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Facts Catalogue May 19, Left-handed people have always been looked upon as unique both in negative and positive ways. History shows us that they were once linked with the devil. Also, left-handed students were forced to write with their right hand. On the positive side, there are many famous people whose left hand is the dominant hand. In this article, we have brought 15 such lesser-known facts about left-handed people. According to them, it is due to a high degree of the pressure of cooperation in society.

Sep 07, † "Some people seem to be born left-handed, so there is a genetic component," Willems said. However, he notes that the research on how exactly that works is in progress. Aug 26, † 5. You'll be dating someone fit for leadership. In fact, the only non-lefty in the White House since the Cold War has been George W. Bush. (Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte were all rumored to be left-handed, too.) 6. The "lefty advantage." Lefties have advantages in sports. Opponents aren't used to facing a lefty's serve (tennis) or punch (boxing). Aug 13, † If you're a lefty, here are some things you might not know. And if you're dating a lefty, here are some things to keep in mind. Leftys Know How to Adapt For starters, there aren't that many leftys. Only about 10 percent of the population is left-handed, and because of that, pretty much every product is designed for right-handed Elizabeth Entenman.

They have a keen and developed artistic sense. Because they are left-handed, the right side of their brain is dominant. This side of the brain is responsible for imagination, emotion, and creativity. Left-handers can be more proficient in music, languages, and art.

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Super Smart Left-handed people are generally very smart. Bill Gates, Marie Curie, and Aristotle were all left-handed. Many Nobel prize winners were also lefties.

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In a study conducted by St. Lawrence University, it was reported that more lefties had IQs over when compared with their right-handed counterparts. This makes us a little more creative and can help us recover from some medical conditions that affect our brains like a stroke, for example.

We're better able to see underwater. She might not have realized it then, but it could have been an indicator that I'd be left-handed.

If you live by the sea or enjoy swimming as a lefty, you'll most literally feel like a fish in water and less afraid.

Lefties aren't necessarily more likely to think outside the box. According to the American Psychological Association, 10 percent of the population is study in the Journal of. Studies show that left-handed people are over 71satisfied in the bedroom compared to right-handed people. When asked, 86of left-handed people claimed to be extremely satisfied with their sex lives, compared to only 15of right-handed people. An accompanying study indicates that left-handed people also have better rhythm.

We're excellent multitaskers. At this given momentI'm texting with my boyfrien researching for this article, writing it, listening to Spotify, and have a roasted chicken in the oven.

It might just be my inability to ever do just one thing at once, or it could be that I'm left-handed. My brain has been forced to think faster over time because I live in a right-handed dominated world, so I have to quickly translate instructions so they make sense for my left-handed preference. We pass our left-handed genes onto our children.

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OK not really, but apparently it runs in families. Princess Charlotte and Prince George have a bigger chance of being lefties toojust because dad is in their blood line and genes.

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To study the motor cortex, researchers often look at how much oxygen is being consumed in parts of the brain during tasks via fMRI, or through a different technique that assesses connections within the nervous system called transcranial magnetic simulation TMS.

Using these techniques, researchers have identified connections between cortex development and handedness.

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So, in left-handers, the right part of the motor cortex is better developed. But, the imbalance is much less strong.

If motor cortex development differs based on handedness, then what would happen if a person suddenly lost the ability to use his or her dominant hand? In that case, it turns out lefties might have an advantage.

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Beyond movement, other brain functions like the ability to recognize faces are also tied to handedness and brain organization. Historically, some researchers avoided left-handed subjects in neuroscience and psychology studies because the lefties could complicate the results.

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One study on left-handers from contributed to the myth that left-handers have a lower life expectancy than right-handers. More reputable research began in the late 20th century, and continues today. In addition to examining the connections in the brain to handedness, researchers are now turning to genetics to demystify the origins of handedness in the first place.


However, he notes that the research on how exactly that works is in progress. Further, if someone is naturally left-handed but forced to use their right hand, then their brain might reflect experience-dependent changes.

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