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It's so easy to get swept up in the rush of lovey-dovey feelings you get from dating someone new. But according to experts, it's pretty important to stay grounded during the first three months of dating. Because as amazing as those new love feels are, those first 90 days can determine whether or not your new relationship is the real thing or has an expiration date. Although every relationship differs, three months is considered to be the average length of the first stage of a relationship. According to psychotherapist and relationship coach, Toni Coleman, LCSW , you should be ideally making that transition from "casually dating" to "exclusive" around that time. But again, this varies depending on how much time you actually spend together and how much distance is between you two.

The study also finds that men start thinking about saying "I love you" 97 days, or about three and a half months, into a relationship. That time frame seems about right to me. It takes a while to get to know someone and fall in love, and after 90 days, you probably have a good idea about your feelings.

So if a guy tells a girl earlier than that day mark, what are his intentions?

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Sex, of course. I'm wondering if he says "I love you" early on if it has anything to do with luring our unsuspecting souls into bed.

Maybe guys say those three little words first just to move things along, if you know what I'm saying. I'd be all, "You don't know me, fool!

If he told me after 2 weeks of dating, I'd ask for his mother's number and give her a call to ask what she think went wrong when he was growing up. My husband and I said the magic words within the first three weeks and have been together 7 years :.

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Men are full of shit when they say I love you on the first date. They either want sex or something else like money from the girl, or have deep routed psychological problems. These men will break up with you days later after falsely capturing your heart and throwing you to the curb for no known reason.

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Beware of people who want to get close too fast. They are NOT sincere. You cannot love a person after the first date. That is a logical fallacy.

The fact that people DO fall in love so quickly, disproves that statment.

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It cannot be argued that they are then stupid, because again, it happens. I mean, that commenter has been obviously treated really badly by someone or someones, and is obviously in pain that's crystallized into cynicism.

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Some men do lie about those things to get sex or other things from women, and it can really really hurt- i would never blame the victim for that. I'm sure women lie sometimes too.

It just sucks for her that she can't see that it's not always the case. I have experienced some of that dishonesty, and am now experiencing the weird first stages of what this thread is describing, for me an ufatgirlnmotion.comecedentedly deep connection.

Love you said after a day etc. But I am still dealing with the aftermath of those other experiences, so I am moving slowly and having to deal with all my doubt. It's all weird, sooo weird.

That's how i ended up on this thread! I have been talking 2 him on a dating site off and on for a few months. Only 4 days ago we decided 2 exchange numbers and talk over the phone because we had a lot of things in common. Instantly I felt the connection and he did as well.

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We literally talk on the phone from sun up 2 sun down. The experience.

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Has been magical. We feel like we've known each other for years Now early moring like 4ish we our having our normal talks about us and our future.

Mind you i was kinda tired. Im relaxing with my eyes closed and i hear the words i love u being spoken. I thought i was hearing things.

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I let it slide I was taken back and immediately let him know that that should be saved for a special moment. He went on 2 explain why he loves me. We haven't. Even meet though. The crazy thing is that i feel strongly about him 2 and know that it is all real. Its like a little piece of heaven on earth because i believe i found my soul.

May 01,   Depends on his age and maturity. Generally speaking, at any age over say, 16, saying something so prematurely suggests that he is unused to affection, and because you are showing him some this may cause him to feel overemotional towards you. All t. The trouble is he came out with "I love you" last night after seeing each other for only about 3 weeks. I did ask him how he could possibly say that so early on and he gave me a very sweet and romantic speech about how he feels. Which at the time seemed great but I feel a bit confused now. Should I be running for the hills? I am also not over. Jun 15,   I don't think it's too soon to know if you have love feelings. Relationships all go at different paces. Some couples may date for two months and only see each other once or twice a week for a "date" and that would be really weird to say ILY.

I fell for my man very quickly, I knew without a doubt that I loved him - love comes in many shapes and forms. I am going through this right now I'm so scared and skeptical even though I am feeling in my heart this seems heaven sent. We are both almost 50 and I am not gullible or desparate. I have been single for 25 years after a deep heart break. Even though I've dated and tried relationships it never felt right. I feel like I have a connection with him somehow. I am questitoning his motives and he keeps assuring me.

Sep 18,   So, basically, if your partner has told you they love you after a month and you definitely love them too because you're in one of those crazy, whirlwind, once-in-a-lifetime things, say the words! Nov 27,   Yea but worse things can happen in life than expressing the emotions you at least you think you are experiencing. Once you go through emotions and experience enough with the opposite sex, you start to understand yourself a bit better and know when. According to researchers at M.I.T., men are the first to say"/I love you" in a relationship 61 percent of the time, but are happier when the woman beats them to the punch. The research also suggests that a man considers saying those three little words a full 6 weeks earlier than the woman does. Hmm.

Hi Everyone, Im just another girl thats a bit confused. He tells me straightaway after the night that i meet up with him for the first time.

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And then he says he loves me. Im very confused. I know it might not be true and he just wants to get into my pants. But he says with sincerity without shaking his voice and he keeps telling me how come i didn't answer back. Dont i believe in him. He then explains how what he's seeing in me is what he's looking for.

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I dont do drugs, smoke or gambling. Plus he saw im quite, shy and sweet which he likes in a girl plus im asian and he likes bigger girl. He says, Im perfect i dont need to lose weight or diet. Im perfect.

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I guess i can say he does like bigger while im on the other hand im selfconscious because i am chubby gal. So i have insecurities.

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I wont believe what he's saying at all everytime. When we had dinner he open the cap of my juice and keep my table clean and clear. He also put waters on my glass eventhough he doesn't drink the water hes drinking a fizzy drink. Which i find that he might be genuine in the 2nd date.

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He even want me to meet his brother last night because his brother knows were meeting each other. But i still doubts. But I do see qualities that i like.

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Hes a gentleman with everything. Also he kisses me in public and put his touque on me which i find a bit overwhelming to me.

Oct 01,   He said 'I love you' - after one week! A man and a woman meet for their first date. Sparks are flying. There's a connection, something neither have felt in many months. He was in a new place, not exactly knowing where to look for women. She was busy with school and work, not exactly enough time to find a mate. The date was a hit.

Im conservative i tell him that. I can give him a peck or a long peck but going all out tounge is too much that someone sees might be a bit uncomfortable even i am.

I love you after a week of dating

I guess he is very passionate and affectionate. And then he stops and smile that im a shy girl but he dont mind as he loves me. But do you think this is real love? He is declaring to me.

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