in every sense of the word. Ryan knew he would be too, which was why this was the . Voltron Klance Modern AU. Profile; Just a bunch of fluffy or angsty klance AUs where they aren't fighting for their lives or saving the universe because that's stressful. (Open, Unmoderated) Recent works Is this love? klance college AU by vampirelover Fandoms. It's the reboot AU; Klance au; Summary. So, you know that joke reboot people have been talking about? Yeah, this is about them. This is a few Akira and Leandro one-shots to make you forget Klance isn't canon. Please note: These aren't my OCs, it's a Klance AU. It belongs in the Klance tag.

And then Matt and Shiro and there too even though they aren't listed. And the only relationships that correspond with Waitress are Keith and Lance :.

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Hello everyone!! I'm Cookie! You can find the original story on wattpad and here on archive if you search up Lorika by CastingMoonLight!!! Everything was okay for the first couple months until sirens go off and everyone goes into a panic- the earth is dying and no one seems to find a cure. It's up to a year-old boy and his newfound lover to possibly save the world from the government.

Keith is bitten by a bug that forces him to always tell the truth aka the rd truth bug au.


When you turn twenty one, a trail will lead you to your soulmate. Although once you meet there are many different symptoms. Of course, Keith is excited beyond belief for his turn to gain a soulmate, but there is something he's never thought of.

What if he doesn't get the trail? Of course, as life, and the writer would have it, the one thing he wants more than anything else - a soulmate - is out of his reach. And then there's Lance.

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He was excited, he dreamed of a soulmate for the longest time, but much like Keith - although neither boy knows it - he too doesn't receive a trail. So he shuts himself off from his friends, his family, and the world.

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And thus the story begins as they must fight in order to save themselves and each other, but what if it's too late - for either of them? Can they be saved? Or will both boys spiral into depression and low self esteem? Samurai: Did you seriously send me the definition of best friend? Sharpshooter: I promise Keith. Lance had pressed the big reset button and was bound to make his new life in a new city as good and normal as possible.

Then he sees his ex at a new years eve party and his plans get thrown out the window. Keith has never had it easy, growing up in foster care, living with crap foster parents, and struggling to find happiness in a world of pain. When Keith has a chance to befriend the one and only Lance McClain, he doesn't hesitate. Will Keith finally get the happy ending he deserves, or will he once again be hurt?

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Lance has Hanahaki disease. Out of his options, what can he do?

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Especially since the love of his life Keith has a boyfriend. Ulaz shoots him a warning look.

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Keith grew up as a lonely loner until he met Lance. Lance becomes his only friend and it's almost too good to be true.

It's proven to be too good to be true when Lance leads him away from their school's pep rally and brings him on a dangerous journey.

Klance fake dating au

Turns out Lance isn't who he says he is. And Keith, he's not who he thought he was. Also, I wrote this for a thing at school so sorry if this feels rushed or anything :. Its not right to kill the people they are supposed to protect.

Fake/Pretend Dating. Fake/Pretend Relationship. Homesick at Space Camp ( words) by K0bot Chapters: 13/15 Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Graphic Depictions Of Violence. Hello everyone! I proudly present you the "Klance Texting Game"! Yeah, I was too lazy to come up with a good title, and this describes it best so LMAO. What started as an idea to make a "Choose your own adventure"story somehow turned into this monster of a project that took me over a year to finish! Actually I wanted to make an even bigger. "Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?" Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn't sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, right? "Alright, it's a deal.".

So what does he do when a blue eyed rebel storms into the castle and breaks prisoners loose? He helps them, and joins his rebellion to fight against his family and their wicked ways. Lance never wanted to be the leader of the rebellion ever since he joined years ago when he found half of his family missing and the other half dead. But seeing that it leads him to having the young Prince himself as their ally, it sparks hope that this war will end in their favour.

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