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Mamamialetmego thanks ;-. User are stupid and probably be a asshole. Saying what I just says nmy having rgers, I did just answer this question in laymans terms here. I must make sure that everyone understands that I am never OK with lying n being so cold-hearted. Thank fuck I am not that. So yes, genuine movable touched n grief comfort pity extending the friendly hand yes.

So why start in the first place.

Jun 24,   Women do not date guys they pity. (3) She enjoys your company, and if you want to hang out before you leave, she would enjoy that. 94) Why SHOULD she miss you? She's not . What Does This Mean. she Said She Is Dating Me Out Of Pity by ogunronbi18(m): pm On May 02, The girl i feel inlove with said she is dating me out of pity Am inlove with her, we have being dated for about 2years now and she make this statement today. Oh gosh, YES YES YES. Especially if the person isn't in love with the other one, but loves them more like a sibling, etc., then sympathy, empathy, pity all of it will cause that person not to leave. Not wanting to be lonely is another reason. It depends on what makes that person content, and what he or she needs out of a relationship.

You are showing a lack of character and let yourself be pulled into a situation without happy ending. I did once out of pity. Never liked him broke up 6 months later. I did it cuz he was suicidal after his father's death and a friend asked me to talk to him and he thought it was a date and i didn't know how to turn him down knowing all that so i just went with it.

We never even kissed, i just hang out with him and was there for him when he was down up until he was back to himself and then i broke it off. Pity is feeling superior or feeling ur in a better position than another person, and to me we are all equal with the same fate which is death. So instead of pity is just not my style. MollyTheOriginal Xper 5.

Hell no.

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I can't imagine being seriously a that hard up or b that low in self esteem that you would honestly go through with that. If none of that is enough to stop you, the prospect of hurting someone else emotionally should be. Sign Up Now!

Is she dating me out of pity

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At some point, do you say, "I'm sorry, but I've only been dating you out of pity, and I've now found someone else who actually does get me excited? Logorithim Influencer. I did it once and it was a mistake so I'd never do it again. The girlfriend of a guy I knew had a sister that apparently was really interested in me and the guy and his girlfriend were pushing me to date her.

At first I said no, but they really wanted me to give it a try and I was single at the time so eventually I decided it probably couldn't hurt anything and went on a date with her. It wasn't horrible but I really didn't feel anything for her so it didn't feel right. Then at the end of the night she moved in for a kiss and in the process bit my lip to the point that it bled a little. That didn't help me develop any attraction to her!

The next day I called her to let her know I just didn't feel anything and there wouldn't be a second date. I think that hurt her more than if I never went out with her at all so I'd never do something like that again. Xper 5. DontEscapeFan Xper 1. Depends on a number of factors I would NOT if I knew beforehand their recent break-up came from someone I knew wasn't right for them They happen to be the same gender Have some type of disability I probably would if I have a good feeling about them or have a strong intuition to give them a chance They are equally as independent as I am and neither of us are too dependent on the other I've known them for a long time They are the opposite gender.

Drowningkingfish Xper 7. No, that's stupid - you don't share the same common bond or infatuation in the person.

Is She Dating Me or My Money?

Imagine if you get married to this person out of sorrow, and your kids found out that they were created as props for a stage to their mother. It's equally as taunting as a fake apology. NavyVelvet Xper 5. No, but I did date a guy in college who I was not interested in, but I had no other offers, and the men at my college, in general, had bad attitudes, and this guy did seem nice. However, I wasn't attracted to him. It was okay for the first two dates until it seemed like he had feelings for me, and I didn't so I ended it.

You can really only feign interest for a date or so, and even then, it's stringing the other person along. This might be different if you're in high school and looking for a date to prom or something, and if you bring a guy friend, not out of "pity", but due to the fact that he's a good friend and you want to go with him because it will be fun.

But no.

You are making no one a favor by dating out of pity. You are not helping the other because he/she may start to like you and want more than just a date and you are perhaps betraying or cheating yourself for not having the courage to say no, knowing that sooner or later you will have to break this date if you do not wish to continue the relation. Oct 04,   Hi Dating Nerd, I just got out of a year-long relationship. Or so I thought. My girlfriend dumped me a few weeks ago and broke my heart. Even your dentist, if you tell your dentist, will pity. Said She Agreed To Dating Me - Out Of Pity by MrOrton: pm On Feb 05, Haven't told this to anyone before [but on a second thought, its a bloody forum so to hell with it!] In As much as would have loved Signing up a new account, or saying My friend.

Don't ever date someone that you pity. Dear God. That's right out of a teenage movie.

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Andytherese Xper 5. I wouldn't, you would be encouraging their feelings, and they will possibly grow more, it's better to know the truth, you're not interested, you could reject them with tact, and kindness, you don't need to be rude, but its important to be honest. I did it once and I felt awful. He made my skin crawl and made me so uncomfy. No that could seriously backfire. I dont understand people who does this.

I actually had someone date because of this.

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No way. Not only is it a turnoff for me but you're leading someone on who you never have any intention of being with anyway. No, that's waste of time and will just result in pain in the end. It's best just to say you aren't interested. Have done it a couple times in the past although it wasn't exactly pity. It was more along the lines of not being into someone but giving it a shot anyway because you never know. Hell nah! That could do more damage if they find out someone's only dating them out of pity.

Plus I wouldn't want someone to date me out of pity either. I am not that evil that I will destroy someones feelings like that.

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So no I'm not that evil. Xper 6. I luckily came clean to him only after being a week together and apologized.

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Nope, what would be the point? It would only be an awkward situation. Monalisa77 Xper 4.

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That sounds really dumb, there's nothing wrong with being their friend though. I have before and ended up feeling more sorry for myself. I have pitied guys i've gone out with and I didn't want to see them because I saw them as a waste of my time and I know what other guys I can easily get therefore I wouldn't settle.

It's not my problem that they're the way they are so why should I even care and pretend to like them.

MamaBearFromHell Xper 5. ChurchOfIron Explorer. I have done so, before. It was a mistake. I think I did end up helping her, though. That all depends peeps.

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If they are genuine, yes. If its just a pity party, then no.

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C oh z they are just being selfish then. My boyfriend n I are together through mutual trauma n understanding shit.

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Isabella46 Xper 4. No, I could never date someone for any reason other than actually liking them. Xper 7. No, that would risk emotional damage if they were deeply invested in the relationship. No I'm not dating anyone I dont genuinely have a connection with. Out of compassion, sure why not if I knew this can be someone I could bring myself to peck or kiss going about my regular day. I don't do that. Disrespectful behaviour all around No way If I don't find him attractive then I'm not going to date him.

Not going to lead him on. That's really stupid. How will you explain that when they figure it out Why would you bother going to find them? Show All Show Less. Historylover18 Explorer. Pull yourself into a situation where the other person will get hurt more? No nothing good can come out of that kind of relationship. It is funny a lot of guys here would not date someone out of pity. But some of these dudes definitely would like to receive that pity.

I do know a few women who are very attractive and so arrogant about it they consider every date to be out of pity.

It wouldn't work for me. So she should NOT have been upset that you are leaving. And she should NOT be attached to you after only 4 dates. Women do not date guys they pity. She's not mentally ill, insecure, screwed-up. Trending News.

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