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So I'm 21 and about to graduate college next semester. I think I am in love with my professor in his 30s I fall for him deeper and deeper every class. I'm looking for a serious relationship so I don't think its just a crush. I really want to be with him I'm kind of shy I'm a straight A student and I love his class.

Jun 21,   Even if the professor isn't the student's teacher when the relationship starts, problems could arise if the student ends up in the professor's class later on. As a member of the faculty, the professor holds power over the student. Many schools discourage professor/student dating for .

Since then, many universities have begun to address student-professor dating. University fraternization rules are sometimes vague. It is a commonly held belief that everyone is considered an adult at the college level and should know where to draw the line.

At many schools, there are no formal rules about professors dating students. It is discouraged, but not prohibited. For most educators, there is an unwritten rule that getting involved with students is a bad idea.

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Nationally, universities have taken different approaches to the problem of professor-student relationships. Faculty members are also required to inform their supervisor if they are having a relationship with a student. At the College of William and Mary in Virginia, all dating between professors and undergraduates was banned. This is the direct result of a former instructor writing an embarrassing article about his affair with a student. The most popular approach is to ban relationships between professors and the students they supervise.

This eliminates conflicts of interest but does not get involved in the personal lives of consenting adults. It is usually suggested that no professor should date a student in his class. If a relationship would develop, the professor is required to disclose it so that conflicts can be managed if they arise. Generally, most students have no interest in dating one of their professors. For most students, professors are authority figures who are considered off-limits sexually.

If you come in only asking personal questions and don't mention the class, he will probably see right through what you are doing and not let it go any further. Sit as close to him as possible. Try to move as close as you can, like getting your chair closer to his in the office. You shouldn't invade his personal space, but move closer as a way to let him know you want a closer connection. Ask about her experiences. Professors spend much of their time researching and writing alone, but have probably had some very interesting experiences that they would love to share with others.

Ask about interesting places your professor has visited or people she has met. She will enjoy the attention, and probably have some good stories as well. Go to department events. Look for speakers, symposia, or other events put on by your professor's department. These will be more relaxed settings where you can talk to him about something interesting, like the speaker you just heard, and not have to worry about the class. You'll want to keep your flirting to a minimum.

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Look for other on-campus events as well, especially things your professor indicated he might be interested in. If you go, you may find him there, or you can always earn points as a good listener by suggesting things he can do. Congratulate your professor on accomplishments.

Professors work hard on projects outside of just your class, and love the recognition that can come from it. Keep an eye on those pages to see if your professor's name pops up. Part 3 of Know your professor's status. Before jumping in and asking him out, make sure you know that he would be open to some kind of relationship.

There are a few different variables to watch for, some of which you can pick up while in class or talking around campus.

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Check his relationship status. If your professor is single, then you should feel comfortable at least trying. If he is married, you may still be able to get a physical relationship out of it, but it will probably be very secretive. Of course, you have to decide if that kind of person is someone you want to be involved with. Learn his preferred gender. College campuses are among the most welcoming environments for a variety of gender preferences.

You don't want to embarrass yourself by asking out your professor only to discover he prefers a gender other than yours, so look for clues to who he likes. Know your university's rules for sexual harassment. This covers both you and your professor.

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Either of you could get in trouble for acting on an attraction, especially if the feeling is not mutual. If your professor does not respond to your pursuit, drop it. It's definitely not worth getting in trouble with the university for harassing him.

Wait until the semester is over. Most schools have policies against professors dating students, and they are strictest when it comes to students they are actually teaching. To avoid unnecessary headaches for both of you, don't act on your feelings until the semester is over.

Your best bet is really to wait until you have graduated. That gets rid of any chance you will ever have a class together in the future. Even if your relationship is over by that point, a bad ending can have lasting repercussions on your grade or classroom demeanor. It will also be much easier for your professor to see you as mature if you are not still in school. Remember that when you are in the class, your relationship is definitely unequal.

Your professor holds a significant amount of power as the person who teaches and grades the class. It is never good to be intimate with someone who has that kind of influence over your future.

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If your professor is younger and untenured, a relationship with a student is a good way for him to lose his job. Understandably, he will be unlikely to take a risk like that. Even tenured professors can lose their job over dating students. Ask directly for a date. If you want a relationship with your professor, you will probably need to be direct about it.

Courting the Professor's Son. By wildstraydog. Beta: Chapter One: Challenge Accepted. So this story has been a long time coming, trust me I know. But now the stars have aligned, and the first chapter is coming out. This a very comedy-based story, so don't expect big plots or unstoppable villains to impede the protagonist's inevitable progress. Mar 01,   6. Weddings will dominate your summers and your Facebook feed. But hey, I'm a sucker for wedding pics so that's OK. 7. When it comes to dating, and just about everything in . Apr 13,   Professor's son makes students laugh during virtual Zoom class amid quarantine WATCH: Teen surprises his dad's students. By Nicole Pelletiere. A year-old brought laughter to a college class when he performed funny acts behind his professor father who was teaching amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Given the potential complications, as well as the concern over sexual harassment complaints, he will probably be very hesitant to ask you himself. Being direct also means both of you know what is happening.

This is not the time for grey areas. If you are both clear about your romantic intentions, he will be more likely to reciprocate appropriately. Don't get played. Be warned that some professors will encourage relationships with their students especially male professors and females students to bolster their own egos.

If you think your professor is using you in this manner, get out before anything happens.

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If he is willing to initiate flirting quickly or suggests things that past students have done, and otherwise blatantly ignoring school rules, he is probably signaling that you are not the first, and probably won't be the last. There can be other signs in the classroom. Watch to see if your professor flirts regularly with other students along with you, brags about his attractiveness, or seems to be hung up on how the students see him.

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These can all be signs he sees relationships with students as a way to boost his own ego. If you have a concern, older students and TAs will probably have more information. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Avoid public displays of affection. Even schools without rules for student-professor relationships generally frown upon them.

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Keep the physical contact limited to more private settings. This will help prevent staring, gossip, and other unfortunate side effects of your relationship. Helpful 3 Not Helpful 0.

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Age matters. Many professors are older, and will probably not be interested in a meaningful relationship with a college underclassman, someone half their age or younger. But, if you are an older student, and closer to your instructor's age, dating might be more likely.

Actually, she did notice him grow a little pale as the ship rocked from turbulence. Jaune hunched over, holding his stomach with one hand covering his mouth. She walked over to assist when he lurched forward, a puddle of vomit bathing her shoes in a colorful palette of green and yellow.

She was lucky enough to get most of it off, but they would have to be cleaned more thoroughly later.

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Honestly, she would have been more pissed if not for the way he handled the situation. Like a gentleman he apologized and cleaned up the mess for her, promising to buy her a new pair if necessary. Everyone made mistakes, and it reminded her that not even the most seemingly perfect individual is flawless.

The Most Inspiring Speech: The Wisdom of a Third Grade Dropout Will Change Your Life - Rick Rigsby

Jaune Arc was just another student, one that was very attractive and kind. The airship docked at one of the pads away from the academy and settled, the latches hooking into place.

Jaune looked at his scroll and became antsy, grabbing a green duffle bag he placed in the corner and wishing Yang farewell. She planned to stop him, but he rushed to where the ramp was unloading, leaving her in the dust. It sucked, where else was she going to find a kind good looking companion? She waited for the crowd to disperse and walked down the ramp, bag in hand and watching for where most of the students were heading. A crowd of familiar looking faces waved to her by the fountain, an assortment of people that casually knew her in Signal Academy.

As a woman who will not tolerate a partner who does not have a Green's function for every situation, I fully understand your specific intellectual needs. Unfortunately, most professors move in social circles where it is common to have a spouse/ser. Faculty members are also required to inform their supervisor if they are having a relationship with a student. At the College of William and Mary in Virginia, all dating between professors and undergraduates was banned. This is the direct result of a former instructor writing an embarrassing article about his affair with a student. Dec 12,   If your professor is younger and untenured, a relationship with a student is a good way for him to lose his job. Understandably, he will be unlikely to take a risk like that. Even tenured professors can lose their job over dating students%.

It would be awkward to ignore them, not that she cared what they really thought of her. Yang pushed aside any mixed feelings and approached the group, brandishing the fakest smile she could present. A boy next to her chuckled. While rude to say, to her they appeared as dark silhouettes. Yang decided to come up with a dumb excuse and leave the crowd, promising to visit another time when she wasn't busy - a false truth.

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The entrance was empty save for a short number of girls she didn't recognize, until the same girl dressed in white passed by, a load of suitcases following behind her. She was definitely rich, and she understood immediately once she caught the Schnee logo on the side. The heiress looked pissed, mumbling about stupid amateurs who understood nothing of Dust handling procedures. She was the type of girl that begged to be ignored, and she was happy enough to oblige.

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With no one to associate with and bored out of her mind, Yang decided to head straight for the main hall and hear whatever her future teachers had to say. She expected another boring speech like the one she heard in Signal, something about doing your best and fighting for humanity's future!

Maybe it was pessimistic of her, but she wasn't ready for the home work and lessons, but the chance to meet new people. The main hall was pretty spacious, much larger than Signal's ever was. The chairs and tables were set near the walls for standing room, where students of different cultures and nationalities stood anxiously.

She leaned against one of the walls on the left side of the room, throwing her bag onto the floor and checking out the other potential teammates she would have Jaune was nowhere in sight, which kept her excitement to a minimum. The girl with the bow was a little further up in the crowd, both eyes focused on some novel. However she did spot another celebrity in the midst of people, the gold tiara and bright red hair a pretty easy indicator.

Pyrrha Nikos, Mistral champion and cover girl for the tasty delight, Pumpkin Pete's cereal - it wasn't that good. Her taste in morning snacks didn't stop her eagerness to meet the girl. She pushed her way through the crowd and attempted to tap her shoulder, until a mic blared in the main hall, pulling everyone's attention to the strange looking man with a green scar and white hair.

The odd man coughed into his hand and lifted the coffee mug in the other, taking a deep sip before releasing a broad sigh.

Yang could see other teachers behind him near the curtains on the stage, glancing at the students who still made unnecessary noise. Professor Goodwitch walked up to the podium and slapped what looked like a riding crop in her right hand.

Initiation will begin tomorrow morning at 6 a. The room erupted in chatter, the students digesting their headmaster and the strict Professor Goodwitch. She expected the tight rules, though she wasn't one for waking up early in the morning. Too bad Ruby wasn't here to help with that Yang threw her bag over her shoulder and decided to head for the ballroom early and claim a spot before dinner. She would use that chance to greet Pyrrha Nikos then - she just had to fight the "Invincible Girl".

When she reached the ballroom, the spacious arrangements impressed her. There was clearly enough room for any kind of event Beacon wished to plan, and on the sides Yang could make out the fancy decorations that were reserved for dances or performances by the local school clubs.

There was already a crowd building in the back corner near the windows, but she decided to grab a vacant spot in the middle, throwing down her bag and pulling out a sleeping bag.

She only brought one bright yellow pillow from home, but it would do. There was no sign of Pyrrha Nikos in the ballroom, so the girl must have gone to do something else.

She released a sigh and decided to explore the school, particularly the combat training arenas. Yang didn't expect to see anyone in there so early, but with enough free time on her hand she figured why not.

A good sweat and shower before dinner never hurt anyone, plus she felt like breaking stuff. In Patch all she had at her disposal to wreck were a few trees her father needed to be cut down, if Ruby didn't cut them first. Yang let out a whistle at the main training room, its vast arena in the center standing out amongst the hundreds of spectator seats.

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She was so mesmerized that she almost didn't notice the lone figure down in the middle with a familiar mop of blonde hair. She rushed down the railings and observed carefully, trying not to break Jaune's concentration. He stood there in silence with sweat pouring down his brow, only slightly lifting his blade above his waist.

A buzzer went off near the ceiling, signaling that a new session commenced.

Oct 04,   So I'm 21 and about to graduate college next semester. I think I am in love with my professor (in his 30s) I fall for him deeper and deeper every class. I'm looking for a serious relationship so I don't think its just a crush. I really want to be with him well OK I really mean to at least get to know him better. I'm kind of shy but I know who I am and where I want to go in life and am. Apr 24,   Princeton University's valedictorian hit the books - then hit on her year-old former professor, to whom she is now engaged. Cameron Platt, Author: Gabrielle Fonrouge. Nov 20,   I have never dated one of my teacher's kin. I did date my principal's son, and we kept that a secret. It was awkward the whole time and he wasn't worth my time. But one of teachers has mentioned that one of his old students is now engaged to his b.

The floor opened up to reveal a conveyor that threw out several drones with static bullets attached to the wings. When she last visited Beacon, Qrow wouldn't allow her to mess with anything, so the sophisticated drones that now hovered in the arena were a sight to behold. The best thing Signal ever got were practice dummies. The first drone fired a couple of shots around Jaune's feet, the blonde stepping back and swinging his blade upward with the back of his right wrist.

His sword cleaved the drone in half, the machine clanking to the ground and spilling wires and circuits into a scattered mess. She barely witnessed the move, his speed and precision were fantastical - and his posture was like a seasoned pro. Was the handsome and vomit prone boy an amazing fighter also?

Yang sat at the edge of her seat to observe the rest of the session. Two more drones flew to surround him, leaving the other three to observe from the back of the arena. Jaune charged forward, clasping the hilt of his blade with both hands and swung it in a succinct arc.

Both drones above clattered into the ground with a loud bang, spilling into a pool of a hundred pieces. Jaune pulled a contraption from the back of his waist and unfolded it to a shield. A strange yellow logo was on the front that she couldn't make out. The drones were about to react, but Jaune swung his shield forward like a boomerang, the metal piercing through each machine until it flung back into his hand. Yang found the only reaction that would be natural was to clap.

Jaune's shoulders bounced up, and he looked up to see her with a blush - it was adorable that he got so startled. Wait, slow down tiger, you're not falling for a guy on the first day. Infatuation wasn't wrong, but Yang liked to actually get to know a guy before even considering a date.

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