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Please visit the Rules page before posting or commenting. Really interested in people's personal opinions, what do you think of interracial relationships in SA? There are several interracial couples at my church and my best friend is currently engaged to someone whose a different race from her while I am also pursing someone whose of a different race. My white older brother married a black girl. So my opinion is more of a family perspective instead of a general public perspective. My relationship with my brother and sister in law occurs completely independent of the fact that they are an interracial couple.

There is no CA-wide standard, and he's asking about dating in San Francisco. Since the CA-wide standard is illusory, application of it to San Francisco is not only unhelpful but misleading. As another user rightly pointed out, dating in e. Since he is asking for advice re: San Francisco and through discussion, now the East Bay and less so the Bay Area in generaladvice regarding some supposed CA-wide standard is only helpful if that standard does indeed exist, which, by your own admission, it does not.

It's never been a significant enough problem for me to worry about, but I'm light-skinned, come from a middle class family, was in tech, am a degreed professional Darker skinned friends of mine, friends from around the way, friends who didn't take my path have a much harder time.

As someone else pointed out, it's more about culture and what you project against the backdrop of racist assumptions about your skin color, I'm sorry to say. Sup man, not a bay resident but I am there so often as a consultant I probably should be.

As a young black dude myself I think the northwest is the most interesting place in the country as far as dating. A lot of the girls I meet are very polite, career driven, and curious to say the least.

Some come across as viewing me as a fetish, some like my body, looks, or personality, and some are just genuine people who want to connect on an intellectual level. These girls are of every race but I would say for me most have been Asian. There has also been white, Black, Indian, middle eastern, Canadian, etc. Like yourself, people know what they like and for those people it may not be black, it is what it is, just understand everyone has preferences.

I meet a fellow gym goer men like 1 out of every guys. This is all my opinion based on my experiences, not observations. I'm a bit confused because i think you're talking about Seattle? Northwest right? I'm currently putting on muscle so i can't say i'll be entering SF with a rock solid body, but i do believe all guys can look better when they have a built body.

As far as the northwest, I guess it depends on who you are asking, I think of the northwest like this map. How so? The people, industries, and weather are so different.

I think North cali is like a whole different state. It's different sure, but not really that different.

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We both have tons of skateboarders, surfers and outdoorsmen. Big marijuana culture in both areas. The weather is pretty similar outside of SF-Daly City. I mean, both have a mediterranean climate, while LA might average 75 year 'round the greater bay area probably averages Also, uh, don't say cali.

We both have huge Latino populations and cultural roots. Way more then Oregon. We're both used to out-of-towners pouring in to try and milk us for fame and wealth. There's tech in LA and there's media in SF, just not as much as vice versa. The valley ties us together, and because of it we both have extremely fresh and high quality produce, and excellent food culture. Sure there are plenty of similarities but there is clearly a difference between the two areas. Dude, they say "the" before the freeway numbers down there!

You don't get more polar opposite than that. Responses were depressingly inconsistent. That is common. Southern girl here South Carolina - SF is very progressive. I've dated South Asian, Black, East Asian, Hispanic, Greek, and more here and never heard a qualm compared to SC where often old white women would comment on my interracial dates.

It's good to separate out whether it can happen from how it will be treated if it happens. To the latter point, I think it's relatively rare for people to have reactions to inter-racial couples. We have lots of them - and here, probably much more than Georgia, you are going to see inter-racial couples that mix more than just blacks and whites.

So it's less of a thing when it happens. There are definitely various levels of racial politics going on here. And, like people have already mentioned, it varies based on city and neighborhood. Overall it's just of a different flavor than in the South. Yet it is there. Which is great. This is the kind of area where catch-all "races" like "Asian" don't even really make sense, for instance, because the Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino cultures to name just a few all have a distinct, individual presence.

Back to can it happen: sure, because why not. It'll help if you don't limit your dating pool to black or white.


And keep in mind that many of us struggle with dating in this area, in general. It's extremely common. Both for gay and straight people. In fact I had to really think about your question because I'm so used to mixed couples that I kind of forgot. But as far as preference goes, you'll be able to find just about whatever it is your looking for! Good luck. Racism exists here as it does everywhere though it seems to be less obvious, and at least in public the community aggressively opposes it.

Can't speak to the initial dating, but as far as coupling goes, here's my anecdotal data:. Now did your grandma teach you to cook that delicious unhealthful southern cuisine, that's the real question and if I was trolling dating profiles from georgia that would be my first question. Or maybe you can cook this? Haha well, i'm african and southern so some of my cuisine is probably not the normal southern cuisine you're thinking of!

However its definitely delicious, also most southern food is really easy to cook so i do know how to make those too. For the Khachapuri, i don't think i know a georgian who can cook that, since its native to the Country of Georgia instead of the state :D. Just winding you up and checking if you're paying attention, with the khachapuri. You pass; you'll fit right in out here. And i'm sure you know better than me that a lot of that 'good old all-american cooking' from the south is straight out of west africa.

I personally know more interracial than intraracial idk if that's a real term but you know what I mean couples in SF proper, and while that's mostly white males and Asian females, I know a couple African American females dating white males this city is mostly white guys in case you weren't aware haha.

In general the dating scene feels very interracially-friendly, even if that seems to be mostly because of exoticization. I'd say it depends on socioeconomic bracket though; the lower it is the more racially homogenous I've found the circles. Not to say that people are opposed outright, but it seems like that's just the default more frequently.

I will be messaging you on UTC to remind you of this link. Parent commenter can delete this message to hide from others. SF is like the most progressive place in the US it shouldn't be harder here than anywhere else. I live down on the peninsula Palo Alto areaand though I have a very small sample size, it doesn't seem uncommon:.

All the rest are either single, I'm not aware of their relationship status, or I don't know their SO. Sorry I can't be more helpful, my area's really white, so I have a stupidly small sample size, but I hope this is helpful.

Interracial couple - Are South Africans receptive to interracial relationships?

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Couples in interracial relationships sit down to discuss the difficulties of being in such relationships. In the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was passed in South Africa, becoming the. Jan 25,   ors in interracial relationships, what was the biggest cultural adjustment you had to make? Close. k. I've been dating african girls (I'm European) for some years, and it takes them forever to get their hair done (read extensions). help App coins premium . Like other countries, interracial dating South Africa is not a new thing. Some people have found their perfect matches while connecting with dating sites in SA. While people were expressing their opinions on Twitter, as reported by, there are those who see interracial relationships in South Africa as a "step up" in their status quo.

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AskSF submitted 1 year ago by ugonna Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Lastly, welcome to the city! Imagine every single time you go on a date and have to be told that same thing over and over. Never actually feeling like a person, I become an accessory or exotic thing for someone else?

I can only smile and say thank you so many times. But I hear you guys too. I use a lot of cocoa butter, Shea butter, and argon oil products to soften my hair and skin. Even before my inking I was a huge fan of the smell. I would rather smell like this than some artificial floral alcohol-based perfume.

I love the smell of coco butter, I use body creams smelling like that, now it kind of feel tainted, just because of a racist. I also love the smell of cocoa butter! I always want to eat it it smells so good I dont eat it! My wife is African and I always use her Palmers body butter as it makes my pale dry skin feel amazing.

I also use her shampoo. Women always have good stuff. I always say "im sorry, education has a diction" This isnt me talking "white".

Oh I've even had them say "I talk white bitch" because apparently using complete sentences makes them feel bad about themselves. In the US, there is an unfortunate confounding with what is the American norm regarding behavior and customs to what are white subgroup behaviors and customs.

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A large part of the race problems in America stem from the fact that both white supremacists and far-left progressives emphasize racial differences and believe that our culture and customs are "white" as opposed to acknowledging European cultural roots identifying as Americans first and subgroup second, if at all. Maybe someday that will shift and we can have what is considered a shared American culture.

Which would then open the door for discussion of several different white subgroup cultures along with the already identified Latinx and black subcultures. Edit: apparently Latinx is not preferred by all. And broad strokes like "Latino" and "black" do not capture the cultural heterogeneity that can be found within those relatively arbitrary socially constructed groups.

Got it, and thanks for the feedback. I get this even as a Portuguese woman. My ex used to say that he hates Portuguese people but, it's ok because I'm the whitest Portuguese girl there is. Bitch please. Reminds me of this POC girl I used to be stationed with, she was about 20 and we were both pretty new to the military and I remember one day she was talking about how she was usually shunned by POC cuz she grew up in Colorado and didn't act the same as most.

I can't imagine how that must feel. Black guy here. Like black is some forbidden fruit to indulge in. My experience is similar, homogeneous home town, dated an asian girl when I was younger as the universities had an exchange program. The number of people who would just straight up assume I must have a fetish was mental, these same people would then go on about what a lovely person she was After my break I went and told my supervisor immediately and they went to talk to security.

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For example once I dated a southern girl I'm from up northand she got royally mad when I started shit bagging on the confederation and their flag worship thing.

I can't pretend that I'll understand every culture. So I'll just confess I'm an idiot up front and willing to learn lol. Its basically telling them that you come in good faith, and to please call you out if you get something wrong accidentally that you didn't know was insulting. People can absolutely learn how to be better, but can't know if people don't teach them. Over the past year or two I started dating women from different cultural backgrounds.

Its truly a learning experience for a guy like me.

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Anything from 3c hair and how important them edges are haha. It does go both ways as well. Like alllll the time. Super weird like she was about to pounce on me at any moment. Obviously this is not always the case. There are some genuine creeps out there.

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Nonetheless there are nice guys that just say stupid shit too. Its the child of stereotyping and fetishizing. There were zoos way back with people who were Asian, black, Hispanic, Australian, Caribbean. There was even a showcase at the world fair.

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Black woman here. In interracial relationships, it's something to be conscientious about because of fetishism, objectification, and connotations. I date minds and hearts of those from all backgrounds. And some guys just wanna bang "chocolate. Imagine your mom or sister getting called an aphrodisiac candy.

Way more flattering and respectful to use the word "beautiful" or other words without race specific sexual connotations. What's funny is I've literally had a woman, also black, say "Ooo there's hot chocolate! We laughed. It's like a joke between us now. I wouldn't want to be called someone's creamer or vanilla on a regular basis. Already spent most of my life being referred to as Elmer's glue.

So important to have respect established first! I'm half Indian and have been with my boyfriend for just over a year and a half, and it was a looong time before I imagine he felt he could test the waters with compliments that did relate to my skin colour or culture.

And coming from the right person, those compliments are pretty cute. But after years of "mixed race girls are so beautiful, my ex was mixed race too", I don't have the patience for people who come across as fetishising me for it. Boy bye. Never knew that I would love to be called French Vanilla occasionally. That sounds sexy at the right time.

This is the same for Asian women. Asian woman here. I totally agree with this.

South africa - The hotbed of good looking singles. If you can't find them, you obviously don't have a InterracialDatingCentral account. Sign up now! Jump online and chat to our huge database of gorgeous, compatible singles - all from the comfort of home. We want to see you happy and can't wait to hear about your InterracialDatingCentral success. Oct 28,   Very distinct communities live right next to each other. For instance, the East Bay has significantly higher African American population (Oakland) than SF itself does, and the culture around dating, interracial or not, is going to be different there than in the city. Sep 27,   Welcome to r/dating_advice!. Please keep the rules of r/dating_advice in mind while participating here. Try your best to be kind. Report any rule-breaking behavior to the moderators using the report button. If it's urgent, send us a message. We .

The worst one was this dude try to talk to me in Japanese I assume which he leaned watching flicking anime. I used to work at a sushi place and customers would argue my race with me.

I like your name. And I also agree with what you said. I feel for u asian girls!! The amount of older men that try to hit on my thai friends is disgusting.

Apr 21,   Interracial couples of with African Americans and Caucasians are also not uncommon in my area, and the political views tend to be moderate left. We're also really close to Washington, D.C., so you can visit the nation's capital pretty often if you wish, and even get a job there if you would like. From my observation, it's generally white guys that do the interracial dating Statistically, the most common inter-racial pairing in SA is black male and colored woman. However, there is a positive social ct attached to non-white women dating white men, particularly in urban major cities. level 1. Apr 21,   So I am a 26 year old black woman, and my parter is a 29 year old white man. We have been dating for just under a month now, so I'm still in the stage where I am deciding if this is right for me. I have been in interracial relationship all my life, and I have never dealt the amount of commentary that has transpired in this short amount of time.

Chinese guy here. The fetishization of the Asian woman is something completely different however. I will never completely understand the struggle my sisters go through. But I wonder, if next time, perhaps try to spin it into something positive? Into a lesson for your partner if you do decide to continue the relationship from that point on to carry with him for the rest of his life?

I want to know more. I totally understand where you come from. I think it's a nice thing that you can spin it in a positive light and feel empowered by it. On the other hand, I just feel so tired of having to teach people about myself and my culture all the time. And I really do mean all the time. I can't exist simply as a person with no qualifiers because so many people have this attitude that I exist as a teacher or an example of my group because I'm the first person they've come close to who is different than them.

It's tiring to know that my race will always precede anything else someone thinks about me. I'm not ashamed of who I am or where I come from, I just feel increasingly more irritated and fatigued by having to be some figurehead when I'm just a normal person and would like to be treated that way. Why should I accept that one of the first things that my significant other's family will ask me is "how I feel about such and such topic that affected someone from my racial group" or "if I feel like I fit in because I'm a different race", instead of stuff about my studies or interests like they would if my SO were dating a white girl.

Sorry if I come off a bit aggresive.

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This topic is just frustratingly relevant to me right now as I just met my white partner's family this week and had to endure the racial interrogation as per. Oh absolutely! I love having convos with people who want to learn more I am a mix as well! Like see me as a person, not an object!

A colleague of my ex-boyfriend's referred to me and his other asian ex-girlfriends as being "exotic". I immediately felt like throwing up after hearing that. As another black woman, I completely get it. These comments are especially uncomfortable within the current cultural landscape. Which is all kinds of frustrating. I put it thst way because I don't rhink everyone is intentional with that language. So people just need to be called out on the stupid shit they say. It is intentional. Sure it comes from ignorance and racist stereotypes and maybe even porn culture, but put it this way.

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In a joking context it might be ok. I'm Indian and I've called myself a "sweet hunk of caramel" before. Obviously it's much different when someone other than yourself is saying it. Nothing better In a hard days work in quarantine than a chunk of salted carmel.

Lemme tell ya. In my day, they were unsalted. You're probably joking, but I swear I never heard of salted caramel before about 10 years ago, it seems like it suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

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But when it starts to permeate into the romantic relationship, it turns into fetishizing race and ethnicity and gets fucked up real quick. Like a backhand compliment. Its like oh? You dont know what the rest of your family looks like?

Interracial dating south africa reddit

Because I know what it really means. I had someone kick off over me asking where they were from before and really didn't understand why, this explains it slightly but I live in the UK and assumed they were from London, I was only asking what part.

r/southafrica: Everything related to South Africa. Im from Cape Town and coloured. My best friend is a white girl. For the longest time, I would always feel weird about the looks we would get as most would assume we were together.

There are so many other words in the dictionary. Fetishizing Black people is just not cool, end of story. I tell them Scottish to fuck with them.

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I'm latino and one of my friends used to say that to a girl he liked. I always told him, don't do that she might not like it. Sooner or later, she rejected him and he got all pissy at me and I was like I told you.

I've always found this to be weird. Ugh these are disgusting phrases. Why do brown and black people have to be associated with the jungle? This would frustrate me too.

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I'm an Indian girl and when a guy called me "spicy" with the intention of it being a sexy compliment, I laughed so hard. Do you want a samosa or a human being?

Needless to say, I block both of those men after those comments. It just seems like I keep finding myself between two extremes where black women are under appreciated and where black women are overtly fetishized.

I will absolutely not talk to you and automatically think less of you for referring to yourself and me as those terms. Its not something to fetishize or think is cute and appealing. But now? We still have that inside joke between each other, but I would never again.

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