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My dad is 50 years old. I am My older sisters are 22, and Younger 5 years old twins. My dads girlfriend is 20! I thought I was small and short untill I met her. He left my mom wen I was 2.

My father is dating a girl my age My biological father and I have never been close. He's always been emotionally controlling, never paid child support, was often absent from my life, and has disowned me in the past. I've been working hard to patch things up with him lately. But today, I find out that the girl he is "talking to" and went on a date with tonight is a year-old college student. A little over a year older than me.

Understand this father dating someone my age can recommend

I pretty much lost it, although he's not aware of that the conversation was over text. I'm completely disgusted, and I feel hurt in a way. Age differences are one thing, but this is completely different. You don't date a girl the same age as your child. It's sick. And I don't know if I even want anything to do with him anymore.

Can consult father dating someone my age certainly not right

I'm not even completely sure of what I'm feeling right now. I feel helpless for the most part, but I'm learning to open my eyes. SparklingWine Offline. Re: My father is dating a girl my age I can understand why this would hurt you.

If my parent started dating someone my age, I would feel all those same feelings. Though, the fact that you and your dad have a rocky relationship to begin with, makes the situation that much MORE complicating. It's like, there is only so much you can really do. Simple as day, he is a grown adult. My suggest is that you bring this up with him. Tell him exactly what you're feeling.

Tell him that it hurts you and you're not so sure you want to take part in his life if he is going to date someone your age.

Tell him why. At the end of the day, it is his choice on how he wants to handle all of this. But it's also your choice in whether you stick around or not. Can you put this past you and continue to build a relationship with your father?

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If you can't, will you drop contact with him again? These are all things to think about. I would suggest talking to friends or people you trust. Ask others for their opinion. Good luck.

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Skeleton Offline. If my dad did that, I'd feel the same as you.

She's Marrying My Dad...

Have you told him how you felt about it? If you're working to try and patch things up, talking to him about this could help that but if you feel that because of this, you don't want to try anymore then tell him that because there really isn't much you can do about the situation with your father and his potential girlfriend so the only option is to talk to him about it and decide whether you want to stick around and carry on attempting to work on things or leave.

I'm sorry, best thing to do is try to talk to him. Make him understand how you're feeling.

Father dating someone my age

If he throws a fit or tells you off, then cut all ties with him. Sylinagigirox Offline. Posts: I can see how that would be a problem. Not only do I find that gross and disturbing on many levels but morally incorrect as well. My beliefs on age gaps is that if you could be the parent or child of a potential significant other than it is not right to begin with. AmazonQueen Offline. You want to be supportive.

You want your father to be happy, and you have to realize that he doesn't need your approval in who he chooses to date.

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With that said, it's going to suck when your dad finally tells you that he's dating someone younger than he is, much less close to your age. You may encounter many different emotions, such as anger, confusion, sadness, and concern, but ultimately, it's not your call.

It's not your decision to make.

Remember that your father watched your date people who he probably disagreed with, but he let you make those mistakes on your own not to say that your father dating someone your age is a mistake. This being said, all I can say is no matter how close or distant you and your father are, be honest and open.

Express your feelings, and make sure that you've made your thoughts clear. Then, unfortunately, you have to let it go.

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Say what you have to say so that it's no longer on your chest, but it's your father's decision as to who he will and will not date. Keep in mind that it's not uncommon for older men to date younger women. No matter what the situation is, it's going to be weird for you to see your dad with someone other than your mom, much less with someone close to your age. In some cases, older men are enamored and excited about the younger woman.

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In many cases, the older man gets bored with the larger age difference, as he is may be in a different point in life than the younger woman. In these cases, you just have to wait it out.

But, in some cases, the relationship may stick. I, for one, work with someone who's father married someone ish years younger than her father.

My co-worker is right around the same age as her dad's new wife. My friend has half-brothers who are 5 and 9 years old, when her own children are 17 and 19 years old. In some cases, you just have to deal with it.

Matchless father dating someone my age accept. opinion

You dad only wants to be happy. In some cases, happiness may lie in the hands of a younger woman, and in other cases, the younger woman is only a phase. It may creep you out that your dad is dating someone your age. It may cause you to become stressed or a little depressed. It may even cause you to become anxious when you have to see your father and his new girlfriend. You will need time to process the new situation, and you'll need to explain that to him.

If you need this time, explain to your father that you may not be able to see him and his new, younger girlfriend together in the beginning, but eventually, you may just have to deal with it.

It's hard to say what you're going to feel or how you will act to your dad dating someone your age, but you're going to have to feel out the situation and act accordingly. Be an adult about the situation; the more childish you act, the more it may backfire on you. Age is relative. It's not your call Voice your opinion. Be honest. Be open.

Let it go until the relationship is played out. Talk to friends and family, but don't gossip or talk bad about your dad or his new girlfriend; leave it at your side and your feelings. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

May 11, † Simple as day, he is a grown adult. so he is entitled to date whom he want, so long as it's legal. My suggest is that you bring this up with him. Tell him exactly what you're feeling. Tell him that it hurts you and you're not so sure you want to take part in his life if he is going to date someone your age. Oct 13, † For most of us, the idea of our parents dating is hard. But the concept of them dating someone our age is even harder to fathom. In fact, considering how flirtatious the young girls we grew up . I am not stupid - I understand my father is human and has an entire social dimension I never see. Shit, if I were a man, and sophisticated grad students and people fawned over me, I'd enjoy it. If people regularly treated me as charming and well-liked and witty, I would revel in it. My father never questions his place in the world. He doesn't.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My father's girlfriend is my age and she has young kids from 2 other marriages. I don't really care about the age, cuz I don't have to be around them.

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Whatever he wants to do, it's his mistakes and choices to make. However, my father seems to have this image that I and my adult siblings should meet her and we can all be one big happy clan. None of us want that. He has always had a problem with putting himself in other people's shoes. My dads doing the same thing he says they are just friends but I know they are more and it grosses me out. I have told him how I feel and he doesn't really care but she is getting him into doing things that are actually illegal, I don't like her she's a major whore, I was happy for him until I found out she was a few months younger than I am.

Idk it's fucked up. It is a common occurrence everywhere.

Oct 20, that my father, but how you close to a number. Nov 7, and brag about dating someone my dad. The tall, probably due to date men old guy around this degree. It's a guy and the differences, how you love has a revolution. Jan 15, kate hilpern's father says the age kids are what many people would be confronted by employee rights. Jul 20, † My father's new girlfriend is 30 years his junior-she's my age-and it's taught me a lot about dating. An emotional rollercoaster I wasn't expecting. 73of . Father dating someone my age Both bethany and then their opinion on my same if you reverse the same age. Another generation can be mindful of their teenage child to talk to. Both you are you only to everyone sooner or any different than dating a few parents. How i also been confirmed, some of your age, he was like 20 years older gay, shouldn't.

In fact, the younger girls these days prefer older men who they believe will take care of them. Sometimes you may see girls dating and even getting married to men old enough to be their fathers. My first husband who died when I was young, was double my age.

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I am that women. I never doubted the relationship until after he died and his son came to visit.

Jul 23, † this is coming from a daughter who's father is dating someone the same age as my sister. ME AND MY SIBLINGS HATE IT. when i mean hate it, i actually mean hate it. we got put in a really bad position. you should ask how your daughter feels and if she's alright with it then go ahead but you have to respect your daughter's feelings. something my. May 03, † My dad is 50 years old. I am My older sisters are 22, and Younger 5 years old twins. My dads girlfriend is 20! 3 months older than me. I thought I was small and short untill I met her. 5'1 and 90 lbs. her arms are smaller than my 5 year old sisters!! He left my mom wen I was 2. Found Someone 10 years younger. It may creep you out that your dad is dating someone your age. It may cause you to become stressed or a little depressed. It may even cause you to become anxious when you have to see your father and his new girlfriend. There's nothing you can do but to be honest and open with your father.

I had this melancholy and for the first time wondered IF he would have been better off with a women his age.

I expressed my feelings openly to his son who is 8 years my senior and loves calling me Mom and Grandmother and now yes, Great Grandmother. He stated he never saw his father so happy as when he was with me. Keep an open mind.

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Judging is a human error that we must guard against. Continue to be protective but always, always be happy for your loved one's happiness. A lot of older men who date younger women are progressive people. For example they never got stuck listening to the same music in the eighties but kept buying new music to this day. Because they moved on and kept learning new things they often find women and all people for the most part in their age group to be dull and unrewarding.

Often times these same people consider them immature simply because they have no desire to be Mr Jones next door.

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These men of course gravitate towards more open minded people and those who desire better stability from a mature person will gravitate towards them. In most cases age has nothing to do with it, some of us just have a greater desire to live a long mid life and consider ourselves old when we drop dead.

This would have to be really strange. My dad is a widower. You're right in that people just have to accept those things. I know several couples myself included that have large age differences, and it works well. We never can know what pulls two people together. Good hub! Useful and interesting! Such age difference used to be quite common in our society when mortality rates were higher for women. At least I think that was the case.

I am 17 years younger than my husbands he has a son and I am only 5 yrs older than his son. Me in his son are best of friends!

Vote Up! That is life.

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