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Saying "I love you" for the first time is a huge deal. It's scary to put yourself out there like that, especially if you're not percent sure that your partner feels the same way. The reality is, you're never guaranteed to hear an "I love you," back. So what do you do in the moment if you tell your partner you love them and they don't say it in return? According to experts, there are a few things you can do if you're ever in this situation.

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The more honorable your man is, the more important it will be for him to feel like he can live up to his definition of what saying I love you means. Thus, instead of prematurely pulling out of the emotional investment necessary to yield those three words, find out what professing love means to him specifically. Just as you can love someone without being in love, fabulous times, passionate kisses and intimate lovemaking don't necessarily equal being in love.

First, remember that all men and women experience and define love in all different ways. Second, make it a point to learn what your man associates with saying I love you, along with what he believes will be expected of him. Find out more on her website.

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What Happens When You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You. You don't need their half-hearted compliments or their misleading words. You don't need someone who doesn't need you. Instead of investing your time into someone who doesn't care invest it in yourself. Start to love yourself the way you love others and start putting yourself first. You deserve your own love. An "I love you, too!" doesn't seem like a lot to ask for, especially when we've been together for most of my 20s. It turns out my predicament is a fairly common one. Researchers have found that in heterosexual relationships, men tend to be the first to say "I love you," but it's women who profess their love .

Should you be worried? Experts say that ultimately, it depends on the stage of your relationship.


According to Dr. However, Dr. If that's the case, it's time to hone in on your own feelings. Consider whether they have been understanding, respectful, and supportive of your feelings in the past.

Feb 12,   However, Dr. Brown notes that if you've been dating exclusively for six months to a year or more and your partner still hasn't said "I love you," that may point to a potential issue. If that's the Author: Rebecca Strong. Oct 16,   If you're in a committed relationship with someone who you suspect doesn't love you, then it's important to confirm that you are accurately interpreting what's going .

Is this relationship going anywhere? It turns out my predicament is a fairly common one. Psychologists have also long understood that women are more likely than men to self-disclose - meaning talk about their feelings.

When To Say I Love You In A Relationship

What is important is whether you feel in his behavior and actions that he loves you. Whether he wants to be with you, do things with you, know your values and adopt some of those values. You must be more selective if you want it to mean anything, if you are trying to express the profundity.

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So I started paying closer attention, and I began to hear it all the time: After I spent days trying to master homemade tortillas, he showed up with a cast iron press that makes them perfect. When I went camping in Utah with a girlfriend, he packed and repacked my suitcase with two sleeping bags, a thick insulated liner, and a thermal pad.

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