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Below is a comprehensive list of resources regarding eggs and the sale of eggs in each state throughout the U. Since states often ate their websites, if you find a broken link or newer information, please let us know so that NERO can keep this page ated with the latest laws and regulations. Arkansas Arkansas Eggs Marketing Act. Delaware Title 3 - Chapter 35 - Eggs. Georgia Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia.

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Mississippi Laws - Consumer Protection. Missouri Egg Licensing and Inspection.

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Montana Rule Chapter: Nebraska Education material Food Safety Eggs. New Mexico Inspections Permits.

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New York Regulations. Oregon Division Eggs.

Egg carton dating. Federal law does not require the "sell-by" or "expiration" dates on egg cartons. Some states such as Michigan have egg laws that do allow the use of "sell-by" dates. Always purchase eggs before the "sell-by" or "expiration date" on the carton. Save all of your egg cartons and instead of throwing them away, recycle them to use for one or more of these egg carton kids' crafts. You'll need a few other craft supplies to complete these projects. They are all super simple and so much fun to make with your children! 01 of Egg cartons for sale at a discount. Egg cartons and poultry supplies. We offer free shipping on egg cartons and egg trays. We sell poultry egg incubators, poultry nesting boxes, chicken feeders, automatic poultry waterers, poultry health feed supplements, killing cones for processing chickens and a variety of poultry books to help you with your poultry needs all in stock and ready to ship!

Virginia Inspections Laws. Washington Egg Guidelines.

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Wisconsin Egg Grading, Handling and Labeling. Egg Laws by State Below is a comprehensive list of resources regarding eggs and the sale of eggs in each state throughout the U. Responsive Theme powered by WordPress.

On the side of your egg carton, right by (or below) the "Sell By" date, you'll see a three-digit code. No, it's not an arbitrary serial number; it's the Julian date, your fail-safe guide to fresh eggs. Ranging from to , the Julian date represents the day the eggs were packaged. Each code corresponds to . 25 Egg Cartons- Adorable Printed Vintage Design for Farm Fresh Eggs, Recycled Paper Cardboard, Sturdy & Reusable, Carton Holds up to XL Chicken Eggs (25, Locally Laid Hen) out of 5 . Jul 14,   Many eggs reach stores only a few days after being fatgirlnmotion.comining the freshness of eggs can be confusing at times, as some egg cartons feature two dates. The Julian date is the "pack date," when the eggs were washed, graded and place in the carton. This three-digit code represents the consecutive day of the year, with January 1 as and December 31 being

Expiration dates can be no more than 30 days from the day the eggs were packed in the carton. It is not a purchase or safety date.

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This may not exceed 45 days past the pack date. You can store fresh shell eggs in their cartons in the refrigerator for weeks beyond the date you purchase them.

The Julian date indicates how long ago the eggs were packaged. Reading the three-digit code is a bit tricky with January 1 reflected as and December 31 as This is the most useful date on the carton of eggs. The FDA gives farmers 30 days to place an egg in a carton and then another 30 days to sell that egg after it's been placed in a Author: Idaho Statutes - Chapter Eggs and Egg Products. Illinois Eggs and Egg Product Inspections. Indiana Department of Egg Inspection. Iowa Chapter 36 - Egg Handlers. Kansas Kansas Egg Law Forms. Kentucky Egg Marketing and Licensing. Louisiana Laws. Poultry Egg Programs. Maine Revised Statutes. Maryland Federal and State Shell Egg, Meat, and. Is there a way to tell from the egg carton how old the eggs are? Are there some guidelines for how long eggs are safe to eat? Pack dates and sell-by dates. According to the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service (USDA/FSIS), "By understanding the coding on the egg cartons, chefs and bakers can determine the freshness of the.

Before buying your next carton of eggs look at the dates stamped on the carton and try to gain an understanding of how long those eggs have been sitting in their carton. Are you ready for fresh eggs?

Did you know : Hens with white feathers and earlobes lay white-shelled eggs, and hens with red feathers and earlobes lay brown eggs.

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How to Read the Date on my Egg Carton

So we hatched a plan to decipher them.

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