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On December 31, Sana, a member of the Worldwide Korean pop girl, TWICE stunned and amazed netizens and her fans after ating their group's official Instagram account with her photos and extend her messages for fans as well. In her post, she showcased her goddess-like visuals, wearing her pink suit, which is a match for her youthful look. Sana features her short hair as well while wearing a light make up, partnered with a peach lipstick. She exudes various look in a photo, giving her cute, sexy, innocent and beautiful vibe. In addition to this, she also wrote a caption, which is her message she wishes to reach her fans and supporters that's been there throughout the past years, especially in

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However, it turns out that the photo is just a misunderstanding. The two indeed have a very close relationship, as they have been seen taking photos together on many occasions.

Welcome, EXO-L to the official EXO dating game! In this game, our 9 lovely contestants will answer our writer's questions, and you just have to pick your favorite answer (it can be the one you relate to the most, or the one you find the funniest, or the one that seems . Oct 05,   Meet Suho EXO and Irene Red Velvet, The Rumored Couple. Suho from EXO and Irene from Red Velvet are under the same label, SM Entertainment. Suho was born with the real name Kim Jun-myeon, and Irene was born as Bae Joo-hyun. Irene became a trainee in SM Entertainment in and debuted as a Red Velvet member in There was just some rumors floating around (color me surprised). One was about Exo-K supposed ex-girlfriends that sasaengs "apparently" dig up (there was a post about this once in OH - knock yourself out), and the other one was about one of SM stuff noonas, I think.

After the controversy, Ki Do-hun immediately uploaded a photo of Yoona and him on that day on his personal Instagram account to clear the misunderstandings. So, if they are not dating, how and what kind of relationship do they have? As we all have known, every member of boy or girl group that has worked under SM Entertainment better known as SM Family have a close relationship between each other and have built not just a friendship, but a feeling of a family.

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So, we can assume that Yoona and Sehun are getting along just fine just like any other SM Family member is. Also, if we look at the interactions between members of SM Family, we can rest assured because they take care of each other, either as a senior or as a junior.

May 13,   It is not the first time that Kai of EXO was rumored to be dating another idol as he has been linked with Krystal Jung and Jennie Kim in the past. Most recently, the dance machine of SM. Kai - rv debuted over 6 years ago and exo, she's got no one source, exo talks about him dating rumors of salt. Apparently, the media outlet by pikapikachu, is a while now of jersey exo lost some rumors may porn company jobs seen holding. Your browser does not mean he was a photo. Exo-Ls are real reason why k-pop agencies do sajaegi 5. Korean media outlets have stirred a recent dating scandal between two budding SM Entertainment artists after a photo showing intimate skinship went viral. The scene appeared to be at an SM Entertainment concert. EXO's D.O. can be seen holding the wrist of Red Velvet's Irene as she steps down from the stage. This does not mark the first scandal D.O. has been involved in as the EXO .

Fans continued to watch their relationship grow over the coming year. Eventually the two decided to part ways due to their busy schedules.

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Since then they have remained as good friends and label mates. Other than his relationship with Taeyeon, Baekhyun has never reported a relationship with anyone else.

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Although in the past, he has said his ideal type is someone that has a kind heart and looks good in jeans. He reported that he dated her for 2 years and admitted that she was probably his first love.

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Your browser does not support video. He wants to be able to sit peacefully with her while enjoying a good book together.

What a romantic! During an interview for TV ReportD.

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I still regret being that way to this day. In a letter to D. Some netizens believe this is a picture of D.

Exo do dating rumors

O with his brother and possible ex-girlfriend Choi In Ga. Other netizen detectives were sure his ex was another trainee under Woollim Entertainment named Seo Hye Jin.

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Right before D. I hope your debut goes successful and all you do goes well. Since then D.

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He admitted during the TV Report interview that he was interested in dating but had no time or opportunity to do so. He has also said his ideal girl is someone who has a nice smile and one that he can cook for.

SM Entertainment Stocks Increased Right After the Agency Denied Rumors about EXO D.O Leaving

While Chen had no dating rumors and scandals for many years, in photos leaked of Chen and what people were assuming was his ex-girlfriend. Recently, Suho was uploading this picture of him handing a trophy in his Instagram account. He was appointed Musical Ambassador in Daegu.

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He said it was an honor for him to be representing Daegu. Let's hang out together again.

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On his Instagram account kimjuncotton, Suho also uploaded a photo together with Caleb and Gaten from Stranger Thingsa popular series on Netflix. We hope you enjoyed it. Home Entertainment Contact Us.

Sep 04,   Remember that although most of what she told me is already well-known, those are still rumors and should not be taken as facts, her sources arenaˆt verified. So about Exo, she told me that most members were dating or dated in the past two years (not very surprising imo). Apparently, D.O has been dating the same girl (non-celeb) for a while now, and theyaˆre pretty good at not getting caught. Dec 31,   A group of people were posting shreds of evidence proving that Sana and Suho, leader of EXO might be dating, and is the couple of Jun 08,   The dating rumor that involves EXO's Sehun and Yoona surfaced in April At that time, a photo of a man and a woman that were speculated as Sehun and Yoona was spread around the internet. Even though the photo is not quite clear, the netizens could easily identify the girl in a pink hoodie as Yoona.

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