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The highly sensitive person makes one of the most passionate and caring lovers in the world. Since they are so in-tune with others and deeply empathetic, they always treat their loved ones with respect and devotion. A highly sensitive person has a difficult time trying to function in a world that feels incredibly overwhelming. Sometimes they feel misunderstood. All they really want in a love relationship is to find someone who understands and respects their sensitivity. These people face a barrage of stimuli daily that others simply do not.

Since highly sensitive people are so affected by the emotions and moods of others, they can be prone to mood swings themselves. A highly sensitive person weighs out risk versus reward and contemplates all the possible consequences of an action before making any decisions. This seems wishy-washy or indecisive.

Really, they just have more analytical minds and are incredibly hard on themselves when they make a bad decision. Therefore, they do not usually like to be rushed or pressured into doing something until they have thought it through completely. Since highly sensitive people feel things so deeply all the time, they see the world through a lens of their emotions.

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While their mind is deeply logical and analytical, when it comes to personal matters, they react first with their emotions and then think about it after.

Having emotional reactions to life, also means sensitive people find it hard to keep a poker face when they are hurt or stressed. Crying often can be a natural release for the pent-up emotions.

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Since these people are constantly swept up into the moods and feelings of others, they can be prone to depression or anxiety. Imagine never knowing if you are actually sad, or if you are picking up the sadness of a lonely friend or relative.

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The onslaught of constant feelings that they face every day makes them anxious and afraid to leave the house, for fear of picking up these overwhelming emotions.

Highly sensitive people can be incredibly hard on themselves when they make mistakes or wrong decisions. Even though they forgive and are sympathetic to a fault towards other, they are their own biggest critic, and aim for perfection in all that they do.

Highly sensitive people have an aura of compassion and understanding, and that makes others want to flock around them. These people are maddeningly observant.

They are very aware of what goes on around them, including facial expressions and body language of other people, and usually sense when someone in the room is angry, lonely, or upset.

Highly sensitive people are such people magnets because they mastered the art of listening. They know how to make anyone feel heard, and therefore, people pour their hearts out to them. They are born with an innate empathy, and truly feel the pain of others. Highly sensitive people are natural advisers because they listen carefully and empathize with your situation.

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These people carry around a lot of extra emotional baggage, and they are also physically sensitive to their environment. They need exercise, plenty of rest, and a healthy diet to feel balanced. It sometimes feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders, causing sensitive people to act out or withdraw in order to regain clarity and peace. Since these people are so easily overwhelmed by long periods of time spent with others, they frequently need periods of alone time.

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To recharge their batteries and get back to feeling normal. Highly sensitive people have a natural intuition. They know if they like a person right away, or if they get a bad feeling about them.

They also sometimes avoid a bad scenario when their intuition kicks in with a warning sign.

If you're a highly sensitive person, you love connection. You love intimacy. You yearn for the closeness of deep, personal relationships. How to connect to a highly sensitive person/empath during rough times? I am not dating this girl I have known for a long time, but over the time we have spent together (and we do want to get together eventually) she is finding it hard for us to connect when the times in life get rough. Jul 07,   In this way, we can avoid hurting your feelings (we're usually very sensitive people) and manage to escape an uncomfortable situation. And speaking of escape plans, make us feel better by offering one yourself. Allow Us an Escape Plan. Ask us whether we would prefer to drive together or drive separately. This also gives us an "out.".

These people are profoundly affected by bad news, negativity, and the problems that affect the world today. These people dabble in all kinds of spiritual practices.

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After being in public they need time to recharge and realign themselves. Give them time to replenish their internal resources.

Highly sensitive person dating

They are very observant. HSPs can pick up nonverbal communication and individual vibes with ease. Loving a highly sensitive and empathic person means they will call you out on your feelings and thoughts. You won't be able to keep secrets from them. Be prepared to be in the spotlight even when you don't want to talk about it.

Highly Sensitive People in Relationships

HSP's take romance very seriously. When they consent to making love, they are trusting and confiding in you on a very intimate level.

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Their empathy and attention to detail mean they will learn a lot about you, while they express themselves. This means they are comfortable with you and when you make love to them make sure that you pay attention to their spiritual needs.

Their brains and hearts are always in overdrive. They toss and turn even when they are deadbeat tired. As a result, they are naturally night owls. They come alive at night, wondering about the universe and its mysteries. Be prepared to stay up late.

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HSP's react to stimuli more intensely than others. They prefer environments where they can hear conversations and their own thoughts.

They won't want to go to clubs and house parties as much as coffee shops and a small get together with good friends.

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Emotional sensitivity and empathy are inborn traits. Their neural pathways are wired differently than others. Their mental reward structure is different so what they like to do is different.

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Don't try and change them, respect their differences. Their love is bottomless and unlike anything you've felt from someone else.

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They know how those insults hurt all too well, so they don't readily throw them. When presented with conflict and fights, they are likely to walk away or try to talk things out.

However, nobody understands what it is like to be a highly sensitive person like another highly sensitive person. Hence it is very important for HSPs to connect with fellow HSPs. The links in this section are to sites that offer various ways for HSPs to connect with each other, from web-based discussion groups and forums, to HSP workshops. Their senses, in general, are more intense than those of other people and a lot of the time it makes dating hard for many different reasons. Highly sensitive people are overwhelmed by things like bright lights and strong sounds/smells. They get very emotional with ease and cannot handle certain situations that others might find simple. Again, although there are many positive qualities to being a highly sensitive person, this article focuses on cts of high sensitivity which adversely affect one's happiness and well-being.

Do not test their peaceful ways, as when pushed past their limit they might lose control. Be patient when working things out with HSPs, give them the time and distance necessary for them to make decisions and express themselves.

They often feel like people mislabel and judge them for their sensitivity.

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Don't make them feel more different than they already do.

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