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People with borderline personality disorder BPD often have rocky relationships, both romantic and platonic. Romantic relationships present a unique set of challenges for people with BPD and for their partners. For example, a person with BPD may be affectionate and doting, but within a few hours, their emotional state may switch. They may feel smothered or overwhelmed. This can lead them to push away the partner they had just been drawing closer.

All I have are claws and fangs and the thirst for hate and blood. This article was awful. How dare you encourage people to run away from anyone with BPD.

Try to have a little compassion for the suffering of others. I fell in love. My girl friend has this.

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We broke up. She never told me she had it. Now we are back together. She was afraid I would think she was crazy. I have studyed hard I m learning. We love each outher and together we will overcome. This article not only was written in a negative light but is super misleading.

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Your article sucks all the hope that ppl with BPD such as myself will have no hope in a relationship. To all the girls with BPD upset about this article, thank you.

Thank you for showing us the heart of this disorder, self centeredness. Instead of complaining about the truth in this article, how about admitting you have a problem, go get help, and stop dating men until you are healthy enough to have an adult relationship.

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This is so generalizing. To all those people that defended this article remember this is being spewed out to the masses. When people generalize it causes fear. I myself was diagnosed with BPD.

It really peeves me because I live also as an incredibly self aware person.

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and if you are dating someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), you may find yourself in a precarious position when it comes to celebrating the holiday. In the initial phases, a relationship with someone who .

I am not at all as bad as most, but I do have it. Seeing this made me so scared for the individuals like me. That we are that disposable? I know I put him through trauma, and it only adds to my own! I hope all that read this are able to pick that out. There is no human being that is perfect. Remember that!!!! Rather than acknowledge that you have a proble, you double down and continue to blame others.

Sorry guys, nobody needs to sit around and endure your bull crap and to be mentally and physically abused. You are still accountable and you need to own up to it. My wife of 12 years was just diagnosed with this condition, and I have lost her to this disorder. This disorder has ruined my life. How sad.

Wow, i feel like this was written about my relationship its almost scary! Thank you for this, it is helpful.

The 3 stages of a relationship with a borderline woman

Many people with BPD seem to be making comments about how this article offended them. I did not read it that way. When I read this article, I was actually about to copy the link and send it to my husband so he could read it.

I felt that it explained BPD fairly accurately. I have been married for 10 years with BPD. My husband is very grounded in who he is, which helps. He helps me calm down when he can see that my voice is starting to elevate and I start speaking in a frantic-like tone. I know many of the men that have commented here are also probably patient, kind, and loving. The important thing to remember is that no two people with BPD are going to be the same.

Good luck to all of you with BPD and all who are struggling in a bpd relationship or the aftermath of a bpd relationship! This is one of the bleakest and demeaning articles I have ever read about BPD.

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Fatal Attraction is one of the worst depictions of what standard Borderline Personality Disorder really is. In all your education, have you never heard of extraneous variables? For example testing a drug on someone, who is on other drugs, would not be an entirely accurate depiction of the effects of the drug itself. That being said, All I can do is hope is that you are not counseling people who are at risk for self-harm.

I have done my research on this. I was with my ex about a year and a half. The first 3 months were fantastic. Then the lying, cheating, not keeping promises, the plethora of inconceivable behaviors. I tried breaking up soooo many times. Her baiting was pretty effective too. How many guys on the side are you going to have.

How many times are you going to still my prescriptions? Are you going to lie about going to therapy again? Yep, I saw your message logs. I feel sorry for BPDs. I have seen the REAL selective amnesia in place.

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I have seen you alter your realityyour memoryto fit your emotions. I have seen it first hand. I would not wish BPD on anyone. I admire anyone who goes full throttle in therapy, that much is for sure. I only offer one bit of advice for the NonBPD person out there.

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They should not be in a relationship. They will make your life hell by a death of a thousand cuts.

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They will break you. They will make you think you are crazy and bad. The damage this causes to your life is just too muchThey need to fix themselves before they ruin more lives. Do you get the picture. It seems obvious to me that such words are meant to intentionally bait people. Nobody likes to be taunted or be patronized or face condescending know-it-alls.

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Compassion, people, please. My marriage was a wonderful experience and I know what it is like to be loved, to work together as a couple, to compromise, to care and be cared about.

But this man and I have been on an emotional roller coaster for over two years. Perhaps this article can help me understand. At first I was frankly shockedwho does the things he did? Taking a small thing and turning it into a real war of ugly words. I wondered how it was he could not discuss things logically. Last summer he became physical and that was not acceptable. I told him its over and our separation lasted for eleven weeks.

Dating someone borderline personality disorder

I missed him a lot but peace was in my life. Then we started emailing and his apologies and kindness allowed me to put down my defenses and begin dating again. Our calm period lasted almost six months. Now, after the latest verbally abusive episode, I again decided its over and then found this article.

Were I younger, I would defiantly not be involved with him.

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To think of a future trying to always side step his hostility only to be adored a week later, is too much drama. But, I am older and far more secure and assured in my life. One more time - maybe I can try. Knowing this is an illness of sorts I am hoping that maybe I will see the beginning of his episodes and be able to not take it so personally. Not sure if I can manage this but right now if we can find a common ground, he accepts responsibility, then there may be a chance. I do wish that where I live there would be a support group to help me out.

I will check that out.

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The pain and turmoil I have created in the lives of others, as well as in myself, has at times been overwhelming. I did not feel in any way offended by this article and I think those that are will quite happily play the role of victim till the inevitable violent end comes.

Never really attempting to improve themselves in any meaningful way, always expecting everybody else to put in all the leg work. I think those of you suffering from BPD need to wake up and realise as I have come to realise that the only way you are ever going to get better, or at the very least experience substantial improvements in the thoughts and feelings of everyday living, is to accept these flaws in your personality. Excessive mood swings are not healthy, uncontrollable bouts of anger and hate are not healthy.

Splitting, idealisation, obsession with a prospective partner, promiscuity, wantom spending, none of this stuff is good for US as BPD sufferers and yet we want people to not only turn a blind eye to this behavior but at the same time accept and embrace it because none of it is really our fault?

We all feel empty, we feel depressed, we cannot cope with boredom.

Jun 13, á People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) often have rocky relationships, both romantic and platonic. Romantic relationships present a . Jul 09, á For me, Borderline Personality Disorder is a personal history, an explanation, and above all, a plan for an alternative future. Fortunately, the COVID pandemic has made it easy to avoid dating. I'm going on days, sex- and romance-free, with the aim of abstaining from any romantic interactions until I'm able to reduce the way they. Advice - Dating Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) At The Borderline . All beginnings are lovely - or so the sage proclaims. Relationships per se are difficult. Two individuals come together - attraction, lust, love, personality styles, personal and family histories, attachment, and lifestyles collide - and there you are in the middle of a daring, challenging, and steamy relationship.

Most of us do not know who we really are or what we want. But we do have the power to acknowledge repetitive patterns of thought and behavior that leads to these dark places. If I did absolutely nothing about my own ways of thinking and reacting to the actions and behaviors of others up to this point then I would most likely have passed by now. You can however study the disorder, moniter your own thoughts, and work on the cts of yourself that cause you further pain.

People without a cluster B disorder are not your saviors, they cannot fix you, they do not need to tolerate you and do not intrinsically owe us anything. If you really want that love, affection and understanding that relationships can offer then it has to be earned the hard way.

I think the author has every right to inform prospective partners of the potential pitfalls of a relationship with someone who suffers from BPD.

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I think the onus is on us, the sufferers of BPD to prove them otherwise through our positive behavior. Demands and threats do the opposite. If you genuinely want real relationships with people then you need to learn from past mistakes, examine yourself, and make the neccesary changes.

None of this can be forced, you have to want to do it. Or are you just afraid of being abandoned, and are aware of nothing else?

Jan 21, á 12 things you should know before dating someone with borderline personality disorder Hattie Gladwell Thursday 21 Jan pm Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Author: Hattie Gladwell. By Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment. Dating can be a complex and tricky endeavor. Relationships require work, compromise, communication, empathy, and understanding. Things become even more complicated if you are dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). While the beginnings of a relationship with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder might . Jul 03, á Relationships can be tricky enough when both partners are neurotypical. But imagine the complexities that are part of the relationship when one of the people has Borderline Personality Disorder. The mood swings, impulsive behavior, dis-inhibition, depression, anger, outbursts and the constantly-changing life goals it can be exhausting.

Nothing like making people including myself look like monsters. Yes we have trouble with relationships. Its not our faults at all.

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I was by both my brother and step brother. Stating the compliment at the wrong time could solicit an extreme reaction.

You may never get a response verbally or an expression of gratitude, or even an insult in response. However, it could work for some people with BPD, especially if they seek compliments. Try as long as you are willing.

Since a person with BPD has low self-esteem, you could be doing some good. People who have been abused or neglected as children are at higher risk for developing BPD. Because the behaviors of a person with BPD are so outrageous at times, it's very easy to call it quits or blame the person with BPD. It would be like faulting a person for getting cancer.

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However, this is not a reason to allow the person you love with BPD to manipulate or abuse you. Still set your limits and stick to them, but in a loving and nonjudgmental way.

Also, don't take their outrageous behaviors personally. These are the emotional issues of your loved one. One of the ways you can maintain a relationship with your loved one is to educate yourself about the disorder so you can understand your loved one's behaviors.

People with BPD will often attack you aggressively or get highly defensive, and people often feel like they are dragged to extremes as they are manipulated and guilted into different emotional states and actions they don't feel comfortable doing. Learning about the disorder will help you understand how your loved one experiences things. Realizing that your loved one has a completely different emotional perspective will help you protect yourself and stick to boundaries.

BPD is known as a misunderstood disorder because it often co-occurs with other disorders, such as " depressionbi-polar disorder, substance abuseeating disordersand anxiety disorders. If your partner is already being treated for another disorder and the disorder does not fully explain the parameters of her behavior, have the doctor explore the possibility that she could have BPD. You may have a borderline personality disorder relationship cycle happening with your partner.

People who have this disorder have an intense need to feel loved, but their extreme behaviors always keep them in a state of losing that love. That loss of love supports their intense fear of being abandoned. You often struggle to deal with your own emotions yourself, let alone letting someone else in to get to know them. We may have fears of abandonment, and worry that you may leave at any given time. Please do not call us paranoid or be angry at us.

We often have strong urges and impulses to do something that may affect us in the future. No matter how many people we are surrounded with, it can get incredibly lonely.

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