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He has also been described as physically attractive, a characteristic exemplified by many instances of girls swooning over him when they first meet him. They will also compliment his physique whenever they see him with his shirt off.

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On the football field, Julian is a brave, confident, and loyal teammate. And off the field? He stands up for his friends just as fiercely! Whether you need someone dependable watching your back or just someone faithful by your side, there's no better person to call!

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Julian is all-around athletic but his talents lie mainly in football. His skills have been recognized by friends and foes alike and Autumn has said that he has an "insane football IQ". He is good at coming up with plays and quick at making decisions that can turn a game around.

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I n Dream TeamJulian mentions he is not very good at throwing and specifically states this is why he is a running back and not the quarterback. Any mention of Julian being the quarterback is a continuity error. Julian has an incredibly vast knowledge of all things sports. Not only that, he can play any sport with enough practice but he has become so accustomed to football that he unconsciously plays other sports like football.

For example, he travelled with the ball in basketball instead of dribbling it and was too rough in Soccer, a non-contact sport. By the time the basketball and soccer tournaments rolled around though, he played without making any of the mistakes he made in practice.

In High School Story, when Autumn first introduces Wes to the MC and friends, it is clear that Wes still cares dearly for Autumn as he gets extremely angry at Max and Kara when Autumn gets hurt and only decides to fully cooperate with the MC after this happens in The Final Challenge. In Choices, they become a couple but later break Color: Brown. The Fantasy Photo Booth is a place that allows you to go on dates with other characters. It was added as part of the Summer ate. Get cozy and squeeze into the Fantasy Photo Booth with a friend for a couples pic! This booth unlocks special quests, where you can see what it'd be like to go on dates with Julian, Autumn, and more!

He also mentions in Do, You Know Julian? Funnily enough, he is not good at dodgeball and any attempt to improve at it has failed.

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Ezra jokes that his lack of throwing skills is the reason he is the running back and not the quarterback, something Julian has pointed out himself in the past. Julian can play the drums and was quick to agree to being in your band in Ready to Rock as long as there were "gratuitous drum solos".

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A good drummer with a keen sense of rhythm and great drum fills, he earned Ezra 's approval. However, since he does it as a hobby, he is not as talented a musician as Ezra. He is naturally on pitch and despite being caught out, Julian isn't embarrassed, and instead tells the MC that he likes singing to himself when he works out.

In The Questionhe once again demonstrates his singing prowess, which is impressive enough to draw in a crowd.

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Hope is Julian's younger sister. He can be very overprotective of her and, if no one stops him, will resort to violence if anyone hurts her. They were incredibly close when they were younger and he cares deeply for her. In Julian's SecretHope tells the MC that she misses her older brother because Julian gets annoyed whenever she asks him to hang out with her. This was rectified at the end of the quest and Julian is now making an effort to spend more time with Hope.

High school story dating autumn

He believes that Julian will only ever be good at football. In School Overnight, he mentions that he and his father enjoy going out camping together very frequently. It is hinted at numerous times that Julian and Autumn like each other.

Payton seems to harbor romantic feelings for Julian.


She often comments on how attractive he is and she tries to take advantage of any opportunity to see him with his shirt off. She also gets jealous whenever she sees Autumn and Julian hugging or speaking intimately.

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Kallie has a noticeable crush on Julian. When they are first introduced to each other, she starts blushing when he shakes her hand and is seen staring at him when he takes off his shirt, saying the MC is lucky to be dating him if they are.

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He, on the other hand, seems completely oblivious to this but he is very protective of her, demonstrated when he glares at Connor while he was talking to Kallie, and then followed it up with an insult. After Julian gets to know Connor, he quickly realizes that he's a good guy and stops being as protective of Kallie around him.

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This distrust became even stronger when he believes that Wes sold them out to Max in The Mystery. Their relationship doesn't improve much even after Wes enrols into the MC's school. In The Playoffsthis was shown when Wes is comforting Autumns and he says "[Julian] may not his favourite person However, this must have changed somewhere down the road because in Wes vs Julian and Making The Teamthey mention the fact that they play fantasy football together.

In fact, it has become a tradition for them to watch it together every Saturday and both become upset when the other person skips out on it without notice, like in Wes vs Julian.

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Then I put Mia and some prep guy together, Payton and Ezra, koh and some rebel, Katherine and some emo guy, and nishan and Sakura together. Answer from: Janie It's obvious that they expected for most people to put Julian and autumn, if you seen the apps picture.

He is the first Main Story Character that is unlocked and is admitted to the MC's school in Level 2, after completing the quest, Footbrawl. Julian's Story Julian used to be a student and football player at Hearst High but was convinced to transfer to the MC's school by Autumn. In Surviving High School, it was evident that Wes and Autumn liked each other since Autumn's first kiss was with Wes. In High School Story, when Autumn first introduces Wes to the MC and friends, it is clear that Wes still cares dearly for Autumn as he gets extremely angry at Max and Kara when Autumn gets hurt and only decides to fully. Find out more School Story is a mobile class date game developed and published by Pixelberry Studios in September The game serves as a sister story to Surviving High School, as some recognizable characters from the latter Autumn, Wes, Owen, Kimi are either included into or simply make appearances in the former.

But I have Julian and Payton and I've not failed a date yet. Answer from: Lindsey If your main character dates Julian there is a quest at level 14 - 15 that someones texts your main character for a date who ever your main person is dating even Julian will go on a date with you.

The quest cost rings or coins probably rings.

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Answer from: Hiiiii I put my main character and Julian together, But when Autumn and Julian act all shy and flirty it gets really annoying Answer from: Singingstar Julian and Autumn could be together but it's your game most people have their main character dating Julian if your a girl but it's really up to you.

I put Payton and Ezra together and during the quests they act like their dating. Hope this answers your question singingstar.

Julian and Autumn could be together but it's your game most people have their main character dating Julian if your a girl but it's really up to you. I put Payton and Ezra together and during the quests they act like their dating. Hope this answers your question singingstar Posted on: Dec 11, My High School Story. Kofenya has plenty of you for your thing, dont love an indulgent max features the hayride! Fall Date Ideas For You are forget the Store under the same thing every time you are some oldfashioned dating. Mini golf, dinner, bowling, the different levels of the doughnuts! Seven stages of dating on high school story. Dating is a Game Feature in High School Story. Not only will you receive rewards for dating but sometimes it will be necessary to have some couples (or for the MC to be dating someone) to successfully complete some quests. If two Main Story Characters (ie. Julian& Autumn) are dating.

Answers Closed. Answer from: cheer I dont think so i put my main character date julian but its ur game so i guess if u want them to date then they could date Jan 4, Jan 25, Answer from: Leopard When do they date abd what level?

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Feb 8, Feb 20, Answer from: Giselle My main character is dating Julian but Julian and autumn always flirt Apr 14, May 5, Answer from: Anon I put them together bc it's obvious they have a crush on each other I then have Mia with my vampire Payton with a student gov Jun 15, It's your game though Aug 31, Sep 4, Oct 6, Answer from: Jau Who's Wes Oct 10,

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