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Originally posted by inifitywar. I found it all on my own. But still good. Yeah still good. When you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly.

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What was so special about it anyway? It was just a portrait of someone! And then the truth will be revealed, Revenge will be sweet and cold, The world in perfect chaos, Three children, three desires, one war, One ending.

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Harry never manages to rescue Ginny and instead ends up bonded with Tom. Just something I wrote because I wanted to write Alpha! Tom and Omega!

Voldemort was one of the most famous and earliest artists from the Renaissance Era and arguably the most famous English one. He painted, sculpted countless statues for the public, royalty, and nobles alike. This story include Omega Harry and magical creatures like a Jarvey, who loves to insult every one. Language: English Words: 3, a gryffindor dating teddy lupin would include. a ravenclaw being best friends with the weasley twins would include. a ravenclaw being best friends with hermione granger would include. being sirius black's daughter would include. being sirius black's daughter and dating teddy lupin would include. sharing a bed with teddy lupin would include. What Dating Them Would Include Part #1. * He's not so fond of PDA, so hand holding and maybe a little peck on the lips to show that you're his. * But when you are alone he's constantly kissing you and lots of cuddles. * You definitely helping him with homework and class work.

This is Underage! It was normal morning for Sirius when he got an invitation from his mother about his brother's wedding. Though surprised and hurt it was an exciting news for Sirius not just him but Lupin as well.

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Until of course he meet the groom. Follow the journey of freedom - or promiscuity? Una criatura capaz de procrear, que vive para servir a los Alphas y a los Magos.

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Victoria begins attending hogwarts in at the same time as Tom Riddle, he interests us and so she decides to try and get to know the future dark lord.

I have a whole plan for this but I don't want to spoil anything.

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I made up my own teachers for some of the classes and made up who taught what in the school for some of the courses since not that much information is on hogwarts in that year. Voldemort may have lost the battle at Hogwarts, but he gained something far more valuable, Harry Potter, in the thrones of heat Victory, it seems, does not have to be won on the battlefield after all.

dating harry potter would include A real edgy teen. constant smiles and i love you; that one day Voldemort will take you and harry wont be able to stop him while yours is letting harry die at the fate of Voldemort okay so I have (again) had a fuck ton of crap written and never edited it and posted it so again heres another lil bit of.

Embark on an adventure as a talented potion brewer with a gift for magical creatures. To protect your daughter from the influence of the Dark Lord and his Horcrux, you decided to escape them.

Dating voldemort would include

Hidden in the mountains, you take care of your child and your magical creatures. You may believe yourself to be safe, but one carelessness is all it takes and your past catches up with you.

This story include Omega Harry and magical creatures like a Jarvey, who loves to insult every one.

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Harry gets away from the castle for a little alone time, except he's not quite as alone as he first thought. Dark, dark, dark story. Show more notes.

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Harry worrying about you being used against him. Mainly by Voldemort.

Begging him to do all of your Potion's essays for you Him refusing because then you'll never learn how to do them But he ends up giving in anyway because you're so annoying Which is code for cute. You always being there to stand up for him when the Marauder's are being buttheads. Speaking of them, you'd always have to listen to Severus rant about how much he hates them. Dating Harry Potter Would Include: Constantly being harassed by everybody all the time. Harry worrying about you being used against him. (Mainly by Voldemort.) Being best friends with his best friends. He spoils you a lot. Always being sad when you aren't at Hogwarts because the . Feb 25,   Read Dating Draco Would Include. from the story Harry Potter by diorshyuck (abby) with 6, reads. ronweasley, georgeweasley, fatgirlnmotion.coms:

Being best friends with his best friends. He spoils you a lot. Getting bugged by Draco.

Voldemort On First Dates [First Dates Harry Potter Parody] (COMEDY SKETCH) - The Hook

Harry teases you a lot. You and Hermione complain to each other about how Ron and Harry can be so clueless sometimes.

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Going to his Quidditch games and cheering him on. Being worried about him.

Sometimes not getting sleep because you worry so much. Harry knows how much you worry. You tell each other how much you love each other every day. Harry tells you multiple times a day, because he knows how painful it is to lose someone when you never got to appreciate them.

Feb 25,   Read Dating Harry Potter Would Include. from the story Harry Potter by diorshyuck (abby) with 4, reads. harrypotter, hermionegranger, georgeweasley Reviews: Include Fandoms Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (30) Include Characters Harry Potter (27) Tom Riddle | Voldemort (22) Severus Snape (20) Lucius Malfoy (13) Draco Malfoy (8) Tom Riddle (8) Hermione Granger (7) Voldemort (Harry Potter) (7) Ron Weasley (6) Albus Dumbledore (5) Include Relationships. Dating James Potter Would Include: (I've never done a head cannon so here we go. i added more then just dating) Requested by @iluvharrypotter started off as best friends since you lived right.

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