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Man arrested for holding American lover captive in Lagos hotel. Gateman conspires with robbers, demand N30m as they torture his. Actress Rita Dominic celebrates 45th birthday. Nigerian track and field athlete, Blessing Okagbare who recently filed for divorce from her husband, Otegheri, after six years of marriage says she is no longer interested in dating. Blessing Okagbare who took to her Instastories to declare that she has lost interest in dating, however gave conditions on what her next suitors must do to win her heart. The Olympic and World Championships medalist stated that any man who might be interested in getting into a relationship with her should write an essay of words on how he would not waste her time. Women storm Facebook to warn a life coach about her new husband who is.

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There are many things that people must endure here on earth. Two of the hardest things?

Dec 17,   Why I'm No Longer Texting the People I Date Dating. December 17, and early predictions suggest that marriages made in a digital dating world will be stronger and longer lasting. As much as I may long for the monotonic bleep of a flip-phone those are difficult points to ignore. Mar 26,   If you've noticed that intimacy, either stops or slows way down, Alisha Powell, PhD, LCSW, therapist and relationship expert tells Bustle, that may be a sign your relationship is no longer a Author: Kristine Fellizar. "I'm no longer dating", Blessing Okagbare declares By Adebiyi Chioma On Apr 29, Nigerian track and field athlete, Blessing Okagbare who recently filed for divorce from her husband, Otegheri, after six years of marriage says she is no longer interested in dating.

Both being in love and losing love. Being in love is awesome when it goes the right way. Losing love feels tantamount to missing a limb.

Yet, you are supposed just to pick up and carry on.

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In reality, you look around and see you enjoy life just as much, if not more, than all those people telling you what you are missing out on. We all go through a whole lot of hurt to recognize when things are good.

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If you never try to love, then you lose from the beginning. Hey, it is your choice, and I totally get it. If you are someone not interested in dating, I totally get it. There are just some people who would rather be on their own.

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The truth is not everyone is meant to be in a relationship, have children, or even find love. Sometimes we fall in love super hard and think that person is our soul mate.

Sometimes death comes a whole lot earlier than we want it to.

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There are all sorts of ways we can be wounded in love. Although tainted by the feelings of hurt or betrayal, love is a feeling like nothing else on earth.

Maybe you should experience it again.

I get it. I remember growing up thinking their distaste for one another was just what couplehood was like. They love each other more than they love their next breath, and they respect and want the best for one another. Real love does exist.

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I have seen it; I have lived it. Instead of choosing not to be interested in dating, maybe just choose better and take it slower next time. Just take it slow and be friends first. If you are more interested in a promotion at work than dating, that is totally cool. You might find the rewards that you receive from your work accomplishments provide you with enough satisfaction in life.

No one defines what happiness and success look like but you.

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If you already have both, or know you can without a mate, then more power to you! Relationships, even marriage, does not equal a home in the suburbs, a minivan, or a bunch of kids. For those of you that follow Char and I on the socials we are forever stepping on each others necks. Believe it or not there is actually a lot of love between us. Meeting up with old friends has become monotonous.

I'm ready for a relationship. If you're dating with an end goal in mind, then you're not dating for fun. Dating for a purpose is completely different than just "going with the flow." I'm ready for a relationship, so I need to be with a guy who's on the same page. I'm in it for the long haul. "I tried those big dating sites and Boy were they expensive and when I did get a date (didn't happen a lot) things got complicated when it came to disclosing my illness. It always stressed me out and usually the other person would be scared away. is different in that everyone on there has a mental illness. Jul 05,   Why I'm No Longer Talking About Dating. No. I'm even refusing to settle in that part of my life. I know if I don't settle with someone, I won't eliminate what I want and don't want in a relationship. But in all honesty it just sounds like a massive headache. I listen to my friends complain about their partners and all I can think.

I see my personal trainer once a week, does that count? Do I even want a relationship right now?

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But in all honesty it just sounds like a massive headache. Bit soon?

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I guess that has reminded me of why I got frustrated and started writing this post to begin with. I refuse to settle.

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Does this mean I have high standards? Good for you.

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Haaha the relationship between the two of you cracks me up. I totally get where Char is coming from though.

This is a great attitude to have. Really enjoyed reading this post.

Zach Williams - No Longer Slaves (Live from Harding Prison)

Honestly the dating game has changed and I totally agree with everything said in this post. Hey Sash, Thank you for reading.

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The dating game is mad, so are God help us all LOL. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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