Pity, dating someone who has no friends final, sorry, but

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How is a big red flag? The person could just have a disorder that prevents them from making friends. Darcia LOL what is that disorder called? rgers, social anxiety, autism is there something funny about someone having these. Darcia No its the idiotic reference of those poor people with those ailments to the above question at hand. The question wasn't Dating someone with Asbergers that has no friends -good or bad idea.

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I voted 'bad', but it really depends on why they have no friends. If they just don't want to make any friends and just be alone, then it's a bad idea. But then again, if they have friends, what kind of friends they have, also speaks volumes about them. Xper 5. No one has no friends, if your saying that they have only 1 or 2 friends, that can be good, more time for you. Jansetta Xper 5.

It means there are not many girls or mischiveous guys around him? Plus my friends would be enough for both of us.

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Xper 7. I think it's a fabulous idea! The whole 'social approval' mechanism frequently excludes the best, not just the worst and these, post-Facebook, days, it excludes pretty much anyone genuine - the ganged up folk are usually in agreement to fake it together and not much more than that.

A friend of mine broke up partially because of this, he was very demanding of her time because he had no friends, but she had friends, study and work, making it hard on her and ultimately she decided that it was getting too annoying that he kept making her feel bad about living her life, not spending every minute with him.

BeardMagic Xper 4. I'm selective of people and this year I had bad fucken luck as the Russian guy on John Wick said, I tried to be friends with people at college that ultimatum are fucking jealous of me and the whole class backstabbed me.

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At the moment I have very little amount of friends but that doesn't define me. I'll keep on trusting people and giving chances and eventually some new friends will come, you should listen more the why than the is of the situation, give the doubt before judging. LordSnuggles Yoda.

I think it's too nuanced to say whether is a good or bad idea. Why is important. Even bad people have friends. Cheaters and players have friends. If they're connecting and bonding with you to the point you're considering dating them, that's all that should matter. Unless you live some life where having a number of friends is important, then I don't think it's relevant.

It's about the content of one's character not what they have or don't have. I put good but actually I don't thin it matters and it could be a good thing. You have anybody trying to find every little thing they can find wrong with you to keep us from dating.

But on the other hand the partner won't have anybody to hang with and so she will always want to be with me and day in day out Evey min every hour is too much and that is a road to doom. WillHarris Xper 3. Not a good idea. I would urge anyone to consider that as a red flag. Why doesn't someone have at least ONE friend? I don't know the circumstances. Maybe they move a lot and don't have time to socialise.

But that's generally not normal.

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And you should really question why someone doesn't have other people around them in their life. I wouldn't wait to find out thoubh.

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I would probably like someone in the middle with a few very close friends than an whole entourage. Though someone having no friends might intrigue me at first rather than turn me off, I would want to hear background. Platonic friendships are a basic social skill most people learn as children. There's nothing inherently wrong with it.

Dating someone who has no friends

If they can become very good acquaintances with your friend group, that's a positive. But also keeping their space is a good trait too. Honestly just have to feel it out. I don't know about dating, but befriending someone who has no friends is almost obligatory by my heart's judgment. Unless they were a corrupting influence, I would only want to help to brighten their world by keeping them company. If they're the type of people who are deserted and left alone and still want to be accepted, they might get unbearably clingy.

How to Help a Depressed Friend or Partner

If they don't have any friends but it doesn't bother them too much either, it's alright a very rare case. Some people have may have social anxiety or rgers where it makes it harder for them to maintain, keep, and make friends.

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I would say it depends on the circumstances. I used to have tons of friends, and have cut most of them out because i felt they were toxic and added nothing to it.

I think its pretty obvious to decipher what it is. Leaning towards bad idea. It means either your super selective so you probably have trust issues or no one gets along with you because you're that difficult.

Having no friends, after a while, becomes the norm. I just accepted this about myself: I don't have any friends. You accept, you adjust and you move on. The first time someone used the word loner to describe me, I was taken aback. If you try to date someone who doesn't have close friends, the person probably won't have as much social experience as you, and your date may have a hard time communicating or expressing himself or herself. Someone who doesn't have close friends may depend on you too much or become codependent. Living with someone without friends means they have to be ok if you still go out and socialize with your friends. It may mean that they don't like or want gatherings at your house or to go to events that you want them to attend with you too.

If you have no friends, but want to date someone that seems like a red flag. But he is too actually now that I think of it. Lol At the beginning of our relationship though I would get veeeery jealous of his time. I had to learn how to deal with it and not get weird about it.

There just has to be a lot of communication with boundaries and stuff. It depends, there are many variables. It doesn't determine weather a person is toxic or untrustworthy. Sometimes it's just a matter of circumstances. It depends on why they do not have friends. But if they have no friends because no one likes them or trusts them, then thats a bad thing. But what if they have social disorders? I'm still friends with many but most have moved on to other places.

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I still keep contact with many of them. Can't choose either good or bad cause at the end of the day, you date the person not their friends. If you're wondering why he is alone, get to know him, ask him, make your own decision.

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I'd probably date her, unless it was due to mental illness, a terrible personality or criminality, which are all anyhow dealbreakers. Good idea; all the more time to spend with you unless their reasons for being a loner are troubled ones. It depends on circumstances, why people don't have friends. No friends at all is a huge red flag. A small group of good friends is okay but no friends is a huge no no.

Womans got issues or the dude does.

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I see nothing wrong with it as long as he is ok as a person. I don't have many friends either. Coming from someone with a low number of friends due to social anxiety or whatever. They are anti social and will make you antisocial because they will only want you to be around them all the time.

They become very attached. Very quickly. People will judge a person for not having any friends As you get older you end up with less friend. People start family and they have little to no time for friends. Their really should be a answer of "Don't Know" because we have no idea the context of the question. As others said the girl could have just moved country or state etc. I know probably sounds crazy but I lowkey prefer that. I like it when I'm her world.

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Avinash Xper 1. Because he doesn't know how to respond to your feelings if he doesn't know what to world going on. I'd want to know why they have no friends and if they get along with their family.

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If he is well behaved then it's a good idea. Having lots of friends is not a guarantee that the person is good. Doesn't really matter.

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Some doesn't have a need of friends or found any that they want in their life. You have those that are relationship oriented that means they are after a partner that also is their best friend. It can be either. I said it.

Just like most women need to have at least one female friend who they can go shopping with or drink wine with, guys have to have bros who they can do things with. Much of the time, refusing to talk to guys says a lot about his stance on men.

If he has a lot of disdain for men, you have to wonder what makes him hate his own gender so much.

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Like a lack of bro time, this issue can end up cropping up in your relationship with him. In other words, guys who are like this often have girls who want to have sex with him or date him.

If you get this vibe or feel like most girls are just there to score a chance with him, you may want to rethink dating this dude. True story, one of my exes had lied to other women about our relationship status.

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Just be aware that this could happen. In many cases, this issue goes hand in hand with the other two points I just made. Guys who have a ton of female friends often will have the rumor mill tearing his exes to shreds.

This is why having all female friends and no make friends is sometimes a deal-breaker for girls.

QUESTION: I have a problem that has been ongoing for my entire life: I have no friends. Well, let me restate that: I have no friends who keep in touch without me doing all the effort and even then. If he has no friends it may because he's either introverted or a sensitive guy who enjoys and needs his own time. I don't think it really matters if someone has friends or not. The question is, is he a good guy and could you date a potentially introverted/shy guy? May 18,   You've been dating her for weeks, maybe even months, and you've gradually begun to realize one very important and potentially awkward fact about her: She has no friends.

In some cases, guys who have exclusively female friend groups may have a person that his friends want to see him end up with. While guys are bolder and willing to cut things off quickly, girls often are worried about saying no in fear of retaliation.

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